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WEEK OF 08/07/13 - 08/13/13 

WEDNESDAY 08/07/13

Jupiter's transit through Cancer is filled with abundance in a "give and take" kind of way.  It is about receiving but it is also about giving back - that is how you create a cycle of abundance.  That cycle can sustain you during those times that may not be as affluent.  Pluto in Capricorn will destroy what isn't working to usher in what will.  It is about the inevitable cycle of death and re-birth.  Jupiter is in an important opposition with Pluto today that challenges you to consider if what you are doing is giving you what you need.  That is a hard question to ask on many levels since it inevitably results in change.  Use this energy and take the time to really consider if it is time for a re-do - if it is you will know it.  Rhodonite will keep you from hiding or talking yourself out of doing what it necessary.  Sodalite reminds you that you have the support and you will be better off when it is done.

                                                                                                                                                Number of the day: 3

When you feel stress from fears of not being perfect take 3 slow breaths - in and out - and feel the comforting energy of 3.  Honey Calcite reminds you that your will to be perfect means that you already are! 

THURSDAY 08/08/13

Virgo in a semi-square transit with Saturn brings a cool and calm to your demeanor that may be construed by others as a lack of interest.  The result could be unforeseen complications when it comes to relationships, business and finance.  Sometimes you just are not your normal self and this will be one of those days.  It can be difficult for others to perceive a different side to you but it is a good way to weed out those relationships and situations that are not in your best interest.  Anyone who truly knows you (and cares!) will recognize your need for some downtime today and back off.  Rainbow Obsidian will help you make the most of that time you need for reflection rather than action.  Kyanite allows you to recognize when others need their space. 

Number of the day: 22

Use the powerful energy of 22 to build...either from scratch or upon what you have already started.  This Master Number can give you the creative spark you need to turn your will into reality.  Tiger Iron will help you to begin - even if that means you begin again. 

FRIDAY 08/09/13

You want to indulge your interest in the arts while Venus and Jupiter are in a supportive quintile.  Remember that "art" means something different to everyone.  For some it is a portrait or a novel.  For others it could be a sport or even a favorite TV show.   Whatever expression of creativity that you enjoy will be enhanced by this transit.  Just be sure that whatever you do is for the sake of the beauty and joy in it - not as a means of competition or showing off.  Green Quartz lets you do what you love because it feels good.  Picture Jasper reminds you to respect others and their "arts".

Number of the day: 5

Now is the time for courage and adventure.  5 wants you to feel the excitement of the un-explored so do something different and bring Green Tourmaline along to find new ways to indulge your curiosity. 

SATURDAY 08/10/13

Mercury and Neptune will have you in a state where you would rather daydream than do anything substantial.  If you do try to get past your wandering mind, you will be faced with so much uncertainty and indecision that you will still be incapable of making anything happen.  Mercury in Leo doesn't really understand the concepts of uncertainty and indecision so you could feel an added element of stress surrounding you throughout the day.  Lay low and put off what you can until Monday (you'll see why I didn't say tomorrow!) and use Lepidolite to help you relax.  Tsavorite can give you focus for things that really need to get done right now.  Sometimes dreaming the day away really is your best option!

Number of the day: 6

Give yourself a break and feel the gentler parts of your nature.  6 is about enjoying the simple comforts that don't take any effort.  Apophyllite will allow you to remember things that you love but haven't done for a while....and then encourage you to go and do them. 

SUNDAY 08/11/13

Today it is Mars and Neptune who will have you wasting time trying to get things done and fantasizing instead of taking practical steps.  It is too easy to fool yourself into having faith in shortcuts.  You think that it will be ok to skip necessary steps...but it won't.  Better to wait it out rather than take actions that could be harmful.  Mercury and Saturn in a square will reveal that there is more to do.  You thought you were done with something - but you are not and you want to rush it to get it done.  Waiting is still your best option for now since you will not accomplish what you expect.  Petrified Wood promotes some essential patience.  Leopardskin Jasper can help you to find some fun and easy outlets for any stress that you feel between wanting to go and needing to stay. 

Number of the day: 7

7 gives us the strength to believe.  You may not think that requires strength but faith can be hard to hold on to when challenges are everywhere.  Blue Aventurine will help you to recover any that you have lost. 

MONDAY 08/12/13

Now is when you want to take action and get things done!  The Sun and Mars are in a cooperative semi-sextile transit that will point you in the best direction to get started on that lengthy "to-do" list.  They will inspire you with inventive problem-solving ideas and allow you to find creative solutions to get those things that you want.  Another wonderful aspect of this transit is how you interact with others.  You will easily take the lead and be assertive without being overbearing.  Overal,l this is a wonderful time to take positive steps towards your goals.  That includes asking for help from other,s especially if that is not a trait that comes easily.  Red Tiger Eye gets you up and moving.  Ametrine shows you where to uncover inner and outer resources.

Number of the day: 8

Nothing is ever guaranteed but the energy of 8 makes it probable that what you put out will come back to you in a very positive way.  One of 8's goals is to help us achieve balance so it is a reminder that efforts are rewarded in kind.  Dioptase encourages you to work for what you want. 

TUESDAY 08/13/13

Challenging transits often give us our best opportunities to learn and grow.  Such will be the case today.  Venus and the Moon will highlight situations and interactions where, how you feel and how you feel that you need to act, are at odds with each other.  Either you honor your emotions and worry that you have hurt others or you put yourself aside to keep the peace and feel that you always have to compromise with little recognition.  Neither option is ideal since you want to honor who you are without any negative effects.   Then Mercury and Pluto provide additional tension where when faced with a choice you will make the selfish decision.  Second guessing yourself does no good since it only leads to beating yourself up rather than finding positive ways to right any perceived wrongs.   The lesson is to find ways to be who we are without harming others in the process.  The trick just may be to find people and situations who can fit with the true "you".  Or maybe the trick is to truly understand who you are and what you really want.  Use Tanzanite for insight (we are all going to need it!) and Amethyst to find the most harmonious solutions for everyone involved. 

Number of the day: 9

9 reminds us that we are all a part of the world but it is our individuality that enables us to connect with others.  The strength and value of those connections is what enables us to create the best possible world.  Iolite lets you learn more about yourself so that you can find your place within the world. 



Posted on August 05, 2013
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