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WEEK OF 08/27/14 - 09/02/14 

Wednesday 08/27/14

Today brings a vibrant energy produced from a Saturn/Mars square that could work for or against you.  That's right...a square could work for you!  There is always an aggressive element when Mars is involved and this transit with Venus will have that competitive vibe.  Your emotions will be stirred up, so you could be taking things very seriously.  If you can find a way to control yourself - and the energy - then you may benefit from a little healthy competition whether it is internal or with another.  Instead of approaching the day with claws out, you want to keep things light and fun to feel creative and stimulated.  Use Bloodstone to avoid any feelings of being backed into taking the harsh approach.  Amethyst encourages you to find healthy, positive, and creative outlets for all that passion.

Number of the day: 6

6 wants to help you find and nurture the harmony in all areas of your life.  Use Apatite to eliminate any deterrents to finding your place of peace. 

Thursday 08/28/14

Venus has been a busy planet and today is no different.  A Venus/Moon semi-square will have you pondering just what exactly is it that you want!  It is doubtful that you'll find the answer right now - especially with an indecisive Libra Moon - but it is easy to avoid getting stressed about it.  You might think this atmosphere would be tense, but another transit later in the day is making everything and everyone very amiable.  This is nice energy to use to consider your options and maybe even come up with something that you hadn't previously considered.  While you could be feeling emotional with so much feminine energy (courtesy of two Venus/Moon combinations), you won't be feeling compelled to make a choice and that is good because you want to wait for a more reasonable atmosphere for decisions.  Lapis Lazuli is perfect for peaceful but fruitful contemplation.  Lepidolite will bring some balance if your emotions are threatening to overcome you.

Number of the day: 7

Faith-based 7 will allow you to give in to the moment rather than pushing past it.  Fear can lead us towards ill-advised actions, while Faith gives us patience.  Fancy Jasper will give you the strength to wait for your moment and know that it will come. 

Friday 08/29/14

You could easily get lost in a fantasy right now.  Typically not such a bad thing (and certainly a pleasant diversion), but with the Sun and Neptune in an opposition it will be a challenge to find your way back to reality.  The best fantasies have some grounding that makes them seem attainable and gives us something to work towards.  There is absolutely nothing grounding in the atmosphere right now, so the inability to steady yourself could make for a uneasy feeling.  Doubts and fears could rise to the surface as you question your ability to realize your dreams.  If you can fight your way past the urge to dwell on daydreams and bring some grounding elements to the day, you could end up feeling more confident in yourself and committed to your goals.  Do something that binds you to the earth...take a walk, garden, work with your crystals.  Mahogany Obsidian and Turquoise will combine the elements to give you what you need to feel well.

Number of the day: 8

8 is the Universal reminder that what you put out will come back to you in equal measure.  Black Kyanite will help you to realize the rewards from your efforts. 

Saturday 08/30/14

Your thoughts and focus are being pulled in too many directions as Mercury is fired up by a semi-square with Jupiter.  Expect to be restless and itching for something to happen but unable to fulfill that drive with the cavalcade of information filling your head.  You could feel helplessly lost when faced with details and duties as the little things seem beyond your grasp.  If you try to forge ahead you will likely end up with nothing accomplished except stressing yourself out.  If you have to worry about something, make it how to take it easy and let things go until you are able to focus.  There will be a better time to use that drive and actually make something happen.  For now, use Green Fluorite to ease the influx of ideas running through your head.  They might actually make some sense if you can slow them down!  Black Agate will bring much needed tranquility and cohesion. 

Number of the day: 9

So what have you learned from the past season that will help you onward?  Use the energy of 9 and Apophyllite to gain wisdom from the past to help you in the now. 

Sunday 08/31/14

It’s a little early in the year to be dealing with the insistent energy of Scorpio, but with the Moon, Mars and Saturn all traveling through this sign, you are sure to feel its energy. You may think you are ready to take action and achieve positive results, but you probably aren’t! Scorpio has a passionate temper that that does not discriminate when it comes to who gets hurt.  You might not even realize that you are causing harm, so take a step back and wait until the energy clears to avoid a permanent solution that may not be in your best interest. The best use of this energy is to clear out any negative thoughts and beliefs. A poor self-image can do far more damage than any outside influence, so use this time to rid yourself of anything that undermines your ability to get what you want and deserve.  Carnelian will give your confidence an important boost, while Blue Lace Agate enables you to be guided by kindness.

Number of the day: 1

Let the energy of 1 assist you in bringing your internal house in order to better understand your personal priorities.  Orange Calcite will energize their manifestation. 

Monday 09/01/14

The adventure seeker in you is making him or herself known and demanding that you give in and go wild as Mars and Uranus join up in a quintile.  It is a minor transit but the impact could be quite empowering.  Routines can be necessary but it is important to not let them take over.  You will never be satisfied if you feel tethered to ordinary repetition.  Life is a journey that you want to take full advantage of and now is the perfect time to experiment.  Add the lighthearted energy of a Sun/Uranus biquintile early tomorrow and you have the perfect opportunity to break free and have some fun.   Rutilated Quartz will encourage a safe and constructive outlet for your adventures.  Use Orange Aventurine if you need to know that it is okay to put the duties aside and explore something new.

Number of the day: 8

You control your destiny.  8 gives you the strength to choose your own fate and find your way.  Labradorite offers insight and enhances inner counsel.

Tuesday 09/02/14

The loss of anything is a powerful motivator whether it has already occurred or you fear that it is happening and you are helpless to stop it.  It typically manifests into negative energies, actions and emotions like possessiveness, manipulation and jealousy. Since we recognize these are not positive attitudes, it is natural to keep them hidden (even from ourselves), but a Venus/Pluto transit today could bring it all out into the light.  Since Venus is involved the focus will be on love and money - those things that tend to make us act out of passion rather than reason.  It is easy to say that everything changes and life goes on and blah, blah, blah, but if you aren't ready to deal with whatever is going on then now is not the best time!  The atmosphere is too charged with fiery energy and it is not conducive to making any positive progress.  You want to be especially cautious in your dealings with others since your inability to hide your doubts and fears could make everyone feel worse.  Seraphinite will bring you inner peace and allow you to communicate thoughtfully.  Pink Calcite reminds you to go easy on yourself and others - there are better days ahead!

Number of the day: 9

Give yourself permission to do what is best for you.  While 9 encourages global awareness it also wants us to recognize that we need to help ourselves first.  Hiddenite will raise your consciousness. 


Posted on August 26, 2014
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