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Crystal Astrology Report

WEEK OF 07/31/13 - 08/06/13 

WEDNESDAY 07/31/13

We’ve got some erratic energy with the action-minded Mars in a square with the rebel Uranus.  Those moments of lethargy that you feel could lead you towards taking a risk or two which could end up being a good thing.  Risk is necessary for evolution to occur, so view any upsets in your daily routine as opportunities to find ingenious ways to overcome challenges.  Now is when you want to assert your will especially if you have been feeling called to take a stand against things that don’t make sense or rules that seem to hold you back.  Mookaite Jasper helps you to think before you act and Turquoise shows you how to make your purpose known. 

Number of the day: 8

It is just as possible to be too secure as it is to be in constant state of randomness.  Neither will get you where you want to go on their own.  Working together - as equals - is a very different story.  Rhodonite can show you where to make room for both in your life. 

THURSDAY 08/01/13

A new month begins with an exciting trine with Mars and the celestial symbols of emotions & healing:  the Moon and Chiron.  Mars and Chiron help us to ascertain our mission and will give you a sense of fearlessness when it comes to taking the lead and moving onward.  You have a strong sense of purpose and will be driven to make things better so use the energy to make those initial actions that will set you on your path.  The Moon steps in and will encourage others to follow your example.  You will be an inspiration to others so be sure to make it worthy of their attention.  Strawberry Quartz shows you how easy it can be to take your ideal and make it real.  Selenite will sustain the flow of support and encouragement.

                                                                                                                                                 Number of the day: 6

The energy of 6 is going to dominate throughout this month so get ready to feel nurtured and protected.  Carry Pink Spinel to remember that you are never alone and you are always supported through the pitfalls and the triumphs.  That is the message of 6. 

FRIDAY 08/02/13

It is too easy to see why things don’t go the way that we want rather than envisioning how we could make them go our way.  That will be the influence of Venus and Chiron that have us focused on weaknesses rather than strengths.  The Moon blesses us with some encouraging energy that can help you to shake the atmosphere of disappointment and regret.  It will remind you that things always turn around to your favor – you just need to write your own positive ending to each story.  This is very responsive energy so try to keep your mood light and handle everything with grace.  Rose Quartz will offer gentle comfort while Blue Calcite lets you override everything with a positive attitude.

Number of the day: 7

You never really know how something is going to turn out  - no matter how sure that you might be.  7 lets us know that faith and confidence can always overcome doubts and fear.  Prehnite will help you to keep your faith at its strongest. 

SATURDAY 08/03/13

See how everything just turns around for the best? A Venus/Mars sextile late yesterday brings us an easy and harmonious vibe that will have you viewing everything in a whole new light.  You will have a strong desire to build new ties and situations within your life.  You want to create something extraordinary and, while you aren’t entirely sure what or how,  you may know who you want to involve in the project.  Reach out and interact and see how successful your new alliance will prove to be.  There is an overall atmosphere of satisfaction with the here and now that will encourage wonderful plans for the future.  Peridot encourages heartfelt actions while Ruby enhances the joy with our present circumstances.

Number of the day: 8

The things that we want may not always come as easily as we might like.   But combine equal parts effort and unwavering faith and those things will come...and probably bring more things with them!  Bronzite lets you keep it all in balance. 

SUNDAY 08/04/13

You should be really excited about today’s transit between the Sun and Uranus.  They are in a dynamic trine that can produce so many opportunities to take advantage of that it will be almost impossible not to be in a better place when it is over.  This amazing energy encourages flexibility that will have you welcoming amazing new situations into your life.  You want to experiment and initiate those crucial changes that you know will have a major impact but you may have been avoiding out of fear.  Change is always hard and scary so take advantage of this unique opportunity.  It may not be easy because there are other transits with the Moon and Chiron that could bring about issues of doubt and guilt.  You have the strength and the will to push them aside and move forward if you know that is the right thing.  Don’t let anything stop you from using this time to look at life and situations in a new way and see the rewards that it will reap.  Clear Quartz  will give you the insight you need to separate your fears from your truth.  Labradorite gives you the strength to change what needs to be changed.

Number of the day: 9

9 challenges you to take what you have learned and incorporate it into your future actions.  The tricky part is to go deep enough to find the true lesson.  Especially when it seems easier to just ignore it and move on.  You have the courage to face your truths so work with Alexandrite to see how strong you can be. 

MONDAY 08/05/13

Uranus is keeping us focused on change as it moves on to an enlightening transit with the Moon.  Uranus highlights your unconventional, rebellious side that begs to be let loose.  The Moon stops you in your tracks by causing you to wonder if acting on those urges will cause conflict and upset in your daily life and interactions.  Basically, what you want emotionally is in conflict with what you need in order to feel safe and secure.  You may feel threatened by fears of losing what you have by following your desires.  Sound familiar?  It happens to all of us – that is why change and letting go of anything (even the bad stuff) will always be a challenge.  Use this transit to discover the real reasons why you may be afraid to be your true self.  If you let it, this energy will reveal what could be some truly transformational insights.  Moss Agate can illuminate the necessity of letting something go in order to bring in the new.  Bloodstone encourages you to build upon what you already have for harmony. 

Number of the day: 1

The energy of 1 carries one of the strongest energies available...the energy of a fresh start!  You can always begin again.  Cavansite can show you your new path if you have reached the end of your current road. 

TUESDAY 08/06/13

Be careful how you express yourself because Mercury and Chiron are producing an atmosphere of carelessness and hurt when it comes to communications.  It will be very difficult to ascertain someone’s true intentions right now so do your best to keep your emotions from overriding common sense.  In the same respect,  think twice before you let anything out that is best left quiet for the time being.  Once something is said it cannot be unsaid so let patience and respect be your guides until this transit moves on.  Green Quartz helps you to choose your words with care. Carnelian gives you perspective if you feel a sting from another. 

Number of the day: 2

Consideration and care of others is vital to achieve the flow of peace and harmony in your life.  When you put sensitive vibrations out they will circle back to you and create a strong emotional atmosphere.  Lepidolite enhances your efforts.



Posted on July 29, 2013
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