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WEEK OF 07/09/14 - 07/15/14 

Wednesday 07/09/14

Influential Mercury is making a move back into Cancer later this week.  The recent retrograde interrupted Mercury’s last tour in Cancer, as it had an extended period in Gemini.  You may have become used to the Gemini energy with its outwardly inquisitive nature and quest for more information on other things and people.  Mercury in Cancer is drastically different where you will be focused on internal matters.  Your focus is squarely on what matters to you and yours and the rest holds no interest for you.  Of course with the Cancer energy you know that emotions will play a huge part in your thoughts and communications.  Expect your instincts to be loud and attention-seeking – and you should pay attention because everything matters and takes on great significance under this influence.  Red Jasper will offer valuable grounding for emotional balance.  You want your reception to be free and clear, so carry Blue Topaz to enhance communications.

Number of the day: 5

Take a risk and indulge your senses.  Often we over-think our actions instead of just going for it.   Do not let fears of being led by your desires keep you from true happiness.  Ametrine can help you find the balance. 

Thursday 07/10/14

If you feel like taking it easy today then you are in luck.  Productivity will be next to impossible with Mars and Neptune in a sesqui-quadrate transit.  This energy can make you ineffective and careless, so it is not the right atmosphere for anything that requires concentration and effort.  Since there is little point in attempting to gain any kind of headway, you may as well conserve your energy.  Actually, it is very easy to make mistakes and missteps under this influence, so it is better to lay low and let it all pass.  Peach Quartz will encourage you to relax and seek out easy activities. Chrysocolla will reduce stress and enhance focus if you absolutely have to get something done right now.

Number of the day: 6

Comfort can be found in many places - even within our daily interactions.  6 reminds us that we are here to enhance each other’s life so be open and carry White Aventurine to see the difference someone else can make to you. 

Friday 07/11/14

It is a great time to take advantage of that lingering energy of Mercury in Gemini.  Uranus is joining Mercury in a transit that will have you seeking something innovative and unusual.  What works for others won’t do for you and you have no interest in sticking with the known and familiar.  This influence enables you to delve beneath the surface to see the possibilities that others may overlook.  This is the kind of atmosphere where greatness begins and everything can change.  Picture Jasper will show you how to take something simple and make it extraordinary.  Yellow Aventurine will extend your creative efforts to attract opportunities for more abundance.

Number of the day: 7

Keep your faith through setbacks and delays.  7 reminds us that our dreams are indestructible as long as we continue to believe.  Moldavite will keep you focused on the positive. 

Saturday 07/12/14

Jupiter is working with Mercury to expand your consciousness and open your mind to unexplored territories.  You will take a thoughtful approach right now and that will enable you to see and understand more about everything that you touch.  Your clever observations can have a huge impact.  They will be especially useful if you couple them with your powers of good judgment and earnest communication.  Use Azurite to effectively share information with others.  Turquoise will help you determine the best use for your newfound insights.

Number of the day: 8

8 can be a powerful ally when faced with choices since it represents opposites.  Use its energy to consider all of your options and remember that there is a time for everything.  If things don't seem right today, then hold off until tomorrow.  Pietersite will help you make progress.

 Sunday 07/13/14

The planet of action is in a glorious transit with Venus and the benefits are immeasurable.  You can successfully enhance almost any area of your life during this positive atmosphere.  Take a step (even a tiny one!) towards achieving your goals and see for yourself how far this energy will enable you to take things.   You are a dynamo and you are ready to show the world – and yourself – that you have what it takes to achieve anything.  Moss Agate will help you direct this energy towards the achievement of your dreams.  Carry Mahogany Obsidian to make the most of your powerful talent for self-expression.

Number of the day: 9

The number of completion can help us to uncover our ideal situation.  It is particularly useful energy when imagining the perfect outcome to any situation.  Believe in only the most positive of results and let 9 and Tanzanite give fuel to your faith. 

Monday 07/14/14

Hopefully you took advantage of yesterday’s scope of opportunity, because today may be less fortunate when it comes to making progress.   A few transits involving the Sun, Neptune, Mercury and Saturn will impact your mood and drive, causing you to question your motives and actions.  You may begin to wonder if it is worth all the effort.  It is and you will feel better tomorrow!  For now, focus your attention on holding back the “I can’t” attitude that will try to permeate everything that you do.  Artistic endeavors are an excellent distraction that will put you in a positive frame of mind, so keep Botswana Agate handy to propel your creativity.  Rutilated Quartz will bring some smiles. 

Number of the day: 1

1 gives us purpose and is very powerful when working towards goals.  The key is to remember that it is only the beginning and you still have places to go.  So pace yourself and carry Smokey Quartz as you begin your next journey. 

Tuesday 07/15/14

Tomorrow morning Jupiter is making a big move into Leo, leaving behind its journey through Cancer.  Jupiter is the planet of expansion and Leo is ruled by the Sun, so we can expect a dramatic combination of energies for the next year.  Drama is exactly what you can expect from Jupiter in Leo because Leo loves drama – but the fun kind, not the stressful stuff!  Jupiter will always bring you opportunities for more of something.  Under the guidance of Leo, these moments will be playful and entertaining with a happy, bright energy.  Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s all play, because all of the fanfare could be disguising the chance to make important changes to your life.   Imperial Topaz will give you the nerve to take advantage of each moment that comes your way and Mookaite Jasper will let you see the hidden treasures before they slip past you. 

Number of the day: 2

2 in our lives is similar to the energy of the planets.  One planet can make for powerful energy, but it is only when it is in a transit with another planet that things get really interesting.  Look around and see what - or who - could make your life a little more interesting.  Bronzite could point you in the best direction. 


Posted on July 08, 2014
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