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Crystal Astrology Report

WEEK OF 07/10/13 - 07/1613 

WEDNESDAY 07/10/13

Passion makes all the difference when Venus and Pluto are in a biquintile transit.  You can really appreciate being surrounded by people and situations that are driven by intensity.  You may find yourself drawn to things like artwork, writings or music - things that have been produced as a result of someone's deepest feelings.  Follow your desire to incorporate those things into your life and see if you aren't inspired to create something new yourself.  Orange Aventurine incites your creativity while Peridot encourages you to listen to your heart.

Number of the day: 5

Take a risk and indulge your senses.  Often we overthink our actions instead of just going for it.   Do not let fear of being led by your desires keep you from true happiness.  Scheelite can help you find the balance. 

THURSDAY 07/11/13

Mercury and Venus are sending out some positive vibes that enhance every relationship whether it be personal or professional.  Interactions that could lead to future collaborations are favored.  You recognize how working with another can benefit both of you.  It is an especially good time for promises and commitments both to yourself and others.  Whatever you begin under this transit has a powerful and abundant opportunity for success.  Seraphinite will point you towards your best opportunities for cooperative engagements.  Blue Calcite lets everyone operate in the best interest of the group rather than the self. 

Number of the day: 6

Do for others....and let others do for you!  Comfort can be found in many places - even within our daily interactions.  6 reminds us that we are here to enhance each other's life so be open and carry White Jade to see the difference someone else can make to you.

 FRIDAY 07/12/13

You may find it hard to stick to commitments that you have made to yourself and others right now.  It is because the Sun and Neptune are playing with our minds causing a lack of focus. Use caution since it is easy to backslide into destructive behaviors and vices that we have given up.  Especially if they were something that you really enjoyed!  It will be almost impossible to make any progress towards maintaining or completing your goals. Instead try to focus on your initial dream that reality turned into a goal - that ideal can keep you remain steady when you feel that you might stray.  Rainbow Obsidian will allow you to see where you really want to be and Black Jasper will help you to stay there.

                                                                                                                                                 Number of the day: 7

Keep your faith through setbacks and delays.  7 reminds us that our dreams are indestructible as long as we continue to believe.  Moldavite will keep you focused on the positive. 

SATURDAY 07/13/13

Venus and Jupiter in a semi-square could lead you to extreme measures.  You want to be in the spotlight and you will do anything to get there including making drastic changes and outlandish purchases.  It could just be the energy at play or there could be an underlying feeling of being less than perfect.  You might think that you are not worthy of notice as you are and so you want to become someone else.  Don't let the energy trick you into something that you really don't want.  Garnet will remind you of how awesome you are - just as you are!  Rhodochrosite encourages your best interest if you do take some actions - just remember don't do anything permanent and keep the receipt!

Number of the day: 8

8 can be a powerful ally when faced with choices since it represents opposites.  Use it's energy to consider all of your options and remember that there is a time for everything.  If things don't seem right today, then hold off until tomorrow.  Pietersite will help you make progress.

 SUNDAY 07/14/13

You may have noticed that Venus has been very prominent this week, encouraging us in the pursuit of beauty.  Now the Moon moves into Libra as even more incitement to surround ourselves with lovely situations.  The Moon in Libra focuses on beauty but it points its energy towards the beauty in our relationships and partnerships.  Remember that Libra's primary goal is to keep us in balance so if you are involved in a situation with an individual or a group where things are off, now is an excellent time to change all of that.  As the Moon heads towards the completion of its cycle (it is currently in the first quarter) set your intention for a peaceful balance that will result in the most positive outcome for everyone involved.  Apatite will fuel your manifestation of the perfect scenario while Clear Quartz begins the process of brightening the situation. 

Number of the day: 9

The number of completion can help us to uncover our ideal situation.  It is particularly useful energy when imagining the perfect outcome to any situation.  Believe in only the most positive of results and let 9 and Tanzanite give fuel to your faith. 

MONDAY 07/15/13

Venus is at it again bringing us to you could become overly focused on one thing or idea to the point of obsession.  Intense focus is not a typical trait for Venus but it is in a transit with Saturn who believes everything requires the utmost attention.  Of course it is good to have a direction and that can take you far -  but not if it is at the exclusion of other things.  You want to incorporate your passions into your overall life...not let them rule it.  Morganite will ease the tension and allow you to pursue what you love in a healthy manner.  Turquoise will balance your actions for the best outcome. 

Number of the day: 1

1 gives us purpose and is very powerful when working towards goals.  The key is to remember that it is only the beginning and you still have places to go.  So pace yourself and carry Smokey Quartz as you begin your next journey. 

TUESDAY 07/16/13

Mercury and the Moon in a trine will provide us with an excellent opportunity to be honest with ourselves and others. The truth can take you far under this transit.  There is an agreeable nature that permeates every interaction and we find ourselves building upon similarities rather than struggling with differences.  The great thing is that it works both externally and internally.  If you've been having an internal struggle - perhaps between your head and your heart - you can come to a satisfactory agreement today that enables you to find the elusive answer that satisfies everything.  Use Amazonite for productive communications and Sodalite for valuable insights. 

Number of the day: 2

2 in our lives is similar to the energy of the planets.  One planet can make for powerful energy but it is only when it is in a transit with another planet that things get really interesting.  Look around and see what - or who- could make your life a little more interesting.  Bronzite could point you in the best direction. 


Posted on July 08, 2013
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