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WEEK OF 07/12/17 - 07/18/17


Wednesday 07/12/17

It's easy to keep going with your actions and words without realizing their impact during a Mercury/Chiron influence.  We don't typically recognize the significance of everything that we do, think or communicate until it has a noticeable effect on ourselves and our environment.  You won't be able to recognize those consequences that you create right now so you want to be extra cautious.  Larimar will help you avoid carelessness that could prove hurtful.  Your perceptions will be thrown off by the negativity in the atmosphere.  Misunderstandings and paranoid interpretations could lead you to believe that others are out to deliberately hurt you.  Use Watermelon Tourmaline to approach things from a more balanced viewpoint that will enable you to see the truth before you go on the defensive.


Thursday 07/13/17

Now it is Neptune getting in Mercury's way and keeping you from thinking and communicating with clarity and logic.  Your mind is filled with fantasies and illusions so you will find it almost impossible to focus on any one thing for very long.  So much is going on in your thoughts that you really don't want to stop it from going where it so clearly wants to go.  Sometimes you just have to let the journey unfold and this is one of those days.  Botswana Agate can help you find the time and space you need to feel satisfied.  Otherwise, you could find yourself spending the day feeling lost and defenseless as you are unable to keep up with your physical duties.  Your mind will be otherwise engaged and your performance will suffer.  Leave what you can for another day and use Moonstone to avoid feeling badly about it.  If you do fall behind there will be plenty of time and energy to catch up when you are ready. 


Friday 07/14/17

Saturn is taking aim at your confidence levels while it is in a Quincunx with the Sun.  You are going to spend the first part of the day plagued with doubts and worries about your ability to do anything as well as you think you should be.  You can accept this direct hit or you can use Tiger Iron to help you fight back.  It will restore your faith in yourself when you need it the most.  When a Mercury/Jupiter Sextile takes over the sky you will be feeling much better about yourself and your abilities.  Your thoughts will be positive and progressive.  Your actions are adventurous and rewarding.  Your will is dedicated to gaining more knowledge and opportunities.  Rainbow Angel Aura will help you make the most of this fortuitous time.


Saturday 07/15/17

You will be coming on too strong and making unwelcome advances while Mars and Venus are in a Semi-Square.  The urge to win is so strong that you won’t realize there is no competition, challenge or war that needs to be won.  Use Unakite to balance your initial urge to create some kind of conflict that keeps you the chance to come out on top.  Instead you can focus your enthusiasm on any present challenges that are getting between you and your ambitions.  This energy could be a game-changer when it comes to getting what you want.  The trick is to use it with care and wisdom.  Work with Turquoise to retain control of yourself and your actions.


Sunday 07/16/17

The planets closest to Earth and the ones furthest from us are mixing it up today and creating some volatile energy.  Pluto is crossing Mercury’s signals so your communications will be tense.  Insecurities and doubts are consuming your internal thoughts so you are not able to present yourself to others with any degree of confidence.  This can be a great opportunity for self-reflection and a reorganization of your priorities.  If you don’t approach this exercise positively then it could prove damaging to your ego.  Neon Apatite will help you retain the best attitude.   Those doubts could swiftly turn to bravado later in the day when Venus and Uranus remove your natural limitations and caution.  Impulse and revolution will take over as you do whatever you please without regard for consequence.  This could lead to refreshing and stimulating acts that take you out of your comfort zone and enhance your overall journey.  You want to carry Smokey Quartz to keep your instincts intact and working overtime so that you don’t do anything harmful to yourself or others.  You want to have some fun without regrets so you need to trust yourself enough to know when to stop and when to go.  


Monday 07/17/17

Reality and practicality will be hiding way in the back of your vision within the shadow of Neptune.  It is in a Square with Venus making it a supreme effort to see the truth of your relationships, finances and all earthly matters that bring you comfort and pleasure.  This includes your means to gain those things like work and other resources. You are going to see what you want to see and the effort to look deeper will not only be difficult but it will shatter that pretty illusion you are enjoying.  Snowflake Obsidian can let you use this energy to see the beauty and wonder in your truth.  It is a good time to truly appreciate what you have.  If you do succumb to the idea that something is lacking then be you may think it is a good idea to do something about it.  It is not!  No matter how things turn out you will be disappointed so work with Black Tourmaline to hold back on those urges to make drastic changes until your mind is clear and focused.


Tuesday 07/18/17

You know it’s time that you step up and make a difference.  Will you accept the challenge?  Your answer will be an emphatic “Yes” with a Mars/Chiron Trine illustrating how your courage and leadership can help yourself and others.  This is powerful energy that can help you extract yourself from any unhealthy situations.  If you feel damaged, broken and/or unhappy then take a chance and make a change because it will be for the better.  A Venus/Jupiter Trine will offer plenty of inner and outer support while you are guided to look towards a brighter future that you create for yourself.  It is vital that you realize no one is going to do this for you – it is all up to you.  When unexpected opportunities and resources arise you want to grab them and go for it.  Don’t allow hesitation to slow you down or stop you so carry Mookaite Jasper to eliminate your fears and self-doubts. Mars won’t help you be quite as proactive as the day progresses.  It will move into a transit with Neptune where you are more likely to get lost in a fantasy than to make something real happen for yourself.  You don’t want to waste a good dream so use Green Aventurine to turn them into actual goals that you will achieve.



Posted on July 10, 2017

    (Submitted by: seral on July 13, 2017)

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