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WEEK OF 09/06/17 - 09/12/17


Wednesday 09/06/17

A Full Moon in Pisces means it's time to look around to note what has reached a natural conclusion and what that means to you.  This period forces us to take some kind of action that may be physical, emotional, spiritual or a combination.  It may mean consciously letting something go and/or deliberately proceeding forward but you do want to take definitive action.  This period reminds you that can't control everything in your environment  but you always have complete control of how you react and work with your present conditions.  That is the message of a Full Moon and it can feel challenging since it is an emotional period.  You want to acknowledge and use those feelings that rise but they shouldn't be your only tool.  Blue Topaz will help you find the logic and focus necessary to make this a productive time that is more about beginnings than endings. This is the end of a cycle but it is also the beginning of a new, fresh one.  Pisces energy does not always like working with reality and it's inherently rough features.  You don't want to let fantasy factor into your choices at this time because it will only delay your progress.  Apophyllite can help you base decisions on the facts of now and know that is how you will make your wishes come true.


Thursday 09/07/17

The fact that you aren't sure what you really want won't be enough to stop your steadfast pursuit.  Mars & Pluto are creating a mix of confusion and determination and your response to this energy will be aggression without purpose.  You know that the only way to win is with hard work and unwavering dedication but without knowing what you are going after you could end up feeling exhausted and frustrated instead of triumphant.  The easiest response is to look for someone to blame for your alleged failure including others and/or yourself.  Mahogany Obsidian will give you the clarity to recognize that it isn't anyone's fault but only the timing of the Universe not in tune with your agenda.  This will also help you avoid using your disappointment as an excuse to be mean in act and spirit.   Here is an opportunity to practice working as a team with the present energy instead of fighting against it.  You will be an unbeatable unit so use Tourmalated Quartz for flexibility and patience.  This will help you realize what you really want and then develop the strategy to get it.


Friday 09/08/17

You will be looking to personalize your outer surroundings to match your aesthetic while the Sun and Venus are in a Semi-Sextile.  You simply need to be in an environment that you find appealing and will have an unpleasant reaction to anything that doesn't meet your standards.  The good news is that this is a proactive energy that will drive you to make things more appealing rather than abandoning them all together.  There is beauty to be found within anything and you will be able to find it and draw it out during this influence.  That is the kind of gift that can change everything for the better so work with Sodalite to use it wisely.  You will understand the importance of details as you strive to bring the spectacular to life.  Pink Calcite helps you to locate that spark of beauty within anything offensive.  Once you do it will be impossible to see anything else and that is how you make it grow.


Saturday 09/09/17

Worries about what others think of you could emerge early in the day with Venus and Pluto in a tense transit.  These are irrational fears and you don't want to give them anything to hold on to by dwelling on them.  If you remain reasonable then you will find that they don't have any actual proof to make them a credible threat to your happiness.  Horn Coral gives you the perspective to see them for what they are and let them go.  You won't need to ignore them for long because Pluto drifts into a friendlier situation with the Sun.  This energy enables you to find and sustain the kind of positive, progressive attitude that gets things done.  You are eager to accept changing circumstances.  You aren't just going with the flow but diving head in and moving ahead of it.  It is time to set yourself up in the best possible position by eliminating what you no longer need and actively pursuing new ventures.  Citrine lets you see the personal benefits of your tenacity and use those achievements as motivation to continue the trend.


Sunday 09/10/17

Mercury is out of it's retrograde phase and is moving forward to join the Sun in Virgo.  This energy will increase your awareness of how you present yourself.  Everything you put out in the world tells something about you from your manner of dress to how you interact with others.  Virgo energy is creative and this is an excellent time to experiment with what you want to project about yourself and how you do it.    Use Chevron Amethyst for a deeper insight into the impact of your communication methods and styles on yourself and associates.  You will know when you are putting the best of yourself out there because it will make a difference.  You want to keep your thoughts aligned with your outer efforts so that you present a unique and accurate representation of who you truly are to the world.  Celestite keeps your attitude light and positive so that you don't get weighed down by an unrealistic expectation of perfection.  This energy will be a  powerful reminder that you make good things happen just by being you.


Monday 09/11/17

Jupiter works with the Moon today to expand your most powerful and positive emotions.   You are focused on those things that make you happiest and finding the joy in every element of your life.  Your heart is open to recognizing the best in everyone you encounter, each activity you perform and every place that you find yourself.  These loving feelings will be noticed by others as you are exuding friendliness and confidence.  Use Carnelian to share your high spirits and attract and inspire others.  This is a powerful time to enhance current relationships and create new ones.  You will notice a deeper satisfaction and contentment in your present circumstances and realize that you always have the ability to feel this way.  Elestial Quartz helps you hold on to this knowledge for the future and use it to retain a permanent state of well-being. 


Tuesday 09/12/17

Venus and Saturn are in a Trine and their energy is creating an atmosphere filled with the winning combination of reason and passion.This is the day to mix your happiest emotions with strategic intellect for positive advancement.  You recognize the opportunity to reinforce professional and personal relationships and situations.  You also see the chance to improve your present state  by drawing support from people, lessons and elements from your past.  This energy is a wonderful mix of thoughtful attention and practical actions that will enable you to develop at a constructive pace.  Sunstone will help you to control the energy of the day and use it mindfully.  Red Jasper will allow you to recognize the value in your present and use that as a foundation for future growth.





Posted on September 04, 2017
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