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WEEK OF 08/16/17 - 08/22/17


Wednesday 08/16/17

Mars and Pluto are creating an atmosphere where you need to be superior in all ways and in every situation.  Things like reason, sensitivity and empathy will be ignored in favor of your primary goal to be "the best.”   You will be faced with unanticipated conflict and obstructions that are meant to make you stop and think.  Your initial reaction will be to push your way through, so work with Howlite to carefully consider each of these moments. This energy, like all energy, can be used to better your situation but you need to be mindful about when and how you use it.  This cosmic combination is bringing out perceived weaknesses and doubts and making you think the way to overcome them is with force and bravado.  You want to calm the drive to prove yourself at any cost.  Instead, use Angelite to allow your thoughts and perceptions to work with the energy and use your power to create opportunities to heal and regenerate. 


Thursday 08/17/17

Venus reveals the importance of enjoying the pleasures of a physical existence and helps you attain all things necessary to ensure your comfort.  Today it is in a Square with Jupiter making you think that whatever objects, relationships and resources that you have in the present are not enough.  You have to get more and it needs to happen now.  It is good to have goals and desires but not if it threatens your present harmony.  This energy points you towards an endless cycle of amassing things and circumstances but won't allow you to succeed.  You can never feel good about what you have because you are constantly focused on what is missing.  Brecciated Jasper can bring you back to the present and let you realize how good it is.  This is a good time to re-discover and reinforce your sense of fulfillment in your current conditions.  Bronzite enhances your strength and will so you can get past those urges to thoughtlessly upset the life that you have achieved.  Some things may need to change, but you want to approach that with perception and clarity instead of taking them for granted.


Friday 08/18/17

Hearts are so easily broken.  This isn't a thought that you want to dwell upon, but it may be consuming your perceptions and awareness during today's Venus/Saturn transit.  You are very aware of your own vulnerability and how easily your emotions and spirit can be broken by people and circumstances beyond your control.  This will put you on the defensive, so that you are either distant or hostile when others try to get close to you.  You don't want your insecurities to have a negative impact on your communications and relationships, so carry Kunzite to be cautious in your reactions.  Not only is it difficult to trust others, but you aren't comfortable relying on your own instincts.  You will be questioning if the work you are putting in is worth the reward in your professional and personal relationships. This can be a valuable exercise that will point you in the direction of healthy changes - but remember you are operating within an unstable atmosphere.  Optical Calcite can help you find the clarity to discern facts from unsubstantiated misgivings that could carry you in the wrong direction.


Saturday 08/19/17

Uncertainty about your position in situations and relationships persists and your inner well-being could be disturbed.  A Sun/Chiron Quincunx is bringing doubts and guilt to light and that will affect your self-esteem.  Remember that Chiron's ultimate goal is to heal and not to harm, so approaching this energy with a positive intention will make a difference.  When something makes you feel weak and ineffective use Botswana Agate to step back and objectively consider the validity of your perception.  If you truly are not meeting your obligations then this is your chance to recognize how you can change things.  Take control and you will regain and strengthen your confidence.  Your standing will become clearer and you will be prepared to meet the demands of the role you have accepted.  It isn't easy to face what you have been avoiding and deal with it, so work with Serpentine for motivation.  Once you feel the triumphant rush of taking care of business there will be no stopping you!


Sunday 08/20/17

Mars and Jupiter are bringing out the best in each other...and you!  You feel renewed and eager to move forward with nothing but the brightest of prospects ahead of you.  All those worries of the past have fallen away, leaving you ready to adopt an attitude that attracts moments where you can create abundance and prosperity.  This is a wonderful time to try something new, so work with Moss Agate to enhance your spirit for adventure.  One of the greatest benefits of this transit is that you can clearly see the benefits of initiating change in your life.  This makes it easier to let go of what you know and be more open to new experiences.  The unknown will always be a little scary because that is part of its charm and attraction.  Zircon can help you feel prepared to greet the surprises and opportunities ahead.


Monday 08/21/17

Now you are ready for a personal revolution and along comes a Total Solar Eclipse at a New Moon in Leo with a Sun/Uranus Trine.   You have so much to gain including a deeper appreciation of the timing of the Universe.   Leo doesn't like its dominance challenged, so it isn't a big fan of change.  Still this is Fire energy and Fire needs to be in motion to be at its strongest.  The only way to go is forward with progressive Uranus guiding you into a period of discovery and transformation.   It is time to follow your heart, so work with Emerald to complement your ability to take charge of your life.   Progressive Uranus is announcing that the only way to go is forward.  Before you leap ahead use this energy to take a look at where you are and how you got here.  You have the self-confidence to effectively end any internal or external battles you have been going through to your benefit.  There will be a combination of wins and losses, but remember, that this is entirely within your control.  Use Pink Aventurine to lose what is holding you back and win your freedom to move forward in the most positive manner. 


Tuesday 08/22/17

A Mars/Saturn Trine provides the perfect environment to cultivate your new intentions.  You are focused and driven in your pursuit and appreciative of the achievements that you see along the way.  They may be small ones but you easily recognize their value instead of dismissing them as insignificant in the grand scheme.  This energy is all about the details and by combining that with Ruby in Fuchsite you are effectively motivated by the process instead of the goal.  This is important because great things don't always happen in an instant.  They take time and organization and this is when you are setting that tone and expectation for yourself.  Use Clear Quartz to feel comfortable with a slower progression and feel good about each step.  Trust your sense that they are taking you in the right direction and stay on track.



Posted on August 14, 2017
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