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WEEK OF 08/26/15 – 09/01/15 

Wednesday 08/26/15

Success is imminent with the Sun and Jupiter in a conjunct transit that is going to take your determination and inner strength to the next level.  This is a truly awesome transit and you will feel nothing but complete confidence in yourself and your ability to get everything that you want.  You are going to want to share and help others to achieve their goals.  While you won’t be completely altruistic, your main concern will be for the overall well-being of everyone.   Your self-interest will be satisfied by recognition that is earned and will be well deserved.  You want to use this energy to take steps towards new endeavors and overall prosperity and expansion, so keep Blue Sapphire with you to find the best use for this vital energy.  Rhodonite will enhance your relations with others and insure that they are mutually beneficial.

Number of the day: 6

The power of 6 will remind you how important it is to take care of yourself and others.  Take a moment right now and do something for yourself.  Now take the next moment and give to another.  Banded Agate will offer encouragement.

 Thursday 08/27/15

A Venus/Moon semi-square will be exerting its influence today and it is likely to leave you with more questions than answers.  That’s okay, because things like indecision and doubt are an important part of the growth process. Questions will help you to sharpen your instincts, receive insights and flex your skills of adaptability far more than acceptance and complacency.  When you know exactly what you want and you have your plan set, then there is one path open to you.  When you don’t know what you want or what the best move is, then you open yourself to all kinds of possibilities.  If you find this energy stressful, Mookaite Jasper will bring relief and help you to see the benefits.  Use Serpentine to realize the potential of being able to take advantage of anything good that comes your way.

Number of the day: 7

Sometimes the most difficult part of doing something is having faith that you can do it.  The positive energy of 7 will flow into positive thoughts and, if you believe you can do it...then you can!  Carry Heliodor for inspiration. 

Friday 08/28/15       

The atmosphere is filled with uncertainty with two transits that lack focus and direction.  Concentration will be your most valuable tool right now since it will enable you to turn the energy to your advantage.  Mercury and Venus are in a semi-square, making it easy to say or do the wrong thing.  Make an extra effort to be aware of how you are being perceived by others and take a beat…or two…to think before you speak or act.  If you aren’t certain of your best move then wait, because under this influence you don’t want to leave anything to chance.  The Sun and Uranus won’t appreciate your efforts at restraint because they are pushing you to go-go-go! But they aren’t going to help you determine where you’re going or why you’re headed in that direction.  You will be feeling adventurous, so go ahead and try a different approach because that’s what this kind of energy is all about.   It definitely won’t be a boring day and it could be lots of fun as long as you remain aware of the potential problems and avoid going too far and/or too fast.   Black Onyx will help you to avoid running into any disasters.  Lapis Lazuli will keep your mind sharp and active.

Number of the day: 8

8 can illuminate the ebb and flow of energy and teach you how to use the constantly evolving spiral of resources and energies to your best advantage. Snowflake Obsidian will increase your understanding. 

Saturday 08/29/15

Mars and Pluto are in a transit that can enhance your leadership skills and encourage you to take the lead when it comes to managing situations.  This can have a positive impact on your standing with others and your self-esteem, or it could result in confrontations and a loss of support for your cause.  There is a fine line between leading and dominating and it will be a real challenge to adequately judge which way that you are headed.  Avoid giving in to the urge to demand recognition for your efforts and the need to be right no matter what the cost.  You may need to continuously remind yourself of the importance of giving others a voice rather than going it alone.  Rutilated Quartz will help you present yourself as a leader without appearing overly forceful.  Orange Aventurine will encourage a cooperative atmosphere where the benefits of collaboration are easy to recognize.

Number of the day: 9

A 9 day will allow you to welcome new energies instead of mourning what has departed.  Zebra Jasper can show you where to uncover whatever new situations are waiting to be discovered.

Sunday 08/30/15

The sky is quiet today giving you time to prepare for a busy tomorrow.  You want to kick things off right by figuring out how you will use tomorrow's Mercury/Jupiter semi-sextile to accomplish important tasks.  Remember that the Sun is in Virgo and that energy is perfect for creating detailed plans.  The combined force of Mercury & Jupiter will help you to execute them and achieve your desired results.  Just don't get so caught up in your plans that you don't leave room to shift if the energy leads you in other directions.  This influence brings new insights, fresh ideas and sudden opportunities and you want to feel free to take advantage of them.  Imperial Topaz will help you to start off with a positive and productive mindset. Ruby in Zoisite enables you to exercise your judgment and go with the flow.

Number of the day: 1

Your individual thoughts and actions will always dominate when the energy of 1 is present.  Take the lead.  Be proactive.  Be positive.  All of the rest will follow in time.  Pyrite will set you on the best path.

Monday 08/31/15

Did you wake up feeling energetic and ready to get your plans in motion?  That’s great, but be aware that the energy shifts as the day goes on and you don't want it taking you in a negative direction.  The Sun and Neptune move into an opposition and that can make it challenging to stay on course.  Your mind will begin to wander as your will to initiate a new project or finish one that you have begun diminishes.  If you have a set plan and things that must be accomplished, then you can try to keep going, but it won't be as enjoyable an experience as you had hoped.  You may want to leave the tasks that you can for another day. Use the remainder of this day to celebrate what you have accomplished and imagine where those achievements will take you next.  Morganite will remind you that this will be a much better use of your time.  Chalcopyrite will help you to use the energy in a positive manner rather than allowing it to take you to dark places. 

Number of the day: 2

Opportunities for cooperation and conciliation are abundant when 2 rules the day.  It reminds us that everything is made up of parts and, by bringing those together, you build a greater whole.  Rainbow Aura Quartz will enhance your efforts towards unity.

Tuesday 09/01/15

We begin the new month with Venus and Mars in a transit that combines romance with ambition.  It may seem like a disagreeable combination, but it will actually produce a fantastically warm and loving energy.  It will encourage you to focus on what you need to feel fulfilled and satisfied and then go and get it!  This is very personal energy and you will be thinking chiefly about your wants and desires - but not in a selfish manner.  Your impulse will be to satisfy yourself, but your intent will be to create beautiful and passionate things and situations that benefit everyone.  Everything that you do right now will be about feeding your heart and soul.  They will be speaking to you loud and clear and you’ll be highly attuned to answering their call.  This is powerful energy that will enable you to create the life that you truly desire and deserve.  Work with Moonstone to use the joining of these planets with opposing agendas as a tool to achieve inner balance.  Garnet will enable you to find multiple ways to express your passions in a healthy and constructive manner.

Number of the day: 9

The energy of 9 can help to release your fear of the unknown and unexpected.  We all have that fear in one way or another.  While it can offer protection, it can also place barriers before a brighter future.  Lepidolite can help you determine which fears can be useful and which just need to be banished.


Posted on August 25, 2015
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