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WEEK OF 08/09/17 - 08/15/17


Wednesday 08/09/17

Adapt and flourish or stick with the reliable and remain motionless.  That is the lesson of the Sun and Pluto in a Quincunx.  Even if things seem to be working you need to consider how you can change whatever attracts your focus during this influence.  It may not feel worth the effort and risk of transformation so use Blue Tiger Eye to be honest with yourself about how you really feel.  If it could be better then now is the time to begin.    It doesn't have to be a physical change.  This energy really favors mental, emotional and spiritual changes because those are the ones that have the greatest impact.  Shattuckite will remind you that everything in your life flows from a single source and that source is You.   


Thursday 08/10/17

Mars & Neptune are peaking your senses to let you know if something isn't right.  This is a challenging transit because it makes it difficult to pinpoint a sole source of discontent.  This can make it easy to feel as if it is all going wrong and wonder why you even bother.  That attitude needs to be avoided because things are in motion and you don't want them heading backwards towards what didn't work.  Instead use Shiva Lingam to imagine what will in a constructive and positive manner.  The Sun/Jupiter Sextile later today will surround you with optimism and kindness making it easy to keep a bright perspective.  We are in a time of great transformation between the Leo New Moon of July and the upcoming Solar Eclipse of August.  Labradorite gives you the confidence to know you are in control of this transformation so go after what you want and settle for nothing less.


Friday 08/11/17

Those doubts and worries are creeping in again as you wonder why your actual progression isn't matching your projection of events.  Uranus and Neptune are battering your thoughts with a mix of inspired hope and practical concern.  You want to remember that this conflict is going on in your mind and not in your physical reality.  Orange Calcite will enable you to control your thoughts and use them to create new opportunities instead allowing them to create stress.  This can be useful energy to point towards your goals and objectively determine if they are the right ones for you.  Sometime we subconsciously sabotage ourselves because deep down we know that what we are going after won't be satisfactory.  This is transit will alert you if you are expending a lot of effort towards the wrong thing. It is time to either renew your devotion to present goals or let them go in favor of something new.    Either way this is the fresh start you need so pay attention to those dreams and fantasies that seem unlikely at first glance.  Picture Jasper helps you determine if they are something you really want and how you can make them work. 


Saturday 08/12/17

Neptune brings an easier feeling today as it meets Venus in a harmonious Trine.  Everyone will notice a familiar connection to each other and their surroundings.  The wonderful world that we imagine is the one that we see during this influence and it makes for a very happy and pleasant experience.  Your perspective is creating your reality so you want it to be bright.  The overall energy is pointing you in the right direction so carry Sunstone to make it your own.  You do not want negativity to keep you from gaining the many advantages of this transit.  Relationships of all kinds will benefit because we see the good in each other.  Venus keeps this from being an idealistic view and since we know that we are seeing the real thing it strengthens our bond with one another.  Use Unakite to hold on to this camaraderie as we move forward.  We will always gain more from working together than apart.


Sunday 08/13/17

Neptune has been keeping you mentally engaged but it is time to turn your focus back to reality with a Sun/Saturn Trine making is a very positive experience.  The past few days may have helped you learn more about yourself, your surroundings, your relationships and what it all means to you.  The Sun and Saturn want to help you take your new found knowledge and use it to make good things happen.  The Sun lets you know that won't happen if you keep doing things the same old way.  You and your world are consisting shifting and that means letting go of old patterns to create and adopt new possibilities.  Blue Topaz encourages flexibility.  Saturn lets us know that you have to do the work to gain the reward.  You aren't meant to struggle with that work but instead be excited and motivated by it.   Use Strawberry Quartz to be creative and experiment with all of your efforts.  This is a transit that drives home the simple fact that if you enjoy the journey you have already gained the reward.


Monday 08/14/17

Are you feeling good about where you are in the here and now?  If not it is time to seek out what will bring you that harmony and fulfillment you deserve to feel in every moment.  Venus and Mars will be supporting and encouraging your efforts.  You can draw from their energy to find deeper satisfaction and joy in your interactions and routines.  Black Obsidian will show you how the slightest change of attitude and perspective will bring major changes to your overall well-being.  This energy is especially effective at helping you to recover any creative or unusual endeavors that you have been ignoring in favor of what seems practical and reliable.  Pink Tourmaline will reduce those fears of releasing  what you have established and embracing what you love.


Tuesday 08/15/17

Emotions are intense while Venus and Pluto are engaged in an Opposition and they will be the primary force that drives you.  It may feel uncomfortable if you aren’t use to acknowledging your true feelings but you don’t want to fight their rise to the surface.  It will happen anyway and your resistance will only detract from the strength they have to offer you.  This won’t be your typical day and you don’t want to try to mold it into your usual routine.  Black Tourmaline will help work with this disruptive energy and let it flow through you in the most positive manner.  You will be left the better for it.  Revelations are likely to occur during this time.  Some may be inner realizations and others will come from outside sources who need to share with you.  These may be life altering insights so use Amethyst to gather and retain these resources in the present.  They may not seem significant at first but their value will be revealed.




Posted on August 07, 2017

    (Submitted by: SerAl on August 08, 2017)

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