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WEEK OF 08/06/14 - 08/12/14 

Wednesday 08/06/14

Expect a brief period of uncertainty as Mercury & Pluto have you questioning your actions and motives.  You may find yourself looking backwards and second-guessing previous decisions.  Concern will arise from the fear that you did the wrong thing.  If you have choices to make right now, it will be best to hold off until you can be more positive and objective.  You also want to watch any communications because they could cause ripples that extend to places you would rather not go right now.  You want to be prepared, so carry Sugilite to remind you to err on the side of caution and think twice before you do anything until the energy clears.  Remember, this is a very subjective atmosphere, so you want to avoid taking everything too personal and beating yourself up.  Hessonite Garnet will allow you to relax and release those doubts and frustrations.

Number of the day: 3

 3 is all about the constant flow of happiness and joy.  It is always there somewhere, but Citrine will help you find it when it's playing hide and seek. 

Thursday 08/07/14

Today presents a vastly different influence than yesterday.  Mars and Neptune are in a trine and you are feeling more relaxed and confident.  You know that you can never go wrong by following your instincts and are comfortable with the ramifications of your choices.  What is done is done and that is that!  Your intuition will be on overdrive and you will find pleasure in following that guidance to its extreme.  You will be feeling inspired and peaceful and it is easy to imagine the greatness that is coming your way.  Howlite will maximize this amazing energy and help you find ways to use it to attract really good things.  Charge a Clear Quartz with this energy so that it can vibrate through all of your days. 

Number of the day: 4

4 is the number for work and practical endeavors....which may not seem like much fun.   Dalmatian Jasper can help you with an attitude adjustment to make arduous tasks feel like play. 

Friday 08/08/14

We have several important transits happening today.  First a Sun/Mercury conjunction will put your thoughts in the perfect sequence to get what you want.  Expect some grand schemes with the Leo influence and use this time to figure out how to achieve something that has been eluding you.  Creative ideas will be plentiful as Mercury moves into a trine with Uranus.  A Mercury/Chiron quincunx could bring doubts later in the day, but stay flexible because the Sun and Uranus are going to help you get past any worries.  Do things in a way that you never have and you will be excited and distracted by new possibilities.  Finally a Mercury/Saturn Square could result in negative thoughts and disruptive communications. Don’t let the overly critical energy cause doubt in your abilities to finish what you have begun. You may want to hold things for a day or two until the energy is better for positive productivity.  I said it was a busy day and there are several ups and downs, but the benefits are plentiful amongst the mixed energies.  It’s all in your perspective, so use Fluorite to let the positives outshine the negatives.  Moonstone will help you take what you need from the more challenging transits and leave the rest. 

Number of the day: 5

5 can help you view it as an adventure rather than a task when you need to overcome obstacles.  Aqua Aura lets your spirit fly! 

Saturday 08/09/14

Guilt over not dealing with important issues will be pronounced by a Sun/Chiron transit.  The Sun then moves on to a square with Saturn further infusing the atmosphere with a sobering quality.  You will clearly see the reality of your situation - including the obstacles and fears.  The good news is that this transit prominently features the tools at your disposal that will get you past anything in your way.  Any actions taken now will produce confidence in yourself and your abilities to take control of your situation.  Use this energy wisely and by the end of the day you will realize that you can overcome any challenge!  Malachite will allow you to realize your personal power and the influence that it has on your life.  Use Ruby to project your positive self-image and attract similar energies to you.  

Number of the day: 6

The energy of 6 is going to dominate throughout this month, so get ready to feel nurtured and protected.  Carry Pink Spinel to remember that you are never alone and you are always supported through the pitfalls and the triumphs.  That is the message of 6. 

Sunday 08/10/14

It’s time to break loose and run free of constraint with a Full Moon in Aquarius.  Aquarian energy is innovative and tolerant with the firm belief that everyone should be free to do their own thing…as long as it does not damage the society.  This energy can seem a little cool and detached, but it comes from a place of confidence rather than lack of concern for others.  Utilize this energy to feel confident in your ability to do what you want to as an individual and know that it will ultimately benefit the whole.  The energy may be a little diminished by the Leo Sun since they are natural opposites.  Leo craves the attention while Aquarius is happier going unnoticed.  Still, you could get a powerful wake-up call to release any self-deprecating thoughts or beliefs that are holding you back.   Aquarian strength comes from within and you want to free that energy and free yourself!   Hematite will encourage peaceful and productive release of beliefs about yourself that are causing you harm.  Angelite allows you to see yourself as the powerful being that you truly are. 

Number of the day: 7

 You never really know how something is going to turn out - no matter how sure that you might be.  7 lets us know that faith and confidence can always overcome doubts and fear.  Prehnite will help you to keep your faith at its strongest. 

Monday 08/11/14

The Moon & Mercury will allow you to approach problem-solving from a place of calm and reason when they join in a helpful sextile transit. You know that when Mercury is involved it will be important to pay attention to communications. There is an ease to the atmosphere that encourages everyone to feel comfortable sharing and working with others. You are open to others’ ideas and opinions and together you can find ways around things that have been blocking you. Obviously group activities will be favored, but individual benefits are just as easy to come by right now. This is a good time to use your people skills as a tool to propel you into a very positive situation. Use Larimar for engaging and productive dialogues.  Jade lets you connect to others and the energy that surrounds you.

Number of the day: 8

 The things that we want may not always come as easily as we might like.   But combine equal parts effort and unwavering faith and those things will come...and probably bring more things with them!  Bronzite lets you keep it all in balance. 

Tuesday 08/12/14

Your imagination is a powerful tool right now, but you have a choice as to how to use it.  The energy could have you seeing challenges rather than solutions when it comes to difficult people and situations.  That will be a Venus/Neptune transit today and a Venus/Chiron transit early tomorrow that has you focused on discrepancies rather than harmony.  Use your creative abilities to visualize a more positive scenario and it will benefit everyone.  Blue Chalcedony will encourage you to work with others and exchange knowledge.  Use Orange Calcite as a catalyst to find the joy in every situation and use that as your compass for moving ahead.

                                                                                                                                                                 Number of the day: 9

When things come to an end, it can easily throw you off balance in many ways.  The energy of 9 and Black Obsidian will help you to regain your center and move forward. 


Posted on August 05, 2014
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