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Tuesday 26th July

Today we have the largest asteroid – Ceres – stopping its direct motion at Aries and beginning several months of retrograde motion.   Ceres embodies all things nurturing, Mother and child, food, gardening, and loving pets.  This is Mother Nature at her best; to reap the most benefit from this aspect carry a piece of Chalcedony.  Prior to the Ceres station, Chiron in Pisces and Uranus in Aries form a subtle and yet still dynamic link.  Lapis Lazuli’s uplifting, spiritual energy assist in accentuating the spiritual and meditative energies to enhance a more holistic approach to the day.


Wednesday 27th July

The next two days will be challenging.  Some extra intensity arrives as the Moon in Gemini greets the red planet Mars in Gemini. You can always expect some kind of fireworks, sparks or mini-explosions when the lunar orb interacts with this ancient god of war. Inspirations abound shortly thereafter when the Sun in Leo makes an off-kilter link to Chiron in Pisces, while the Sun also manages to form a flowing trine to Uranus in Aries. While the Sun-Chiron connection may connect with some rising tensions and worries, there is no need to worry as Danburite will release all, but the Sun-Uranus tie is much more energetic and revealing in an auspicious manner. This enhances metaphysical studies and therapeutic arts. A main event is the asteroid Juno entering Libra until October 24. Juno is powerfully associated with fairness and equality.  Junos’ move through Libra shines a light on beauty and the arts and inspires improved relations with loves ones.  A very short void lunar cycle ends when the Moon enters its natural home of Cancer. Home and family themes are emphasized with the Moon in the fourth sign of the zodiac. Your psychic sensitivity and creative imagination are enhanced as the Moon trines Neptune. Comfort food sounds very appealing this evening.


Thursday 28th July

The Moon in Cancer forms an opposition to Pluto in Capricorn; Juno forms an off-kilter link to Neptune; Venus makes a similar contraction with Neptune; the Sun contacts Pluto via a contra-parallel and by another tie ; the Moon squares Saturn; Mercury is in opposition to Neptune . Whew! While this can lead to a challenging day, there is some good news.  Venus enters warmhearted Leo while Mercury enters one of its ruling signs (Virgo). Meanwhile, these two planets form a subtle and yet still nurturing and creative, bond while they are at Leo and Cancer.  The added plus is inspirations in romance and business arriving through a Venus-Saturn tie. On top of that, feminine interests and the creative arts gain strength as Venus connects with Juno via a supportive alliance, and this turns their two Neptune alignments into a triangular Finger of God or Yod formation.  Later on, the Moon parallels Venus followed by Venus making a flowing trine to productivity-enhancer Ceres in fire signs.  With all the planetary energy so prevalent and mixed, Moldavite will help you make sense of it all, allowing you to integrate the differing energies in a cohesive and productive manner.


Friday 29th July   

Compared to the last two days onslaught of alignments today appears to be calmer. However, challenges are still lurking around most cosmic corners.  First of all, keep in mind that many of Thursday’s intense aspects are still influencing the psychic atmosphere now. In addition, the Moon in watery Cancer remains in void mode, when the lunar orb finally enters fiery Leo.  The Sun in Leo makes its annual polarity to Pallas in Aquarius. This opposition can still be utilized to help you solve problems and strategize with trusted friends or associates, but under the watchful eye of a void lunar cycle, caution is a priority. Later on, the largest asteroid – Ceres and Juno – form a major polarity across the zodiac from Aries to Libra. Nurturing dear ones, on the highest levels with Sodalite in your pocket, is probably a main keynote of this opposition.   The dark of the moon monthly cycle, with the New Moon in Leo about to happen tomorrow morning – is at its peak today and overnight, suggesting an overall need to finish old business and projects.


Saturday 30th July

After all the ups and downs of the week and fatigue is starting to set in, Howlite will lend you the energy you need to spend some time doing what you want this weekend. Strive to remain highly productive in the early hours while Mercury makes an off-kilter, tie to Ceres. Just three minutes later, love vibrations rule the waves during the monthly Moon-Venus union in Leo. If erotic and pleasurable impulses overcome you, chalk it up to the influence of this lunar and Venusians’ love fest.  Pushing any personal agenda too far too fast before the New Moon activates Leo is not advised. You will be supremely energized just after the occurrence of the merger of solar and lunar forces. Let your child-like spirit roam free for a change. Walk barefoot through the park, fly a kite or toss a Frisbee around. Antique hunters are back in their glory. Enjoy a night on the town with good friends as the Moon parallels Jupiter . Let the good times roll!


Sunday 31st July

 The stimulation from yesterday’s forceful and energizing Leo New Moon as well as a Venus-Uranus flowing trine in fire signs leads to new interest in affairs of the heart, if you can be in the right place at the right time and in the right state of mind.  The off-kilter association between Venus in Leo and Chiron in Pisces could open old wounds and cause emotional and psychical pain; once again Blue Calcite comes to the rescue, assisting in the   release of pain to promote healing. In addition Mercury is slowing down in motion as it prepares to stop and begin a three-week retrograde cycle.   Therefore finalize any travel plans and paper work that needs doing, before Mercury becomes virtually motionless on Tuesday.  Helping you maintain mental clarity and concentration tonight is a Moon-Mercury parallel, but just to give you one smaller dose of uncertainty, the Moon starts a short void cycle that lasts until tomorrow when the lunar orb enters industrious and meticulous Virgo.  It is sensible to be a minimalist and drop important decision-making in the shift from Sunday night into Monday morning – especially as tomorrow also brings a sharp square from the Sun to Jupiter, the annual opposition between Venus and Pallas, and a Venus-Pluto off-kilter link.


Monday 1st August

If tentative feelings and a rise in anxiety are proving to be unsettling right about now, there is a cosmic reason.  Lepidolite calms anxiety, bring a Peaceful end to the weekend and a brighter start to the new week.  The Messenger of the Gods – planet Mercury – has virtually no motion today and for the rest of this week. In addition, it is preparing to halt its forward direction at 2 degrees of Virgo and make a retrograde station tomorrow evening until August 26. Mercury rules over communication and transportation – along with giant Jupiter. Together, these celestial bodies have always been in charge of Gemini and Virgo (Mercury), and Sagittarius and Pisces (Jupiter).   The Moon leaves void status today as the lunar orb enters Virgo. Then the Moon makes its monthly union with Mercury.  Inspiration and Intellectual powers take the fore front energizing and motivating.  Sun-Jupiter face-offs happen twice in a calendar year, and large-scale ventures require extra scrutiny and care.  There are other challenges in store as Venus opposes Pallas, making problem-solving a little more difficult – while Venus also makes an off-kilter link to the lord of the underworld Pluto. Love and money are pushed to the back burner to cool and simmer. Rutilated Quartz will motivate you to push through and difficulties and solve any problems that may arise.


Roslyn Bohanan

Healing Crystals Expert

Posted on July 26, 2011
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