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WEEK OF 08/02/17 - 08/08/17


Wednesday 08/02/17

Mercury will be operating within the attentive influence of Virgo for the rest of the month.  During this time you find more value in applying logic and precision to all of your communications and actions. The results are not as important as the process.  You need to be in complete and total control of that process - even when it feels like a waste of time and energy.  Do the work now because you want to keep busy and make the most of this energy.  If you need motivation, Ametrine can help you envision how your efforts will make a positive difference.  Mercury will go retrograde during this time, encouraging you to devote that cool, calculated mindset to internal housekeeping. You don’t want to completely remove emotion and instinct from your decisions and interactions, so keep Mahogany Obsidian handy when you need to warm things up.  You want to feel comfortable when things don’t seem sensible despite your hard work.  The only thing that matters is that it feels right to you.


Thursday 08/03/17

The planet of surprise and disruption, Uranus, is going into retrograde status until early next year.  Does that mean everything will be safe and predictable?  Hardly!  Where you will notice a difference is in the type of unexpected twists and turns that you experience.  Things may seem stable and calm externally, but internally you are wondering if that is enough…and it won’t be!  Here is your opportunity to re-evaluate existing beliefs and habits.  What have you outgrown? Apophyllite will help you find the answer to that question and have the faith to do something about it.  Let go of the old and open the door for new energies that match who you are in the here and now.  Use Bastnaesite to not just embrace change, but be the creator of it. 


Friday 08/04/17

There is an abundance of success and prosperity that you can create for yourself with Jupiter and Pluto as your allies today.  These powerful planets are in a Square that will strengthen your will and confidence.  You know that you have whatever it takes to achieve your highest goals.  The challenge will be to remain firmly based in reality.  If you allow yourself to be carried away by an over-inflated ego or unrealistic expectations, then you will miss out on the benefits.  Zebra Jasper will guide you towards using this energy to create opportunities rather than conflict.  You want to operate in cooperation with others instead of becoming a dictator.  You also want to leave room for ideas and insights no matter how firm your focus and belief.  Those may come from others or yourself, so use Lapis Lazuli to recognize them and give them the attention they warrant.  You will be better for taking that extra time to consider all potential options.    


Saturday 08/05/17

Are others getting in your way and preventing you from attaining your goal?  Perhaps they are offering unique support and enlightenment that you are missing.  Today is one of those Sun/Chiron transits that will mask opportunities for healing and growth.  These may appear as interferences and nuisances that are getting in the way of your idea of what you need to be happy and whole.  Your perception isn't totally off because these people and/or situations are slowing you down, but their purpose is to help not hinder.  It is easy to forget that we are all in this together and believe that our way is the only way - particularly when it comes to personal well-being. Leopardskin Jasper will give you the objectivity to consider what and why things are really happening the way they are so that you can determine if they are setting you on a new and better direction.  It may mean that you need to accept that you don't have all the answers.  That requires a great deal of humility, courage and confidence.  You have all of those and more within you, so work with Green Tourmaline to find and use the positive guidance of these experiences.


Sunday 08/06/17

If you think you aren't good enough and can't do it then you will be right with the Sun and Neptune casting self-doubts and misunderstandings throughout the day.  Our imagination is one of our most powerful tools for success in everything we do.  It is guided by Neptune's influence, so when its effect is not helpful we can become our own worst enemy.  Your confidence may not feel strong and your decisions seem unclear and ill-conceived.  Overall your thoughts are disrupting your ability to keep your direction and abilities intact.  While you are doubting yourself, you are also suspicious of others and their impact on you.  This is one of those days when you need to gather all your will and strength to fight what seems like natural concerns. You want to remember that it is never natural to think badly about yourself and carry Rhodochrosite to help you erase those false beliefs from your mind.   You also want to remember that you have sole control over yourself despite any energy that surrounds you.  Citrine will help you avoid creating problems and instead develop positive solutions that keep you on track.


Monday 08/07/17

It is hard to know how to proceed when you are uncertain about what you really want.  This is the kind of stress you may be feeling while Venus and the Moon are in a Semi-Square.  Your need for comfort and continuity is challenged by desires for more and you don’t know which way to turn.  Do you maintain what you have or risk upsetting it to go and seek more?  You don’t want to make any decisions or take actions with so much inner conflict, so use Amazonite to control those kinds of urges if they arise.  Instead of worrying about the future, use this opportunity to check in with yourself in the present.  It is a perfect opportunity to simply find peace in this moment.  Halite will help you realize that is all that really matters. 


Tuesday 08/08/17

Venus is now working with Uranus, so allow this energy to give you some breathing space.  Loosen up a little and let yourself be silly and wild.  When you deliberately relieve yourself of routines and duties, you make way for surprises and new opportunities.  That is the kind of happy, exciting energy that Uranus wants to bring you - but you need to be willing to venture into the unknown.  Use Larimar to alleviate any restrictions holding you back. Tanzanite encourages you to go with the creative, free-flowing vibe of the day. 



Posted on July 31, 2017

    (Submitted by: Ser_Al on August 01, 2017)

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