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WEEK OF 08/10/16 - 08/16/16

Wednesday *08/10/16*

The Sun and Chiron are in a transit that will intensify your vision and allow you to "see" using all of your senses.  Our eyes show us so much that it can be a distraction that blocks us from employing our other senses.  Those senses will be particularly strong and inviting right now, making you want to shut everything else out and focus on what you can perceive beyond that one physical sense.  This will be a totally subjective exercise allowing you to feel things that no one else can, understand them on a deeply personal level and share them using your unique skills.  Work with Blue Sapphire for deeper insight and comprehension.  This energy will expand your thoughts and beliefs, but it can also expand your reality.  Use Chalcedony to feel comfortable sharing your distinct and one-of-a-kind vision and perceptions.  Know that your individuality can benefit all. 

Number of the day: 9

9 reminds us that we are all a part of the world, but it is our individuality that enables us to connect with others.  The strength and value of those connections is what enables us to create the best possible world.  Iolite lets you learn more about yourself so that you can find your place within the world.

Thursday *08/11/16*

You always have the power to refresh your life, but it’s not always that easy to recognize how to do it.  A Mercury/Pluto trine provides insight into what needs to happen for renewal and then enables you to initiate the sequences of events that will get you there.  It is likely you already know what needs to be done - this energy just gives you the push you need to get things going.  Don't worry if you don't have a specific goal or destination.  This is meant to be a gradual process for a reason.  You want to have the time and space to clear out what isn't working and create the scenarios that will attract and retain what will give you exactly what you want.  Be flexible in your schedule, methods and expected results.  Remain steadfast in your resolve to have what you want and deserve.  Work with this energy to let the rest fall in place.  Golden Tiger Eye will help you make that first step, while Rose Quartz gives you insight into the positive influence that step is already having on your life. 

Number of the day: 1

1 reminds you that everything in your life radiates from the source...and you are that source!  Sunstone will keep your rays of influence sunny.


Friday *08/12/16*

Jupiter and Chiron are bringing you an amazing opportunity to determine if the life you’re living is the right one for you.  They are in an opposition that’s producing an inquisitive and introspective type of energy.  It may feel deep and a little heavy as you feel the need to examine every detail of the elements in your life.  Are you fulfilled and happy with the personal meaning and gain from your worldly experiences and situations?  The answers to that question will make you restless and feeling as if something needs to change - but you aren't sure what it is.  You may get a hint from current and past situations that have proved disappointing come to the forefront.  This transit isn't meant to make you feel bad or as if you have sacrificed your soul for material gain.  It is easy to forget who we really are in this busy world.  It is easier to let go of parts of ourselves and give in to the patterns of society.  Chrysoprase will show you how to use this energy to remember who you are and find your way back to being that person.  Remember that the gift of an opposition is the chance to find a successful compromise.  Use Green Tourmaline to help you create a joyful life where you meet your obligations, while remaining true to your core self.   

Number of the day: 2

Do not fear the unknown or the unexplored.  2 will encourage you to meet new experiences with a mind to make them your own.   Botswana Agate keeps you adventurous.


Saturday *08/13/16*

Things continue to feel unsettled as Jupiter moves into a transit with Uranus early today.  It will seem impossible to find any kind of agreement when dealing with situations and within your own thoughts.  You just won't know what to do.  Unfortunately, doing nothing feels just as dissatisfying as attempting to fully commit yourself to a choice. Instead of wasting time worrying, focus your energy on routine tasks and activities that don't require a lot of thought or decision.  When you do sense the stress rising, use Lepidolite to calm those aimless and potentially damaging thoughts.   You want to keep your expectations realistic as the day continues with a Venus/Saturn square. Their combined energy will make it tough to accomplish much as doubts, fears and an overall gloomy outlook prevail over seeing the potential for good.  Interactions are clouded with everyone being overly sensitive and standoffish.  Your strategy from earlier in the day can help you avoid getting caught up in negative thoughts, feelings and communications.  Better yet, use Rutilated Quartz to let your agenda go for now and give yourself some time off.  The best use of this energy is to enjoy pleasurable distractions that don't require exertion on your part. 

Number of the day: 3

When you feel stress from fears of not being perfect, take 3 slow breaths - in and out - and feel the comforting energy of 3.  Honey Calcite reminds you that your will to be perfect means that you already are!


Sunday *08/14/16*

Venus and Neptune are in an opposition, making it difficult to recognize fact from fiction.  Neptune leads you down the road where idealism is far more pleasurable than reality.  Venus wants you to see the beauty in the truth.  Obviously that takes more work and it will be challenging to exert yourself within this atmosphere.  You'll be feeling vulnerable and a little helpless, making it easier to be misled by fantasy, than to fight for the truth.  When faced with a dilemma it’s easy to forget that you have all the power.  Will you give it away by simply believing what is easiest?  Or, will you use your strength to combine the best of these opposing energies to create your own ideal reality?  Use Sandstone to recognize any lie you tell yourself or is presented by another, while Mahogany Obsidian motivates you to look past the illusion to find the truth - and see how much better it really is!

Number of the day: 4

4 can give you the creative spark you need to turn your will into reality.  Tiger Iron will help you to begin - even if that means you begin again.


Monday *08/15/16*

Venus and the Moon are creating a lovely atmosphere to be enjoyed by all.  Others will see you as open and receptive, making it a good day to attract positive interactions and conditions.  These could prove lucrative in emotional and financial ways, so it is to your advantage to enjoy and capitalize upon this energy.  Focus on existing relationships and situations, but keep an eye out for new opportunities.  Whether you begin something new or focus on the present, just know there are good things heading your way.  Blue Quartz will help you use your personality and confidence to get as much value as possible from this transit.  You may feel called upon to engage in activities that feel like luxuries.  Enjoy and keep Yellow Aventurine with you as a reminder that indulgences are necessary for your overall well-being. 

Number of the day: 5

Now is the time for courage and adventure.  5 wants you to feel the excitement of the un-explored, so do something different and bring Chalcopyrite along to find new ways to indulge your curiosity.


Tuesday *08/16/16*

Before you can make things better you have to recognize and accept what is wrong.  That process will be easier today with a Sun/Chiron/Uranus combination that will present the opportunity for healing and renewal.  You will need to gather your courage to face and deal with whatever is troubling you.  It may be past hurts, present disappointments, future fears or a combination of all.  You can approach each issue knowing that you are fully supported and help is ready and available.  You may find that you already have what it takes to conquer your concerns.  If not, then be open and aware, because this energy will bring you what you need.  Here is your chance to free yourself of a multitude of harmful energies, so use Charoite for support during the process.  You will be left with a new attitude and resolve that will enable you to create new beginnings.  Jade will fortify your rebirth.

Number of the day: 6

Give yourself a break and feel the gentler parts of your nature.  6 is about enjoying the simple comforts that don't take any effort.  Apophyllite will allow you to remember things that you love but haven't done for a while...and then encourage you to go and do them.



Posted on August 08, 2016
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