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WEEK OF 08/03/16 - 08/09/16


Wednesday 08/03/16

The Sun shines its brightest during its tour through Leo, giving us the ability to lighten things up.  You want to remember that during today's transit with Neptune.  Neptune's energy is naturally subtle as it works behind the scenes on our thoughts and feelings.  It is traveling through Pisces, making its energy a little deeper and moodier.  The purpose is to help you reach depths where you can find understanding and realizations that might be missed in the light.  Conversely, it is easier to see things that aren't really there and that’s what you can expect to happen today.  When worries, fears and doubts try to replace your determination and confidence, it’s time to use the Leo Sun to enhance your personal power and push those sabotaging thoughts right out of your mind.  Use Septarian to focus on your strengths and abilities.  Citrine will help you take a realistic look at your fears so that you can figure out how to abolish them for good.  Overcome even one doubt or fear and you have turned the energy around and now it is working for you.  That is your power!

Number of the day: 2

2 challenges us to constantly bring in new and positive entities to build upon what we have.   Zebra Jasper will encourage you to bring things together for something unique.


Thursday 08/04/16

Mars and Pluto are in a semi-square, making it all about control and who has it.  This influence brings an underlying tension of determination and optimism versus a fatalistic attitude that what will be will be.  No matter how it may appear, each of us has the exact same measure of control over our lives.  The question is, will you give yours away or fight to retain what is rightfully yours?  Everyone is feeling tense and territorial under this influence, so you want to watch out for unnecessary confrontations.  You won't be fighting anyone but yourself as you struggle to understand the difference between acceptance and giving up.  Use Chalcopyrite to recognize the empowerment that comes with acceptance.  It offers insights that result in progressive and creative plans to get what you want.  Acceptance means nothing will get in your way.  Giving up means you are done, but that is the catalyst for a fresh start.  Fire Agate will help you begin the renewal process.  

Number of the day: 3

3 reminds us that anything is possible, but can that can also make it difficult to commit to any one course.  Fluorite will help you to understand that commitment actually grows your options rather than limits them.


Friday 08/05/16

How can one little planet be so disruptive?  Pluto packs a lot of punch in the influence department and it really likes to make its presence known, so it plays a significant role during its transits with the other planets.  Matters of the heart will be your focus during today's Venus/Pluto transit with a particular emphasis on emotional pain.  Old heartbreaks and betrayals may be on your mind and you’ll be looking a little deeper at present situations, wondering if you aren't in line for more hurt.  It may seem this energy is taking you on a pessimistic journey, but this can actually be an opportunity to feel a whole lot better.  When those past issues arise it’s an opportunity for you to see things in a new light and use one of your greatest strengths...forgiveness.  Use Clinozoisite to heal and stop carrying old pain that clouds your present and future.  When you find yourself filled with doubt and worry about current issues, use Sodalite for the courage to face what’s bothering you head on.  Proactively look for the advantages and see how you can use them to invigorate yourself, your relationships and your situations.  You'll be so determined to make things better that you’ll banish the negative characteristics of this energy.   

Number of the day: 4

Sometimes it’s too easy to indulge in self-pity rather than take action.  4 and Blue Spinel will kick up your enthusiasm and get you moving towards inevitable success.


Saturday 08/06/16

At first glance this may seem like a challenging day with several squares, but in truth it's going to be quite exhilarating.  Mercury and Uranus get things rolling with an abundance of ideas and insights.  Make a real effort to focus if you want to hold onto them and turn them into something more concrete, so carry Emerald.  It will help when Mercury moves into a square with Saturn, because now you need to pay attention to the details if you want to see any kind of progress.  It will encourage you to think everything through carefully and get it right - even if that means doing it over more than once.  Yes, you'll be second-guessing everything but it is an opportunity to see what you missed and get it taken care of now instead of later.  Use Jet to avoid frustration and view this exercise as favorable rather than feeling it is an inconvenience. The day closes with a Venus/Mars square and you'll be looking to proactively improve the physical things that matter to you like your relationships, work and environment. This naturally causes some conflict as others might wonder if things aren't fine just as they are - or if they shouldn't be the ones to change things instead of you.  Keep things light for healthy discussions that lead to mutual benefits and cooperation.  Kunzite will help you win others to your side as long as you’re open and accepting of their position.

Number of the day: 5

5 encourages expansion through broad visions and taking chances.  Iolite keeps you aware that there is always more to never stop exploring!


Sunday 08/07/16

A Sun/Pluto quincunx makes it crystal clear that if you want things to change you’re going to have to be the force that initiates it.  You cannot sit back and wait.  If you want something in your life to change, now is the time to do something about it.  A Mercury/Neptune opposition is further reinforcement that while hopes, dreams and faith are powerful energies, they are not enough on their own.   Your thoughts can get you started, but you need to back them up with physical actions that are based in reality.  That first step can be a hard one, but it’s necessary if you want to move beyond the wishing stage.  A good first step is stating your intention out loud to yourself and/or to others to give it some grounding.  Use Ruby in Kyanite to use your voice to push through the Sun/Pluto influence to get to the next step.  Focused thoughts and cognitive reasoning won't be easy during this Mercury/Neptune transit, so work with Red Tiger Eye to use your willpower and determination to keep your mind clear and steady.

Number of the day: 6

6 wants to help you find and nurture the harmony in all areas of your life.  Use Apatite to eliminate any deterrents to finding your place of peace.


Monday 08/08/16

Any Mercury/Moon transit will connect your mind to your feelings, presenting unique opportunities to find answers from a variety of sources.  Expect to be inspired by your outer environment and personal interactions while you’re also encouraged to draw upon your past experience and memories.  You can share easily and honestly with others during this influence, but you may be so caught up in your head that you prefer to keep to yourself.  Do your best to be social because it will enhance the qualities of this energy.  You are especially ingenious and inventive with bright ideas that will come to life once they are sparked and/or shared with others.  Sunstone will encourage you to get out of your mind and into the world.  There will be a lot going on with activities and ideas, so carry Fluorite to keep your mind sharp and receptive.  You want to hold on to as much as you can!

Number of the day: 7

Fear can lead us towards ill-advised actions, while Faith gives us patience.  Use 7 with Fancy Jasper to give you the strength to know that your moment will come.


Tuesday 08/09/16

Uranus and Chiron are producing an annoying edge to the atmosphere that can be used constructively for many benefits.  Uranus is chaotic by nature, so things become revealed whether we’re ready to deal with them or not.  Chiron's sensitive energy feels threatened by Uranus and its blunt, no-nonsense attitude.  Your patience will be tested, making it easy to feel hurt and misunderstood.  Apache Tears can avoid those overly sensitive feelings and encourage a more reasonable, thoughtful approach to situations as they arise.  If you allow it, this transit will enable you to find new ways to heal old pains.  You could be liberated from damaging energies by dealing with them now, so use Optical Calcite to see the potential of working with this energy rather than using avoidance and ignorance to block it. 

Number of the day: 8

8 is the Universal reminder that what you put out will come back to you in equal measure.  Black Kyanite will help you to realize the rewards from your efforts.



Posted on August 01, 2016
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