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WEEK OF 07/05/17 - 07/11/17


Wednesday 07/05/17

A Mercury/Chiron Trine is making it easier than usual to bond with others as we recognize that we all share the same goals, challenges and successes.  You will be able to let others know how you feel without saying a word…so be cautious if your feelings are not friendly!  Fortunately, this is an opportunity to change those feelings because you will recognize how they are hurting everyone - including yourself.  Choose to heal the situation now and use Kunzite for guidance on how to make it happen.  Neptune adds its special magic and lets you know that, if you want something, then you have what it takes to go and get it.  This Mercury/Neptune transit combined with Aqua Aura will support your ambitions and imagination.  You know what you want and you will make it happen.  Remember that you are never alone, so ask for help when you need it.


Thursday 07/06/17

A Sun/Neptune Trine could have you headed in opposing directions.  You will be inspired by this energy to take some kind of positive energy, but what that will be all depends upon you.  You may be motivated to get something you’ve been dreaming of doing off the ground.  You may decide to let something go and give yourself the space for something new.  You might want to give your time and energy or take something for yourself.  This is your chance to act on instinct and adhere to your inner guidance. You already know what you want and need and even how to get it. You may need to get out of your own way in order to make it happen, so use Ametrine to trust your own wisdom.  You will rightly feel excited and proud of the changes you enact, but you don’t want to get carried away from reality by them.  Jupiter is also in the picture and that can make it a challenge to know when enough is enough.  Garnet will help you find the perfect balance that satisfies without overwhelming you.


Friday 07/07/17

Venus begins the day by creating a pleasant atmosphere where relationships can flourish.  You want to take advantage of this energy while you can because things will change drastically.  Ruby in Feldspar will enhance your interactions and help everyone to see the present and potential benefits of your partnerships.  Tension will creep in when Venus moves into a transit with Pluto that has you questioning everyone’s motives.  Trust takes a backseat as you are overcome with doubts and suspicions.  It is important to remember that most of this is about your personal insecurities and not about how others actually feel about you.  You don’t want to allow your fears to erupt outward because that will create problems where there are none.   Rhodochrosite can help you find the inner faith you need to know that if something is wrong that you can make it right in a positive manner.


Saturday 07/08/17

Your thoughts and communications won’t be clear over the next few days. Mercury and Saturn are creating a fog of forgetfulness, awkward verbal deliveries and all kinds of annoying barriers that will prevent you from getting things done.  You are going to get slowed down and make mistakes. You don’t want to let these disruptions create unnecessary stress that won’t make a difference. Instead, carry Lapis Lazuli to use them as opportunities to find a better way that will make a difference.  You may think you are causing issues yourself by being unprepared or not have the appropriate skills to carry out your mission.  Sometimes your brain won’t keep up the way that you would like because you need to give it a rest.  This is one of those times, so use Blue Lace Agate to relax and let whatever you can go for the moment.  When the energy starts moving in a more positive direction you will be refreshed and ready to keep up – or maybe even ahead – of it.


Sunday 07/09/17

You are going to feel the pressure of the Capricorn Full Moon and Sun/Pluto Opposition but it is the kind of feeling that helps you to get things done!  You will be driven to take the lead, overcome any obstacles and seize control of every aspect of your life.  It is yours and yours alone and these transits will make that point very evident.  You might think you need to take extreme measures and/or aggressive actions, but those kinds of dramatic displays really aren’t necessary.  You really want to avoid them because they will distract from your true objectives and diminish your power.  Pyrite will enable you to retain a calm, focused and meaningful approach to everything you do.  This is your time to focus on what is important and free yourself from the rest.  Use Onyx to effectively clean out anything in your way towards becoming a master of your own destiny.


Monday 07/10/17

Cycles and their repetitive nature become increasingly significant when Mercury and Saturn get together.  Saturn's serious nature needs you to spend time and effort on every detail.  Mercury wants you to keep things moving and that battle for your attention can be stressful.  You will likely find yourself either going too fast or taking too long to accomplish even the simplest of tasks.  Horn Coral will remind you that time really is relative.  It will help you to trust your instincts instead of giving your power away to unrealistic expectations set by yourself or another.  If you need time, then take it.  If you need to get it done quickly, then just go.  Time is yours to make the most of, so don't waste it by doubting your talent or wisdom.  Just because you have to do things more than once doesn't mean that you didn't get it right. It does mean that you have the courage to avoid falling into predictable patterns.  Moonstone supports your quest to get the results you deserve every time. 


Tuesday 07/11/17

You have a Mars/Moon transit that is enlivening your mood and having a significant impact on your willpower and determination.  So what are you going to do with all of this positive, motivational energy?  This is definitely energy that you want to be open to because it will direct you in the most fortunate and prosperous direction.  Be confident in your instincts and trust those impulses that seem to come out of the blue.  Moss Agate will help you to avoid over-thinking and second-guessing.  They will only waste time that could be better spent on taking action. If you just go with what feels right, you will find inner strength and resources along the way that will build your momentum.  Use Celestite to tap into your internal support system.



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