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WEEK OF 07/30/14 - 08/05/14 

Wednesday 07/30/14

Focus, concentration and acts of courage will all take a hit today from a Sun/Neptune transit.  Your mind will be so overwhelmed with doubts and fears that it will be a real challenge to think or act in a positive manner.  While you won't make any headway towards the achievement of your goals, you can use this energy to take a break and do something comforting like re-reading a favorite book or visiting a place of importance to you.  You want to seek out those familiar things that bring you peace so that you can recharge and be prepared to move on when the energy is in a more proactive phase.  Avoid any important decisions or advances right now and do your best to distract yourself from hesitations.  You don't want a momentary transit to affect your willpower and determination. Red Jasper will be calming and reassuring, while Pink Spinel encourages you to find ways to renew your spirit.

Number of the day: 8

Nothing is ever guaranteed but the energy of 8 makes it probable that what you put out there will come back to you in a very positive way.  One of 8's goals is to help us achieve balance, so it is a reminder that efforts are rewarded in kind.  Dioptase encourages you to work for what you want. 

Thursday 07/31/14

It is too easy to get caught off guard right now with Venus and Uranus gearing up for a square transit that will have you wondering what you want, what you need and where the fun is.  This is the kind of energy that gets people into trouble when it comes to love and money.  You will likely have a good time indulging in your rebellious desires for something fresh and exciting, but the aftermath may not be worth it.  Before you give in to a whim, take a moment to consider all the possible ramifications.  If you can live happily with the consequences then go for it!  If not wait a day or two to be sure that it is a true passion worthy of a risk.  Lapis Lazuli will remind you to stop and think before you act.  Zebra Jasper will bring balanced optimism that will give you the strength to wait for what you want - so make sure that you really want it! 

Number of the day: 9

9 reminds us that we are all a part of the world, but it is our individuality that enables us to connect with others.  The strength and value of those connections is what enables us to create the best possible world.  Iolite lets you learn more about yourself so that you can find your place within the world. 

Friday 08/01/14

Venus and Saturn will encourage you to embrace your obligations and show you how to use them as a driving force to work towards your goals.  You will feel a strong sense of maturity and accept the reality of your personal and professional commitments.  This transit will be empowering and you will not feel burdened by responsibilities.  Chiron joins in, making this an excellent time to build trust, heal any past hurts and seek counsel and support from others.  A square between Mars and Jupiter could have you demanding immediate results.  Fight the urge to just give up when things don’t materialize as you expect.  You don’t want to be so focused on the future that you don’t see what is in the present and right in front of you.  It will be easy to miss something that could be important and make a positive difference.  Stay loose and enjoy the moment.  Aragonite will help you use this energy to boost your motivation.  Strawberry Quartz will keep you productive and patient despite any challenges.


Number of the day: 7

The energy of 7 allows us to interact with the energy that surrounds us.  It reminds our physical body of our spiritual side and enables them to act as one.  Lepidolite can be a constant resource to integrate your physicality with your spirituality. 

Saturday 08/02/14

Visualization is a powerful tool when you have the energy of Mercury and Jupiter at your disposal.  You can easily see what you want and how you will get there.  While the big picture is bright and prominent the steps and details may not be as clear.  Don’t worry, because your enthusiasm and willpower will make up for a lack of focus.  This kind of energy can attract good things to you, so keep your eyes and options open.  There is a Mercury/Mars square later in the day so beware of impatience and short tempers that could lead to poor communications.  You want to keep things positive and have no doubt that everything will fall into place in time.  This is not the best time to force the issue or forge ahead.  Instead, be positive and patient and watch as things unfold in your favor.  Picture Jasper will enhance and broaden the products of your imagination.  Keep Moss Agate  handy if you feel any frustration or doubts.  It will remind you that the best things take time to nurture and grow.


Number of the day: 8

 It is just as possible to be too secure as it is to be in a constant state of randomness.  Neither will get you where you want to go on their own.  Working together - as equals - is a very different story.  Rhodonite can show you where to make room for both in your life. 

Sunday 08/03/14

The Sun and Pluto will make the necessity of change very evident as you progress.  No one likes it – even the most easygoing and innovative among us get a little squeamish – but it’s going to happen anyway, so it is best to embrace it and now is the perfect time.  You have a very supportive transit that will help you to make the best and most beneficial changes and you don’t want to let that pass you by.  Take a moment to think about what you know needs to change (but you keep avoiding and putting off) and then just go for it!  The transformation that you initiate now will propel you into a positive cycle of psychological, emotional and physical growth.   Everything is about to change for the better, so carry Amazonite to believe it and Mookaite Jasper for when you need a push to do what must be done.


Number of the day: 9

9 challenges you to take what you have learned and incorporate it into your future actions.  The tricky part is to go deep enough to find the true lesson.  Especially when it seems easier to just ignore it and move on.  You have the courage to face your truths, so work with Alexandrite to see how strong you can be. 

Monday 08/04/14

It may be a little harder to make things happen than it has been over the last few days.  That’s okay, because everyone needs a break and this is a good day to take one.  Mercury and Neptune will have you in a dilemma for most of the day.  You know that you have things to do but you would much rather be relaxing or playing.  It will feel like too much of a challenge to get past Neptune’s spacey influence to be productive, so you may as well enjoy the energy.  A day off from your hectic schedule could be just what you need to recharge mentally and physically.  The Universe has given you a break in the action and Sugilite can help you take full advantage of it.  Unakite will enable you to get any necessary and vital actions done effectively.

Number of the day: 1

1 encourages you to tap into your independent nature.  Rutilated Quartz will let your individuality shine through. 

Tuesday 08/05/14

Venus and Neptune are producing a lovely influence today where you are happy and positive and see the best in every person and circumstance.  You may be tempted to take action as a result of feeling so proactive, but it is better to hold off any important steps or decisions.  You will not have a complete understanding of the situation since you will tend to see what you want to rather than what is.  You could be missing too many crucial facts – those unpleasant ones – to make informed choices.  The day just keeps getting better as a Saturn/Chiron trine encourages you to use your unique qualities and skills to make good things happen.  One of the best elements of this transit is that you are realistic.  You clearly see your strengths and weaknesses, accept them and see how to use all of them to your advantage.  Now you have a broad and rational perspective that surrounds your endeavors with a high likelihood of success.  Lapis Lazuli increases your motivation as you work with the energies of the day.  Use Amethyst to enjoy the happy-go-lucky atmosphere while retaining some sensibility.

Number of the day: 2

The pursuit of peace is a universal goal that can bind us.  Ruby in Kyanite will help you find ways to work together towards the achievement of each individual’s idea of peace. 


Posted on July 29, 2014
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