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The skies may be a little quiet today but it is most definitely the calm before the storm.  Mars is getting ready to move into some challenging positions with Uranus and Pluto that will signal the beginning of some minor upsets that will result in major transformations in all of our lives.  Basically, the planet of War is inciting the planets of Change and Inevitability - and all three are in cardinal signs that use bursts of energy to initiate change.  Cardinal signs make things happen - whether we like it or not.  Remember that whatever happens - even it if feels difficult and painful - will be for your higher good.  Ruby will let you direct this fiery energy where it is needed while Jet will offer a calm respite to the intense atmosphere.

Number of the day:  6

Approach every interaction and situation with a positive attitude today and watch how it contributes to the overall harmonious energy.  Remember what you put out always comes back and use Chalcopyrite to enhance your contribution.




Uranus turns retrograde through December so you should expect some instability over the next four months.  Typically Uranus allows us to outwardly show our non-conformity and independent spirit to the world.  During a retrograde we hold on to those tendencies and internally prepare ourselves for a rebellious leap.  Eventually, whether we are ready or not, everything we are holding inside bursts through and that is when anything and everything can happen.  Pietersite offers insight and assistance with those internal changes that will lead to new situations and Watermelon Tourmaline will offer some much needed balance to this extreme energy.


Number of the day:  7

Use the energy of 7 to prepare for the coming week.  You already know there will be intense energy that will bring the unexpected so think about how you'll handle any challenges and use Malachite to offer further insight.




Think before you act - especially communication wise - as Mercury turns retrograde for the next three weeks.  Miscommunications, lost messages and just general frustration with all things mobile are normal for this period of time.  Try to think of it as an opportunity to really think about how you go about your daily life and uncover things that may need a change.  Traffic jams and slow communications can be a burden....or a chance to have some time to think or daydream.  Mercury retrogrades often provide a time when new talents like writing and education come to light.   Use Petalite to lessen the frustrations and Blue Kyanite to discover how this energy can benefit you the most.


Number of the day:  8

Even though Mercury may cause some upsets, an 8 day is wonderful for expansion and opportunities.  You may not want to start anything new while Mercury is retrograde but you can certainly use the energy to plan future actions.  Chrysocolla will help.




A Mercury/Venus sextile gives us enhanced social tools and opportunities to form all kinds of relationships.  Under this transit, you may find an inconvenience caused by Mercury's retrograde motion could lead to new and potentially profitable connections.  Just remember that the Mercury retrograde makes it imperative to have a plan before you attempt any communications so use Blue Topaz to insure you present yourself in the best possible manner and Lepidolite to enhance your new relationships.


Number of the day:  9

You may find something coming to an end today.  The mission of 9, the number of completion, is to help us leave behind what we won't need and make way for the new. Brecciated Jasper will provide strength.




Positive attitudes and actions can be rewarded with a glorious outcome under the influence of Mars trine Jupiter.  When the planet of action meets up with the planet of expansion in this configuration it produces fabulous, optimistic energy that encourages us to take action to make our lives better.  Your energy and willpower will be very strong so don't let this energy pass you by.  Moss Agate will enhance your success and Azurite will let you meet challenges head on and overcome them with ease.


Number of the day:  1

You let go yesterday and now you've got space for all of the new and wonderful things coming your way.  1 only enhances the already joyous energy of today and Optical Calcite will show you how.





You may feel the urge to dominate and fight to get your own way as Mars and Pluto are in a tense square.  This transit makes for intense, passionate desires that are almost impossible to satisfy and result in confrontations and power struggles.  While this is a good time to release and manage any repressed emotions it is imperative to remain flexible during this challenging transit.  Chalcedony will enable you to act with flexibility and understanding with others while Iolite will give you the strength to control any emotional overreactions.


Number of the day:  11

11 is a powerful number that gives us what we need to make the most of each and every day....and typically it shows up when we need it the most.  When 11 appears it reminds us that we are not alone - and everything will be alright.  Yellow Aventurine will lighten the day.




Mars is opposite Uranus and you are going to feel restless and impatient.  Do not let those feelings lead you to take unnecessary or ill-advised risks!  Sometimes it is imperative to our own well-being and the world at large that we are assertive when it comes to our will and our actions but this is very erratic, almost angry, energy that will not allow you to think clearly.  While on the one hand it could take you to great leaps of courage, it could also lead you to dangerous confrontations and impulsive actions that do more harm than good.  Black Obsidian will help you to take control of yourself and your actions and possibly prevent the energy from leading you astray.  Actinolite will allow you to clear your mind and see where you can direct this powerful energy for your greater good.



Number of the day:  3

The energy is already restless and 3 is going to encourage you to join in rather than retreat when faced with interactions.  Just be cautious of the volatile nature - you don't want your energy to contribute to any malcontent.  Larimar will give you some comfort and feel free to pass that on to others!




Don't let this be another frustrating day as Mars and Chiron ask us to reconsider our efforts and abilities as we work towards realizing our goals.  Any doubt you may feel regarding your effectiveness or achievements is just a result of this difficult transit.  It will all pass by tomorrow.  Charioted will keep you from becoming defensive and Amazonite will let you maintain your faith and confidence.


Number of the day:  4

You might have to work at not letting the day get to you - in particular you don't want to project your negative energy on anyone else.   Black Agate will help you release in a more positive manner.


Posted on July 11, 2012
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