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MONDAY 8/13/12


Enjoy these last days of the Sun in Leo before Virgo takes over and makes us get back to work.  Fun loving Leo gives you the chance to really find out what makes you happy and go out there and get it.  A New Moon in Leo later this week (Friday) will amp up the energy and encourage you to be the star of your own life.  Leo energy likes to produce drama but that can be a good thing so take full advantage while you can.   Sunstone will connect you to this bright energy and Prehnite will show you where to shine the light.

Number of the day:  8


8 is a powerful ally when manifesting ideas into the physical world so use today's energy and Stilbite to make your happiest desires come true.


TUESDAY 8/14/12


It's a good time to face dragons when the Sun and Pluto are in a sesquiquadrate transit.  Deep inside of you are unrealized resources and strengths and now they will come to the surface as you overcome any challenges in your path.  You don't want to use the energy to slay those dragons but rather tame them and discover how to use them to your advantage.  How can you fail when you've got a dragon on your side?  Emerald will draw your inner strength to the surface and Copper will offer protection on your journey.


Number of the day:  9


Is there something that has been haunting you for too long?  Now is the time to banish it from your life for good with 9 on your side helping you to find closure and conclusions to those things that do not serve you well. Howlite will offer insight and comfort.





Slow and steady is the only way to proceed as Mars conjuncts Saturn.  This energy can be frustrating and - at times - downright paralytic.  You may feel blocked in your efforts to move forward as fiery enthusiasm is met with immovable reality.  This is not a time to leap before you look or try to think outside of the box.  Better to stay in that box and follow the path of least resistance - at least for now.  Turquoise will release internal blockages while Red Jasper keeps you grounded and physically in the clear.


Number of the day:  1


Once you find the courage to let something go you are rewarded with a 1 day.  Be focused....and see what new beginnings and opportunities come your way. Charoite will keep you open to new energies.



THURSDAY 8/16/12


Expect emotional eruptions with Venus and Pluto in a tense opposition.  They can produce power struggles and conflicts in all of your personal and business relationships. This is very intense emotional energy so be cautious.  Whatever happens today will be a game changer.   If there was ever a day that could use the energy of Pink it is today so use Rose Quartz and Pink Calcite to surround yourself with love and patience.


Number of the day:  11


11 lets you know that you are on the right path.  It is encouragement that whatever positive (remember I said positive!) thoughts you are having, particularly about new paths and life changes, are the correct ones for you.  Danburite will connect you to your outer and inner personal champions.



FRIDAY 8/17/12


It is difficult to trust anyone or anything when Mercury doesn't play nice with Pluto and Chiron.  Since Pluto and Chiron can produce very intense internal energy it is particularly challenging to trust ourselves so you will second guess everything.  It is almost impossible to make a good decision under this influence.  It is also very easy for misunderstandings to occur and quickly escalate into emotional tirades.   Carnelian serves as a reminder that we always know what is best for us - even if we don't want to believe that - and Blue Lace Agate will temper our emotions and communications with reason.


Number of the day:  3


Despite any planetary influences, 3 is on your side.  The number of optimism, enthusiasm and the divine will brighten your day and just make things overall better.  Carry an Orange Calcite as a reminder that everything really is okay!



SATURDAY 8/18/12


Mercury has moved on into a more understanding trine with Uranus.  Trust your instincts and - maybe to make up for yesterday - you will discover valuable insights.  This is an excellent time for group activities - especially metaphysical ones!  There is magical energy that could help you manifest something unexpected and special when working with others.  Tanzanite will ignite your intuition and enhance your spiritual and personal connections.


Number of the day:  4


4 keeps everything in line and brings order to the chaos.  Use Black Agate to get yourself moving in a good direction with plans and tasks that will support your goals.



SUNDAY 8/19/12


Each of us has power over ourselves and sometimes others.  Saturn and Pluto are in a quintile position that challenges us to discover ways to control and use that power for a higher good.  This is an extraordinary influence that will really help you make things happen.  It is an especially good time for business activities.  Tiger Eye will allow you to uncover your personal power and Rutilated Quartz will show you how to use it.


Number of the day:  5


Why not take a risk today?  5 is the number of change and wants us to use of our free will to seek out new adventures and explore new realms of possibility.  Don't hold back and use Dalmatian Jasper to release any boundaries.



MONDAY 8/20/12


The Sun, Mars and Jupiter are all working together to provide a stress-free atmosphere where it is easy to use our intuition and creativity to resolve any situation.  It is very easy to trust your own, good judgment and assert yourself without worry that anything can be misconstrued by others.  There is abundant enthusiasm but be cautious that over confidence doesn't lead to unnecessary risks.  Mars has that battle-mentality that encourages you to conquer when it is often better to take a moment and let intuition and tact guide your enthusiasm.  Black Obsidian will direct your efforts and Pietersite offers insight and guidance.


Number of the day:  6


6 encourages harmony, empathy and working together for a common good.  There are several powerful planets working together today so take a cue from them and use Chalcedony to uncover ways that you can join with others to create a more perfect world.

Posted on August 12, 2012
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