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WEEK OF 08/23/17 - 08/29/17


Wednesday 08/23/17

Mars and Chiron want to let you know that it is alright if your path isn't always direct.  Be bold and adventurous as you immerse yourself in those stops and detours along the way.  That is where you will find inspiration, insights and even healing.  This energy proposes finding a constructive use for assertive mannerisms that enable you to manifest healthy and happy situations.  Aragonite helps you to know who you are and be that person while still being considerate of others.  You are passionate in your pursuit whether it is for a single intention or an overall goal.  Venus understands the importance of using your personal style and talents to reach your objective while Saturn wants to help you get there using proven methods.  You may think that tradition will threaten your independence but it can enhance it.  This energy helps you discover new powers by combining the ordinary with the extraordinary.  Use Turquoise to be open to everything because true strength comes from welcoming all resources and knowing the best ones to use without predetermined bias.  Anything is possible when you are open to it all.


Thursday 08/24/17

Venus begins this day in a transit with Neptune and it will be presenting you with a very gratifying picture.  You will be more than happy to accept all the good stuff that you see without question because deep down you know that if you look too closely you will find imperfections.  They may be more important than simple inconveniences but you won't have the presence of mind to successfully manage anything that threatens your idealistic view.  You will have to deal with reality eventually but it doesn't have to detract from your happiness.  Those details you are ignoring now will seem more enticing than annoying under the right circumstances.  Until then use Stilbite to accept that you have more to learn and do to avoid buying into an illusion and ending up disappointed.  Venus continues to rock your composure by moving into a Square with Uranus.  This is the kind of atmosphere where you may find yourself deliberately ruining your stability without understanding the reason.  Responsibilities that you have accepted to enjoy the benefits of relationships and work now feel like a threat to your personal freedom. While you know that there is the potential for irrevocable destruction it will be hard not to answer the call to defy convention and ignore boundaries and rules.  Rhodonite will help you act rationally and with a full comprehension of the consequences to avoid doing anything irreversible. Be prepared because you may need to proceed no matter the cost. 


Friday 08/25/17

Yesterday Venus opened a new path that showed you possibilities of what could be.  Now the Sun and Pluto dare you to consider what you discovered and how you feel about it.  You could go on with things as they are but that may no longer be enough.  If it feels like an effort to maintain the existing conditions of your life then something isn't right and it is up to you to do something about it.  This is rational energy so work with Ruby to use your intellect and decide what is necessary to ensure you overall happiness and well-being.  Fear and doubt will always get in the way of healthy and necessary change but logic can successfully combat those worries.  This is your opportunity to seize and maintain control of your life's progression.  This Sun/Pluto combination is a notice that your life is constantly moving forward.  Own it and supervise the course using Snowflake Obsidian to help you set and enforce to your terms.


Saturday 08/26/17

As your journey continues it is natural to anticipate the triumphs and misfortunes that you will encounter along the way.  Your mind is constantly moving forward and creating scenarios for you to physically join.  Mercury and the Sun are going to help you make the most of those thoughts with positive and supportive energy.  This is a time to use your visionary and manifestation skills to see what you want and develop a clear plan for achievement.  Pyrite helps you put your vision into practice.  It might feel unusual to feel confident and completely prepared but that is the gift that today's Sun/Mercury combination has to offer you.  Everything is unknown and it is all scary.  You won't know for certain what will happen until you get there but Yellow Calcite will affirm that you have everything you need to prevail through it all.


Sunday 08/27/17

Jupiter and Saturn are in a very agreeable Sextile with a mission to assure you that you are firmly in a place of success.  It isn't a conclusion to be strived for but an ongoing feeling that should be shining through your every moment.  We typically think of success as an outward reflection of our accomplishments that constantly needs maintenance.   You can never find what you are always seeking so this energy challenges you to recognize success as a personal sensation.  Rose Quartz will help you find joy in those things that make you happy right now and feel your present success.  Now you can approach existing projects and new endeavors from a place of health and joy.  adding to the good that you already have instead of gaining something missed.   Use Opal to create this kind of constructive attitude that focuses on adding to the good that you already have instead of pursuing something that is absent.

Monday 08/28/17

Mercury's orbit might be slower during its retrograde phase but it's energy remains a powerful influence.  Today it invites you to take the time to really look at your surroundings and feel its beauty.  It is working with Venus to teach you how to gain insight and inspiration from the people, objects and scenarios that appeal to you. Once you recognize and appreciate their significance then you share an energy that grows and evolves.  You become part of each others story and when you need guidance that story is a powerful and personal resource.  It will change your perspective and even the slightest change can have a massive impact on your world.  It is all about your outlook and you want it to be the most positive that it can be.  You may be surprised at how far a little beauty and joy can take you – and how it could change everything. Pietersite can show you the inherent wonder in everything while Tanzanite lets you make it your own.


Tuesday 08/29/17

You are agitated today and feeling as if the only path to peace is through the attainment of more.  More of what and how much of it is the question that you won't find an answer to during this influence.  The Sun and Jupiter are pulling you in different directions but both are making you uneasy.  If you accept what you have then you remain dissatisfied as you sense there is more that is possible.  Chasing those possibilities is an option but failure seems likely without a direction or focus.  Moonstone will enable you to respond to the highs and lows of the day by creating a happy medium.  It isn't healthy to be discontent and you don't have to remain in that state.  Once you realize that then you are in control of the energy and have the ability to create realistic opportunities for growth and expansion. That is using this energy to your advantage and will change everything.  Hematite will help you find and maintain that state of awareness.



Posted on August 21, 2017

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