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WEEK OF 07/26/17 - 08/01/17


Wednesday *07/26/17*

You are a force in motion with objectives to reach and things to make happen.  The Sun and Mars are creating an atmosphere of fruitful activity and mindful direction.  You are passionate about what you will achieve.  You know what you need to do. You are eager to get started and maintain this momentum.  Nothing had better get in your way!   Your instincts are sharp and, if anything does cross you, you are prepared to work through those issues or find another way.  Orange Selenite will be an asset when you need to find solutions to anything that is attempting to stop you or slow you down from reaching your desired conclusion.  While you are focused on your target there is more to this energy that could distract you from realizing your mission.  It is vitally important that everyone recognize your power and ability to get your way.  You do not want to create unnecessary drama and conflict by being overly aggressive and impulsive.  You are going to need to be active, so you want it to produce the most positive results.  You will need to be direct and to the point but this energy will serve you best if you are open to collaboration.  Use Blue Lace Agate to remain open to others’ suggestions and points of view.  The most successful plans leave room for productive exchange. 


Thursday *07/27/17*

We will slow down physically while Mercury and Jupiter are engaged in a Semi-Square, but mentally it will be a very different story.  You should expect an abundance of material, instructions, messages and ideas to be flowing through your mind while we are under this influence.  The tough part is that it is coming from all directions.  Your imagination is overflowing, while at the same time you are trying to process all the information coming at you from your outside world.  You can't tune one out to focus on the other, so you try to take it all in only to be left feeling drained and defeated.  If you accept that you won't be able to keep up with all of it, then give yourself permission to allow some of it to slip away. Ruby in Kyanite will help you trust that anything of value will either remain with you or return at a better time.  You may be fooled into thinking that simply letting it all go and engaging in mindless activities is the best solution.  That will leave you just as frustrated since your mind needs to be active during this energy.  Use Fluorite to focus on the details and tasks that will benefit from your attention and those brilliant ideas you are producing.


Friday *07/28/17*

The cosmic energy continues to be centered on your consciousness with Mercury moving into an irritating transit with Pluto.  Your curiosity will be peaked and seeking answers will be a priority throughout the day.  There is a negative slant that will turn an innocent question into a dark suspicion if you allow it. Bumble Bee Jasper will remind and support you when you need to control the direction of your thoughts. If they are headed somewhere that feels wrong then turn them around.  You will be mentally perturbed by inner and outer influences but you can use that challenge to exercise and strengthen your intelligence.  Chalcopyrite  will turn potential stress into motivation.


Saturday *07/29/17*

It will appear as if Saturn’s rules and demands are getting in the way of your desires as the day begins.  In fact it is giving you an opportunity to appreciate what you already have and gain a better grasp of how to work with it as you proceed.  It won’t be easy to recognize the benefits, so use Iolite for encouragement. The effort will be well worth the reward.  When Uranus and Chiron meet up you may discover a sudden interest to explore new methods of healing that are foreign to your usual habits.  In particular, you may find you are eager to look beyond the physical to the spiritual for guidance and assistance.  You will realize that healing is a gradual process that takes time and is never-ending.  You will always be working towards feeling happy, healthy and whole.  Use Chrysoprase to let it do its work and see how you are changed for the better.


Sunday *07/30/17*

You won’t be asking for help right now and you certainly don’t appreciate any unsolicited assistance.  Venus and Chiron in a Square brings out our independent side when it comes to healing.  Others may have a lot to offer you, but you won’t be willing to accept them until this energy clears.  Herkimer Diamond will keep that door open when you are ready to receive. As you are going it alone it may seem more difficult than usual with Mars and Saturn throwing challenges your way.  They don’t want to make your journey difficult as much as they want you to be more mindful of your process.  You will be called on to question what you are doing and how you are accomplishing it as you work through any obstacles.  You could discover a better way or find that your ultimate goal needs to be re-examined.  Don’t just barrel through to get something done because then you will miss out on the gifts this energy has to offer.  Dumortierite will help you find the patience to slow down and make this energy work in your best interest.


Monday *07/31/17*

You want to keep tissues handy over the next few weeks, because even the most stoic among us could become teary-eyed at any moment.  Venus has moved into Cancer bringing sentimentality to our everyday encounters, activities and thought processes.  Communications and media will take on a whole new meaning as everything feels very personal.  Memories are triggered and emotions that have been hiding deep will leap to the surface.  You want to be prepared for this abundance of emotion and Dendritic Agate will help you use it in the most beneficial manner for you.  It is easy to become overwhelmed and erupt in regrettable reactions.  There is a lot to be gained from being more in touch with your deeper self. Practicality isn’t as important as following your heart. Malachite can show you how to use those newly discovered feelings to spark your imagination and create something meaningful.


Tuesday *08/01/17*

What are your unique “Super Powers”?  We all have them and it is a good bet that you have some you either haven’t recognized or have yet to use.  Mars and Neptune want to help you unleash your imagination and uncover talents that will enrich your life.  Sugilite will encourage you to trust your instincts and follow those ideas with actions.  Don’t hesitate if you are drawn to something different or feel the call to approach situations with a new attitude and method.  This is a time to be fearless and follow your dream, so carry Blue Goldstone when you need a burst of courage.



Posted on July 24, 2017
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