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WEEK OF 07/27/16 - 8/02/16


Wednesday 07/27/16

Mercury is in several transits that make it a good time to rely on other people and resources.  It’s in a trine with Mercury that will make you naturally curious about what others have to offer and how you can work with their energy.  Add your talents to a group effort to make headway towards your personal goals and become part of the solution for more global concerns.     You’ll also be feeling adventurous when it comes to communication devices.  If you’ve felt intimidated by some kind of new technology this is an opportunity to experiment and learn.  You may be surprised at how easily you comprehend what once seemed impossibly complicated.   Once Mercury joins up with Chiron you may experience self-doubt about your talents and question the motives of others.  Don’t let this influence keep you from being open to receiving answers - whether or not you ask for guidance.  Your intuition will be strong, so use Tanzanite to trust your instincts.  Blue Calcite will enable you to make your interactions meaningful and productive.

Number of the day: 7

7 gives us the strength to believe.  You may not think that requires strength, but faith can be hard to hold on to when challenges are everywhere.  Blue Aventurine will help you to recover any that you have lost.


Thursday 07/28/16

The combined energy of the Sun and Neptune will open your mind and peak your interest in foreign faiths, styles and practices.  You want to learn more about the world around you and the ideas and riches that you have yet to experience.   You will connect to new knowledge and experience on a personal level that encourages you to adopt new ways of creating your ideal life.  The gains from this transit could be the key that sends your imagination into overdrive, so work with Blue Topaz to retain your new ideas.  There is the opportunity to bring added value, insight and fun to your life experience within this influence, so use Charoite to see all the possibilities and take advantage of them.

Number of the day: 8

Nothing is ever guaranteed, but the energy of 8 makes it probable that what you put out will come back to you in a very positive way.  One of 8's goals is to help us achieve balance, so it is a reminder that efforts are rewarded in kind.  Dioptase encourages you to work for what you want.


Friday 07/29/16

Opportunities abound with several transits pushing us to reach beyond any self-imposed limitations.  The Sun and Jupiter point out where you may be setting yourself up for failure.  It’ll be easy to fall into unrealistic expectations that are based in thoughtlessness, laziness and even greed.  These kinds of pursuits will end in disappointment, so instead take the time to do the work and gather the support you need.  It’s great to reach for the stars, but first consider what you’ll need, what you already have and what you truly want to gain.  Mercury and Mars are in a square which will impact communication and comprehension, so you don't want to gather your resources under this kind of influence.  It’ll be a challenge for people to come together in a cohesive manner and work together towards a common goal.  Everyone will be too caught up in their own agendas and looking to fight for their space in the grand scheme.  Use this energy proactively to slow down and consider all the options, actions and potential outcomes as you work towards your present and future goals.  Time is a blessing and this transit can give it to you if you’re willing to yield and avoid the urge to push forward.  Fuchsite will help you see the value of going slow.  Tension and conflict are side effects of these kinds of energies.  Blue Goldstone will help you avoid them and use them as a positive means of clearing away any negativity if you cannot.     

Number of the day: 9

9 reminds us that we are all a part of the world but it is our individuality that enables us to connect with others.  The strength and value of those connections is what enables us to create the best possible world.  Iolite lets you learn more about yourself so that you can find your place within the world.


Saturday 07/30/16

Did you wake up today feeling compelled to take action to enhance and improve your present situation?  A Venus/Jupiter transit late yesterday sparked your appreciation for the things that bring quality and meaning into your life.  While you may be satisfied with what you have, you know that there is so much more that you have yet to experience.  Now you are eager to get out there and create new opportunities for yourself that will add to your overall well-being.  You may need to reach a little past (maybe more!) your comfort zone, so carry Black Agate to ease any fears.  Just like all of the other energetic elements of this Universe we are meant to be in motion.  Use Carnelian for inspiration that will keep you moving in the most prosperous direction.

Number of the day: 1

1 directs you to rely on yourself and what you know in your heart and soul to be true.  Follow this and you can never go wrong.  Use Serpentine as a reminder of who you truly are and all that you can accomplish.


Sunday 07/31/16

Mercury and Pluto are bringing us the opportunity to uncover something new.  You may find that unresolved issues from the past dominate your thoughts, or you’re a little more inquisitive than normal about new circumstances that arise in your life.  This transit is meant to help you find what you seek, but it takes you along a difficult route.  Your thoughts will be filled with questions and doubts that could produce anxiety that may or may not be relieved once you find your answers. Chrysoprase will be a peaceful and calming influence.   Knowing the truth will be to your benefit, but it may not seem that way at first, so keep Howlite close for understanding and acceptance.    

Number of the day: 2

Do not fear the unknown or the unexplored.  2 will encourage you to meet new experiences with a mind to make them your own.  Green Tourmaline keeps you adventurous.


Monday 08/01/16

Venus has you feeling warm and happy during its tour through Leo.  It is in a trine with Uranus today that will drive you to take your personal show on the road and create some excitement.  This energy is planted firmly in the present, so you won't be concerned about future results of your actions.  You want to try something new and you’re eager to see what will come from stepping way out of your comfort zone.  Orange Calcite will enhance your ability to attract bright and happy energies during this influence and just have a good time.  Everything new will be much more enticing than current relationships and situations.  They just won't feel as exciting as all those new possibilities you’re exploring.  Remember to make an extra effort to be kind and considerate to your nearest and dearest as the day progresses.  Venus will move into a transit with Chiron making it easy to be dismissive and allow others to see your boredom.  Rainbow Moonstone with remind you to make an extra effort to be kind and considerate.  Share your light and make this a happy day for all.

Number of the day: 9

9 asks you to consider the part that you play within your worlds.  It begs us to recognize that we each have an effect on others. So what kind of difference will you make today?  Ammonite guarantees it will be the most positive.


Tuesday 08/02/16

A Sun/Saturn trine is always a valuable transit because it marries your personal power with practical determination.  It is very supportive for any work and task related activities because it encourages focused efforts and actions that bring results.  This time it is an especially powerful energy because both are in Fire signs.  Now you have the charisma of Leo with the optimism of Sagittarius to apply towards your responsibilities.  This is an unbeatable combination that is steady and reliable, but also progressive and exciting.  You are going to find it not only easy to accomplish your work in an expert manner, but also a lot of fun.  Use Brecciated Jasper to direct your expertise and perseverance appropriately.  Pink Aventurine will help you give everything a personal and creative touch that makes it - and you - stand out in a positive way.

Number of the day: 1

1 reminds you that everything in your life radiates from the source...and you’re that source!  Yellow Jasper will keep your rays of influence sunny.



Posted on July 25, 2016
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