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Prepare for a energetic and exhausting week folks. Normally I would recommend a stone for each day but with so much energy bombarding us this week I am recommending Larimar, the stone of evolution and change, Herkimer Diamond to assist in transformation, and Lavender Kunzite to open the heart to these universal energies, center and bring us some measure of peace. These are the best at integrating the different energies as they arrive. High vibrational energy requires high vibration stones and this week they will get their work out.

August 9

We are under the gun again as Juno links to Chiron and Mars in Cancer squares Uranus in Aries. Volatility and uncertainty rule the day. The Moon in supportive Sagittarius tries to smooth things over but Venus and Ceres form an abrasive tie that negates all your productivity.

The Lunar wandering takes The Moon into earthy Capricorn and your professional pursuit looks promising. Don’t get comfortable as The Moon is later caught in the middle of a Mars-Pluto tug of war.

Potential trouble will influence the rest of the day and into tomorrow


August 10

Ceres moves back into Pisces for a lengthy stay as Juno in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries. These opposing pairs could lead to relationship difficulties if you allow their darker attributes to take precedence but if you let the illuminating attributes guide you instead it could lead to a closeness not excepted

A Moon Jupiter trine to Capricorn in Taurus can expand mental activities, However The Moon Squares Saturn at the start of the lunar void while Mars in Cancer Opposes Pluto in Capricorn. This is some heavy hitter and it can bring down even the most optimistic of us.

This Mars Pluto Opposition only happens every two years and is an emotional tug of war.


August 11

Second guessing yourself could feel like the right thing today after yesterdays double punch of chaos and The Mercury retrograde certainly doesn’t help the situation. Don’t give in to the temptation!

Exhaustion and mental fatigue increases with a void Moon and Mercury clashing with Saturn, and a later Moon cruising in parallel to Pluto. Don’t try to fight it, just take some down time take a hike outside and clear all the chaos in your mind. A little introspection and time with Mother Nature will bring some much need clarity.

Later this evening , when the Moon moves into Aquarius, brotherly love takes center stage for the next 2 days.

A tsunami of metaphysical energy rolls over us when the Sun makes a tie to Uranus, while the potent illumination builds energy for an intoxication Full Moon in two days..


August 12

There is no rest for the weary as yet another day of intense energy assails our senses and leaves us with yet another day of trials and tribulations.

The day starts pleasant enough with a Moon -Pallas - Vesta union. This creative and resourceful union is enhanced by a Ceres - Neptune nudge and a Moon-Ceres parallel. If you are a very early rises then this can certainly lead to productive work getting done.

A caustic Sun-Juno tie and a highly frictional Venus- Uranus to Sun-Pluto connection immediately following starts the days fire works.

This is just the lead in for tomorrow. As you know the day before and after the Full Moon carries its own illumination in preparation for the Big Guns to move in.


August 13

Today’s Full Moon is potent and enlightening. Activating the energy of A Moon, Leo, Aquarius connection opens the door to the higher Hierarchy, Masters, Heavenly teachers, and guides. All the movers and shakers are available for our instruction and higher level advancements.

This is enforced by the Raising of Sirius on the Horizon preceding the Moon in her trek across the sky.

This is a profound and spiritual transformation in our part of the universe. All things on this planet are bathed in this intense and metaphysical uplifting.

What can we except from this massive energy wave. All our higher attributes are being high lighted and enhanced, demanding growth and evolution, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It is time to put away our toys, conflicts and pettiness and stand as mature and adult citizens of this universe.

Wanting their part of the spot light is the conflicts between Venus, Juno and Pluto later in the evening.


August 14

Yesterdays energies continue to influence the next 48 hours. To help us take advantage of the potential provided by yesterdays potent energy of enlightenment is the monthly Moon-Neptune in Aquarius union. This union acts as a catalyst to dreams and visions of importance. Have those journals ready and your minds open.

As the Moon moves into Pisces, Universal Love, compassion and empathy are demanding we care for the needy and disenchanted among us. The monthly Moon-Chiron union in parallel enforces healing, the secret teachings and philosophical pursuits. Feeling of déjà vu prevail as intellect and intuition combine to invade your consciousness.

A late Moon in Pisces connection lead to musical pursuits, immersion is poetry or a stint behind the camera for a creative release.


August 15

Another day and the energy influx continues. A Moon -Saturn parallel and a later Sun-Ceres Contra-parallel have us thinking in term of common sense, productivity and improvements across the board. Ideas flow fast and heavy during the Moon-Uranus parallel, write them down now for future reference and implementation.

Prepare for another round profound energy waves on tomorrows horizon.


Roslyn Bohanan

Master Crystal Healer

Posted on August 09, 2011
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