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Social niceties come easy today with Mercury in a semi square with Venus encouraging us to be polite and communicate with consideration of others in mind. That's a good thing because it can also cause challenges in communication - especially in our closest relationships.  Aquamarine will tone down any hypersensitivity and Hiddenite will allow you to use the energy to advance relationships rather than hurt them.


Number of the day:  4


The conservative nature of 4 will come in handy today and keep you grounded amidst any emotional communications and outbursts.  4 helps you take things in stride and not get too caught up in drama.  Black Agate will provide stability.





The playful Leo Sun is in a very happy trine with radical Uranus bringing us a wonderful creative energy.  If you've got a problem that you just haven't been able to solve then this energy could point you in a new direction.  It is all about thinking outside of the box and it will bring you ideas and situations that perhaps you might never have considered.     Citrine will help you tap into the creative energy and Peridot will encourage you to follow through on those rebellious ideas.



Number of the day:  5


Resourceful 5 will be your ally as you find ways to use the creative and versatile energies of the day for your best interest. Cavanasite will keep you inspired.





Who doesn't love a week that starts out with so many favorable trines?  Today it's Venus and Saturn working together to offer us support and stability in our relationships.  You might think that flirty Venus and down-to-business Saturn wouldn't get along but they actually balance each other very nicely. This is a wonderful day to advance social and business relationships.  It is also a good time to renew past relationships and seek support for a business venture.   Ruby will help you present yourself well when seeking help and Lapis Lazuli will enhance your relationships.


Number of the day:  6


You feel very comfortable with yourself and your situation under the influence of 6.  Red Aventurine will let your true self shine through and attract new relationships and situations.





The happy transits just keep coming when Jupiter and tomorrow's Full Moon in Aquarius form a lovely trine that just exudes positive thoughts, feelings and actions.  The planet of luck and expansion is working with the Moon (and it's a Power Moon!) to offer us opportunities to do good for ourselves and our world.  This energy encourages us to be open to our innermost wishes and dreams and really see how they will come true.  Then it gives us the energetic boost to get us moving in the right direction to turn those dreams into reality.  This is powerful energy for manifestation so use Prehnite for visualization and Hematite to ground the energy.


Number of the day:  7


7 is a magical number that helps us to bring things to fruition.  Use these properties today to enhance and focus your manifestations.  Charoite will transform your current situation.





The Full Moon in Aquarius is the third Power Moon of the year and offers the chance to break free from old restraints.  What do you feel is holding you back?  What do you wish was different?  There is powerful energy right now with the Moon, Jupiter and the Sun to help you get yourself on a new path, a path totally unique to you and your personal desires.  Remember you don't want to act during a Full Moon - you want to use this energy to reflect and make mental adjustments.  Set your mind where you want to go and the rest will follow. Aqua Aura lets you see where changes are necessary and Azurite gives you the confidence to follow through.  


Number of the day:  5


5 encourages us to make changes and seek out adventure.  Use Kyanite to enhance this energy and nothing will hold you back once you set out on your new directions.




Confidence in yourself and your abilities can take you far with the Sun and Jupiter in an optimistic sextile.  This is an extraordinary and favorable transit that will influence your attitude and your actions.  If you believe in yourself then you can accomplish anything!  Unakite will strengthen that confidence by releasing any groundless fears and Pietersite will offer insight into how to best use it to attain your goals.


Number of the day:  6


You can use this perfect number that represents harmony and balance to raise the already positive energy to unforeseen heights.  Black Obsidian will help you channel the energy towards positive actions.





Informed decisions and productivity are at risk as Mercury inconjunct Neptune.  This transit encourages daydreams and idleness over actually doing anything.  That may not be such a bad thing - sometimes it is important to take a break and let your mind wander for a bit.  Soon enough it will be time to get back to work so enjoy the lazy atmosphere and use Phenacite for intuitive fantasies that you can turn into realities down the road.


Number of the day:  7


Use the introspective qualities of 7 to help you go deep and let your thoughts lead you to where you really want to be in your life. Moonstone offers insight.





The Sun and Saturn quintile will challenge you to recommit yourself to an old cause.    While you may feel overwhelmed and overworked you also sense that now is the time to make some positive strides towards seeing tangible results when it comes to plans and projects.  Saturn is a very "physical" rather than "mental" planet so dreaming and manifesting won't be enough - you will need to get down to work!  Set a structure, gather your resources and forge ahead.  The Universe will be very supportive. Leopardskin Jasper will provide direction and Garnet will inspire you to act.


Number of the day:  8


You may have noticed that we've been in a loop over the past few days - at least with numerological energy.  Now we are moving on!  8 will help us take what we've learned and head for new horizons.  Use the power of Amethyst for guidance and protection along the way.

Posted on July 27, 2012
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