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WEEK OF 08/24/16 - 08/30/16


Wednesday 08/24/16

You may feel as if the ability to achieve your goals is being halted by Mars and Saturn.  In fact they can be quite helpful as long as you’re willing to follow the rules. They are there for a reason and this transit will remind you that they can work to your advantage.  Your enthusiasm and optimism aren’t going to be enough to just push through and get what you want.  You are going to need to be responsible and sensible.  This is a time for adherence to tradition, honoring hierarchies and following established structures.  Take your time and do things the right way and you’ll see the results you deserve. Use Sodalite to conceive a personal plan for success that considers the boundaries while being organized and creative.  Venus and Chiron are also throwing a dose of reality at you when it comes to relationships.  Use this energy to look at your emotional attachments with a practical eye and find the balance that connects what you love with what you need.   Strawberry Quartz will enhance your awareness and insight.

Number of the day: 5

5 encourages expansion through broad visions and taking chances.  Iolite keeps you aware that there is always more to discover, so never stop exploring!


Thursday 08/25/16

You’re going to want to introduce some kind of change in your life with Venus and Uranus making you feel restless. You want something new, but aren’t ready to let go of the old.  You long for a difference, but fear the unknown.  A metamorphosis sounds wonderful, but your cocoon is so comfortable.  You’ll have so many questions and doubts that it will be much easier to focus on less significant things than it will to consider major transformations.  You don’t want to make any kind of long-term commitments or life-altering decisions until you feel more confident and know what you really want.  Black Onyx can ease the drive to change at any cost, while Leopardskin Jasper helps you find healthy outlets for your impulses.

Number of the day: 6

6 wants to help you find and nurture the harmony in all areas of your life.  Use Apatite to eliminate any deterrents to finding your place of peace.


Friday 08/26/16

Things will be going up and down and even sideways with Mars and Neptune in a square.  This transit will affect your mental processes, physical exertions and even your mood. You will need to strain if you want to keep anything coordinated and it probably won’t seem worth the extra effort.  Larimar will remind you that sometimes restraint is your best option.  It is a better time to accept rather than project, as you’ll be more receptive than usual.  You want to listen to your intuition along with inspirational messages from other sources, so work with Seraphinite to be attentive.  Just remember to wait until the energy is more supportive before you act on anything.

Number of the day: 7

Faith-based 7 will allow you to give in to the moment rather than pushing past it.  Fear can lead us towards ill-advised actions, while Faith gives us patience.  Fancy Jasper will give you the strength to wait for your moment and know that it will come.


Saturday 08/27/16

Venus and Jupiter are producing affluent and gregarious energy that you can easily tap into to create your own haven.  Could you use more laughter, love and abundance in your life?  Of course you could and this is the kind of transit that will be very supportive on your quest for everything good.  You’ll be encouraged to look deeply at the present elements in your life to uncover anything you may be missing.  You may already have everything you want without realizing it, so use Honey Calcite to see any hidden benefits. You’ll be outgoing and enthusiastic in your pursuit of more happiness, so carry Pink Calcite to attract those situations that are worthy of your attention.

Number of the day: 8

8 is the universal reminder that what you put out will come back to you in equal measure.  Black Kyanite will help you to realize the rewards from your efforts.


Sunday 08/28/16

Today’s Venus/Saturn combination will enhance your appreciation for fine things.  There is a slightly obsessive quality to the energy, so you could get lost in the midst of your enjoyment.  It won’t last long, since Saturn just has to put you to work.  You will feel inspired to bring your own unique vision to life by understanding the work of others.  Everyone has a talent that makes this world a better place.  Use this transit to get yours off the ground or make valuable changes to your existing body of work.  Phenacite will enhance your perceptive skills as you focus on things that you love.  Use Hematite to see how you can recognize successful practices and processes and adopt them as your own.

Number of the day: 9

So what have you learned from the past season that will help you onward?  Use the energy of 9 and Apophyllite to gain wisdom from the past to help you in the now.


Monday 08/29/16

You’ll be feeling feisty with Mars in Sagittarius confirming your surety that there are nothing but wins and successes ahead.  It is in a square with the Moon, so all that confidence is going to lead to impulsive urges and behaviors.  Normally the Moon’s energy can help to rein you in before you make a sudden (and possibly crazy) move, but that won’t be the case today.  Do yourself a favor and don’t even attempt to hold back – just go with the energy and let it take you where you need to go.  It may be well beyond your limits, but isn’t that what life is all about?  Moldavite will support you as you move beyond your comfort range. Mercury and Venus are also in a transit that will produce a pleasant, easygoing atmosphere that will be an advantageous counterbalance.  Morganite will enhance this joyful nature.

Number of the day: 1

A new season offers the opportunity to begin anew.   Let the energy of 1 assist you in bringing your internal house in order to better understand your personal priorities.  Orange Calcite will energize their manifestation.


Tuesday 08/30/16

When you work with Jupiter’s energy you gain the ability to see things on a grander scale.  It may seem as if this makes it easy to miss the details, but in fact it makes it easier to recognize the importance of the “little” things.  Jupiter is working with Saturn right now, so you’ll be able to see how each element works separately and together with others to make a greater whole.  You can apply this focus towards everything in your life - from family dynamics, to current projects, to future goals.  Use Chevron Amethyst to seize this opportunity for an objective viewpoint.  It will encourage reorganization that will benefit the overall operations and functions.  Petrified Wood will show you how to make minor adjustments that have a significantly positive impact. 

Number of the day: 2

You know where you want to be physically, mentally and spiritually and now the energy of 2 will help you to find the resources to support your journey.  Dioptase can attract those energies to you, but it is up to you to recognize and welcome them into your life.



Posted on August 22, 2016

    (Submitted by: Ser_Al on August 27, 2016)

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