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WEEK OF 08/30/17 - 09/05/17


Wednesday 08/30/17

It's been a tumultuous month and this may be the day that you feel it all catching up to you.  Venus and Saturn are in a transit that is making it much more attractive to recede from the world than to engage in it.  You aren't feeling comfortable around others and your work feels halted and diminished.  You are so certain that you won't get the response that you expect and that is making it a real challenge to just keep pushing forward.  Busy activities will not be enough to avoid the negative influence of this transit because your mind will wander to places you would rather not go.  Use Apatite to regain control and go to those dark places with a productive attitude.  Things don't always work out the way that we wish but there is always something positive to be gained.  This is the right energy to use to stop avoiding those troubles that are hovering over you and face them head on.  That is how you learn and grow and truly profit from each of your experiences.  Labradorite will help you stop and reflect instead of searching outside for yourself for gratification.  If you look within you will find everything that you need to be fulfilled, happy and profitable.


Thursday 08/31/17

Here is another day that is best spent connecting with yourself.  Venus and Neptune are producing the kind of energy where your thoughts could create new worlds for you to inhabit.  Imagination always flows best when it is unencumbered by limitations so work with Prehnite to free your mind and spirit.  You will need to handle practical tasks because that is the path of our earthly existence.  Use this energy to incorporate more vibrancy and artistry into your work.  The dullest of routines can become magical when you add a personal spark to them and that is what this energy wants you to learn.  Ruby in Zoisite will enhance your ability to envision magical and creative situations that you will then manifest into reality.  If you can see it - you can make it happen!


Friday 09/01/17

Mars and Chiron are at odds with each other and if you aren't careful they could leave you feeling disheartened.  Mars directs you to fight for what you want while Chiron is making you wonder if you have what it takes to get the job done.  This may not be the best energy to start a new month if you allow it to defeat you before you even begin.  Everyone is feeling threatened not only by others but by themselves. You don't want to waste energy protecting yourself from having your fears and doubts exposed because that will only give them fuel to grow.  Instead use Blue Sapphire to study them with a realistic and critical eye.  That is how you will overthrow them before they stop you from gaining the happiness you deserve. This energy will produce powerful emotions so you want to turn those to your benefit.  Pyrite reminds you that determination and perseverance are always more effective than giving in to self-doubt.  


Saturday 09/02/17

Mars will be far more helpful today but expect things to be unruly.  It is in an invigorating Trine with Uranus that will keep you busy but make it a challenge to focus.  That's ok because sometimes you accomplish more than you may realize by working without a specific agenda.  You are going to need to make things happen and will have sudden insights and creative sparks.  You don't want to be held up with questions so use Moldavite to act instinctively and see where it takes you.  It is guaranteed to be a place where you need to go.   This is the perfect time to enact any changes that you have been considering.  Your motivation is reinforced by courageous and progressive thoughts and actions that make you more willing to take a risk.  You know it is time to go for it so be confident in your choices and carry Red Jasper for support.


Sunday 09/03/17

Mercury and Mars are in a transit that ensures the atmosphere will remain hectic and you feel pressured to keep up.  Your thoughts are direct but you may find it challenging to physically meet the demands of your intentions.  You will be in such a rush to get where you are headed that you won't have the patience to deal with anything that seems to be slowing you down.  That includes a vague fear that if you don't act swiftly then something amazing could pass you by.  Blue Lace Agate can effectively reduce the mental stress that is creating those fears.  Otherwise you could be overly assertive in your pursuit and interactions.  That approach will not produce the results that you deserve.  This is a good time to do more with less and you want to act with efficiency and purpose.  Use Leopardskin Jasper to recognize the value of quality over quantity as you seek achievement.


Monday 09/04/17

You will feel the Sun's forceful presence during it's Opposition with Neptune today.  You want to focus on manifesting your vision but harsh realities keep getting in your way.  It will be a challenge to make any kind of progress when you feel powerless to make your dreams come true. You don't have to accept an aimless present and the pessimism that comes with it.   Morganite will reinforce your faith in yourself and your ability to overcome anything that gets in your way.  At the same time you don't want to engage in impractical behaviors.  Venus is also working with Neptune and you could be caught between fact and illusion.  You know that you want and deserve quality and harmony but you aren't quite sure what that means to you.  You want to remain grounded so that you don't waste energy and resources going after what you think is right for you.  Fluorite will offer some much needed clarity.


Tuesday 09/05/17

Venus and the Sun continue to dominate the sky in transits that appear to be impeding your progress.  It is true that they are slowing you down but that is for your benefit.  You will need to look beneath the surface to uncover them but it will be worth the effort.  Venus is with Chiron and they are urging you to look at your relationships with a critical eye.  While there is a negative tone to this energy that seems to highlight differences it will be just as easy to notice unrecognized similarities.  Rose Quartz will show you the potential to deepen your relationships and gain more from them.  It is up to you to take the initiative and make this a positive experience.  The Sun has joined with Uranus to break you out of patterns that may be keeping you from attaining your goal.  It's uncomfortable to let go of what you know and take a different path but this transit makes the uncertainty very attractive.  Tiger Eye will ensure the rush of mysterious adventures ahead takes you in the best direction.



Posted on August 28, 2017

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