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WEEK OF 07/20/16 - 07/26/16


Wednesday 07/20/16

As the day begins Venus and Chiron direct our focus to the dissimilarities between ourselves and others, making it a challenge to get along.  You also won't be feeling too optimistic about proceeding with your chosen calling.  Anyone or anything that isn’t in agreement with your vision and beliefs will seem annoying and distracting.   While this transit offers numerous opportunities for healing and transformation, you may not be able to see past your disappointment and disillusionment to do anything about it. Venus moves into a trine with Saturn later in the day, bringing us the best of practical, earthy energy with a touch of romance.  Now you’re seeing those differences from earlier in the day in a new light.  Instead of deal breakers they become acceptable and possibly even endearing.  We recognize that it’s the imperfections that make things special and beautiful.  Here is your chance for renewal and you’re eager to re-commit yourself to a personal and professional path that is based in fact.  Azurite will enhance your clear and realistic point of view, while Prehnite helps you recognize and secure the best things in your life.

Number of the day: 2

Wouldn't you like to always see the best in every situation?  Green Aventurine will align you with this positive energy - all you need to do is believe.


Thursday 07/21/16

On the surface everything looks great and it's all systems go.  But, deep down you know something isn't quite right.  That will be a combination of your natural instincts and a Venus/Neptune transit that is both blinding you to the truth and making you aware that you are missing something important.   You won’t be able to get a full and realistic picture of situations in your life while under this influence.  Of course you’ll feel trepidation at the thought of proceeding - no matter how much you want to believe everything is fine.  You don’t want to make any important moves until the energy clears and you have some clarity.  Don't just push past your doubts and concerns.  Use them as the warning signal they’re meant to be and wait until you feel confident and in control.  Rainbow Obsidian will offer peace and patience.  Lithium Quartz will help you avoid the stress that arises from a lack of confidence.  It is only momentary, so don't let it break your spirit!     

Number of the day: 3

If you feel apprehensive use the energy of 3 for optimistic confidence.  It will replace doubts and fears with a sense of adventure that encourages you to experiment. Citrine will light your way.


Friday 07/22/16

Mercury and Pluto are in a transit that increases the power of your words - whether they’re spoken aloud or remain thoughts in your head.  How you wield that power will make a significant difference in the course of your day. The natural flow of this energy is to produce conflict so you can clear away unresolved issues. That sounds a lot more beneficial than it will feel.  You could spend the day in arguments, racing to adapt to changing circumstances and/or plagued with doubts about your decisions.   Instead, take control from the start by mindfully reaching for the most positive phrasing and mindset.  Think twice before you communicate and imagine the effect it will have on the recipient. If your thoughts are based in adversity and uncertainty, turn them around to envision the good.  This gives you the ability to imagine all possible scenarios and then choose the one that you want.  Apatite will remind you that you have the power, while Ruby in Zoisite enhances your will and strength to use it to make things better.

Number of the day: 4

Trustworthy 4 will always take care of the details and get you from point A to B.  Carry Garnet to let its energy keep you steady and on track.


Saturday 07/23/16

Make room in your plans for satisfying activities because the atmosphere will be crackling with happiness.  Venus and the Moon got together last night in a transit that produced perceptive and affectionate feelings that will carry through today.  It is a good time to initiate new relationships and deepen the bonds with others.  Ideas to begin and/or improve a business will prove lucrative.  Efforts to beautify yourself and/or your surroundings will produce outstanding results.  Overall, whatever you do under this influence will exceed your expectations. You’ll be feeling abundant, joyful and prosperous and you know that’s the way to attract more of those things into your life!  Use Fluorite to trust your instincts because they will be attuned to your best interests.  Rose Quartz will emphasize the fact that it’s all about love!   Use this energy to surround yourself with the people, things and situations that you love.     

Number of the day: 5

5 will help you adapt to constantly changing circumstances.  Most importantly, it will keep your mindset positive and ready for anything.  Pink Spinel reminds you that you create your own reality.


Sunday 07/24/16

Venus and Pluto are not working in cooperation with each other as the day begins, so you could feel some discontent.  Venus wants you to just enjoy things as they are, while Pluto is urging you to look beyond the surface.  Pluto's intent is honorable as further insight can help you assess and appreciate the full value of relationships and situations in your life.  This transit with Venus will counteract that purpose with doubts about what you may reveal by looking deeper.  Blue Tiger Eye will help you use this energy to feel good about gaining valuable knowledge that can be used to make things better.  You don't want to fear the necessity of change that may arise from what you discover.  Mercury and Jupiter will make things easier as the day progresses.  Now you understand how awareness enables you to realize and enjoy the full value of the important things in your life.  There is nothing to fear from a full and truthful picture and you’ll feel encouraged to learn as much as possible.  You will find yourself wanting more good things and you’ll be driven to attain them.  Use Labradorite to recognize what you need to be happy.  This is the kind of energy that can help you to go and get it!   

Number of the day: 6

When you forget how good things can really be, 6 presents itself to remind you.  Pink Calcite can bring you to your happy place.


Monday 07/25/16

One of Pluto’s best qualities is its ability to drive home what really matters to us.  It’s in a transit with Mercury that’s going to fuel your excitement for something special and encourage you to do something about it.  It may be that you immerse yourself in someone else’s work by enjoying your favorite artist, author, filmmaker, or the beauty of nature.  Larimar will reinforce the benefits of taking time and space to appreciate whatever feeds your soul, spirit and mind.     You may be inspired to direct this energy towards your own project.  You’ll feel confident and focused on creating something extraordinary.  You’ll also be eager for educational opportunities to refine your methods and enhance your talents.  Sandstone will help you find the best outlets for your motivation.

Number of the day: 7

While the planets will help you build relationships with others, 7 will help you to connect with your soul.  There is much to gain from focusing on your inner core and Scolecite can give you that time. 


Tuesday 07/26/16

Imagine you are creating a fabulous story filled with fun, love and adventure and now it’s time to cast the leading role.  Don't look far because it’s you!  The Sun moved into Leo a few days ago bringing bright and bubbly energy.  You want to use this energy to stand out and be noticed.  You’re the center of your world and it’s time to use that knowledge and power in a positive and productive manner.  One of the principal benefits of Leo is the ability to use your personal creativity and passion to let the world know how much you have to offer.  Leopardskin Jasper will help you get out there, show off and attract an abundance of lucrative bids for your talents.  Carnelian will ease any worries of coming out from the shadows and allow your natural charisma to shine.

Number of the day: 8

Maybe things do not come easy...but that doesn't mean that it has to be hard.  Let 8 and Red Jasper show you the fun in your labors.



Posted on July 18, 2016
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