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Yesterday’s New Moon in Cancer offers a respite from the tempestuous activity in the skies over the last few days.  We're not done with the drama of Uranus and Pluto yet so take this opportunity to really enjoy this nurturing energy.  Spend time with family, friends, even your pets and let yourself appreciate all of the wonderful things that you have in your life.  Just let go and relax for a little while.  Be cautious of the tendency to be overly emotional.  Lepidolite will help you to get the most of this energy while Green Calcite keeps your emotions in check.


Number of the day:  5


5 is considered a circular number that helps us to appreciate the power of the whole.  It will encourage you to use your senses (all 5 of them!) to enjoy all that you have. Jade will let you really feel the powerful energy and direct it where it is needed.





There is lovely energy for new beginnings today thanks to Jupiter sextile Uranus.  Together they usher in a time for optimism and opportunity.  This is an especially good time to try something new or approach something old with a new attitude.  Be open to the energy and you will see results.  Pietersite will remove any blockages and Labradorite will give you the strength to walk through any open doors.



Number of the day:  6


6 is the number of harmony and wants us to be more productive in achieving a full and balanced life.  Pyrite will lead the way to a prosperous outcome.





Have you had enough of moody and sensitive Cancer?  Then there is cause for celebration today as the Sun enters Leo and Leo definitely likes to celebrate.  There is just an overall fun vibe when Leo takes over so be sure to get out there, have fun, and be noticed.  If you come across an opportunity to shine don't hide from it - Leo encourages us to want to show the world who we are and what we can do.  Tangerine Quartz will enhance the fun and Copal will tone down any "high maintenance" tendencies.


Number of the day:  7


The magical energy of 7 is a perfect compliment to Leo.  Let it incite your instinct and guide you towards finding creative ways to attract new opportunities for fun.  Dioptase will encourage you to join in.






It's a busy day ahead with Mercury sextile Mars keeping activities and communications energetic.  This is typically a very good time to turn thoughts into actions and accomplish goals.  Remember that Mercury is retrograde so don't rely on communications or smooth sailing when it comes to travels.  While retrograde Mercury is not the best time for new projects, today's energy can help you to make adjustments to anything that needs it while making it easier to take delays in stride.  Lapis Lazuli will let you forge ahead with confidence and Chrysocolla will be the calm during the storm.


Number of the day:  8


Buddhists consider 8 to be the number of all possibilities.  Remember this as you go about your day and see what possibilities are in store for you.  Even those pesky Mercury retrograde issues could be blessings in disguise.    Honey Calcite will enhance the energy.




Misunderstandings abound freely while Mercury and Chiron are in a square position.  Choose your words carefully and be cautious of how you communicate with others.  Before you take any offense, remind yourself of where Mercury is and try to let it go until tomorrow when things will be clearer. Azurite will encourage you to make positive choices.


Number of the day:  9

The atmosphere is tricky today with communications in such disarray.  9 is the number of completion and you just want to use caution before you close any doors permanently under this influence.   Celestite will offer heavenly guidance and protection.





Mercury is taking us on a rollercoaster ride so hang on tight and keep a positive outlook.  That will be easy as Mercury is sextile Jupiter and trine Uranus making us highly intuitive, full of insight and bursting with confidence in ourselves and our world.  Watch out for the dips where Mercury is still retrograde and inconjunct Chiron bringing an element of doubt and insecurity.  My advice is to close your eyes on that part of the ride and just breathe through it.  Before you know it you'll be heading back up through a creative and optimistic energy that can take you anywhere. Tree Agate will offer confidence when it’s needed and Amber will let you enjoy all the good vibes.


Number of the day:  1


The power of 1 can lead you to all kinds of exciting new enterprises.  Use the retrograde energy to see what kind new thoughts and attitudes that you can bring about internally.  Copper will keep you balanced.




Have you been wondering what's up with Pluto?  You know if I'm talking about Uranus then Pluto isn't far behind these days and today's Mercury/Pluto quincunx reminds us that caution is prudent when it comes to communications.   Pluto's volatile energy could turn something said or written into outright hostility with others so think twice before you act.  Avoid making any decisions under this influence since you most likely will regret them and have to manage a do-over at a later date. Blue Aventurine will offer protection and guidance.  Charoite will transform any negative vibes and provide insight.



Number of the day:  11


Use the power of Master Number 11 today to guide your instincts and find the balance in all of this stormy energy.  Emerald will remind you of all the abundant joy available even during the challenging days.





Today is quiet but tomorrow Mercury and the Sun are in a tense position that is guaranteed to cause you more drama than you would like....and not the good kind!  Expect everything and anything to go awry especially with travel and communications.  Carry a Bloodstone to help you remain calm and a Rutilated Quartz to keep a sunny outlook because everything will get better and eventually turn out for the best.


Number of the day:  3


This is a wonderful day to use the power of 3 to manifest your perfect scenario for the next few days.  While the planets might send challenges there is nothing more powerful than positive actions and thoughts and 3 will give yours a boost.  Bronzite will ground the happy energy and allow you to get the most from it.

Posted on July 19, 2012
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