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WEEK OF 08/19/15 - 08/25/15 

Wednesday 08/19/15

You will be excited about trying new things and working towards updated goals with Venus and Uranus in a motivating trine.  Venus is still retrograde and you may feel some restraint when it comes to moving decisively and undertaking risks.  Things won’t go as fast as you would like and you might be overthinking instead of acting on instinct.  The retrograde is only producing the slightest of restrictions, so it’ll work in your favor since Uranus will typically urge you to go so fast that it can be difficult to enjoy the ride.  This is definitely the kind of energy that you want to savor in order to enjoy the social aspects and overall pleasant atmosphere of the day.  Chiron will add its energy later in the day, so be especially cautious when it comes to high expectations.  It will be best to not worry about the outcome of your activities because, if the results are not as expected, you may be dissatisfied and develop insecurities about your ability to feel content.  Rutilated Quartz will offer insight into how to use these energies to your greatest advantage.  Chlorite in Quartz will help you clear away future assumptions and simply enjoy the present.

Number of the day: 9

9 encourages the release of the unwanted, the unneeded and the unimportant.  Too often those are the things we cling to when change is approaching.  Scapolite will help you to let them go.

Thursday 08/20/15

You will feel some confusion today as Mercury is in several transits that are producing mixed messages.  The Messenger planet has combined its energies with those same planets that were so busy yesterday and it begins the day in a congenial semi-sextile with Venus.  You’re going to want to interact with others and this is wonderful energy for forging meaningful partnerships for business and pleasure.  Mercury moves into an opposition with Chiron and suddenly it’s as if you are operating on auto-pilot. You may feel invisible as you manage necessary and mundane tasks, but your expertise and mastery will shine through and your efforts are being noticed.  Finally Mercury travels on to meet up with Uranus and now it will be easy to get noticed - but not in the best way.  It is very easy to misrepresent your capabilities and/or appear indecisive and impulsive when it comes to sharing your plans and ideas.  It’s better to wait out this energy before attempting to receive the approval and/or support of others.  Use Apatite as a reminder that actions will speak louder than words right now and be a more positive representation of your abilities.  Celestite will enhance your interactions throughout the day.

Number of the day: 1

1 represents your ego, which is as much an integral part of your energy as your spirit and faith.  Seraphinite will show you how everyone can benefit when you find healthy and productive ways to let your ego out.

Friday 08/21/15       

You are sure to come across an obstacle or two as you make your way through the day, but the Planets that put them in your way are going to help you find a way to defeat them!  First the Sun and Pluto will enable you to gain control over the situations that you encounter.  It is important to be resourceful and assertive without giving in to the urge to dominate.  A cooperative attitude will help you to achieve your desired outcome by creating allies instead of enemies.  Then the Sun will move into a square with Saturn and, while this is sobering energy, it is also very empowering.  Planets are often at their strongest in a square and the combined energies of The Sun and Saturn will give you a starkly realistic look at what you need to do to accomplish your goals.  Then it will show you how to look within yourself and around your environment to find and utilize the important resources.  You could say that this energy will create problems, but know that it is also going to help you to resolve them.  This is an amazing opportunity for confidence building, so remain optimistic and use Carnelian to see the benefits that are present. Rose Quartz can help you use this energy productively to take steps towards achieving your goals.

Number of the day: 2

What begins in the mind requires something more to make it physical.  2 is the energy of action when forces are joined and anything can happen. Mookaite Jasper can boost this energy when you need to get moving.

Saturday 08/22/15

Mars and Neptune are in a moody transit that could easily throw you off course today.  There’s a lack of direction and carelessness to the atmosphere that will make it challenging to manage tasks with any degree of aptitude.  Your attitude and performance will simply not be up to your usual standards. Any attempts to just push on past it will likely result in poor decisions and detrimental actions that will set you further back from your goals.  Let things go if you can and wait the energy out.  If you absolutely feel the need to assert your will then work on lists and plans, but wait for a better day to proceed any further.  Epidote will offer clarity if you must get something done.  Stilbite will relieve the frustration of having to sit back and wait, when you would rather keeping going.

Number of the day: 3

3 is the number of completion.  It will help you find your center when it all feels scattered.  Tanzanite will bring the pieces together.

Sunday 08/23/15

Things will be frenzied today but you could get a lot accomplished by using the energy of Mercury in Virgo.  Mercury is in a semi-square with Mars, who’s all fired up from its current tour through Leo, so it will be very easy to be argumentative and react to everything with a snarky attitude.  If you go looking for a fight, you’ll surely find one under this influence, but it won’t relieve the tension that is building from these powerful planets who are both urging you to take action and take it now!  If you need motivation, then look to Mars for assistance but remember, it is in a highly combative mood.  You will accomplish much more by using Mercury as your ally and taking a more thoughtful approach.  Mercury in Virgo encourages patience and discipline so that you can stop and think before you act.  It will enable you to control this energy and use it to find a balanced and healthy approach to your daily tasks and your future goals.  Garnet will assist as you attempt to keep your cool and avoid angry responses.  Use Aquamarine to strategically use the energy of Mercury to help you make some things happen.

Number of the day: 4

Have you ever felt that your ideas are carrying you away from reality?  The energy of 4 will draw you towards the earth where you can make an impact and turn those ideas into your reality.  Jade shows you the value of being grounded.

Monday 08/24/15

The Sun moves into Virgo and it brings us back into a work mindset after a period where leisure activities were our focus.  Productivity takes on a higher level of importance and this is the time to begin to review your priorities to see if they need to be reestablished or augmented by the creation of a new plan.  You want to take a hard look at what you have to work with and figure out how to utilize those things to their full value.  Past lessons and future visions are just some of the resources that will be helpful as you move forward, but remember that Virgo is an Earth sign and it demands more than wishes and ideas.  You are going to have to put in the manual labor to make any progress.  Fortunately, the Virgo Sun begins its tour in a beneficial transit with the Moon and that will make it very clear what you need to do in order to get what you want.  Pink Tourmaline captures the spirit of the energy and shows you how follow your heart with practical activities that will make a physical difference.  Red Tiger Eye will be a great tool to ground your ideas and motivate you to follow through with them. 

Number of the day: 5

5 reminds you that the unplanned and the unexpected are part of the adventure that we call life!  Embrace the surprises along the way and carry Moss Agate to welcome the new energies.

Tuesday 08/25/15

Now that you’ve got the Virgo Sun urging you to get busy, along comes a Mercury/Saturn sextile that will set you on a successful path.  It is all about the details right now and a Mercury/Saturn sextile is the perfect combination of energies to help you get organized and get moving.  Create your plans and follow through by accomplishing a task at a time as you work towards your goals for the future.  This is fabulous energy for physical and mental work so develop ideas, make decisions and take tangible actions that get you closer to completion. You will see both immediate and future results.  Fluorite will assist with productive mental activities, while Hematite keeps your energy high as you work on those physical tasks.

Number of the day: 6

6 will help you find your center when everything goes awry.  Black Obsidian will help you to bend when you feel you might break. 


Posted on August 18, 2015
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