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July 5

Focus is today’s key word and you may need a little help with that. Lepidolite and Blue Sapphire will lend a hand in bringing focus back to front and center.

A grand trine in earth signs brings plenty of opportunities and open doors. Mercury at odds with Jupiter today may lead to some discord, making you feel as if your spinning your wheels. As Mercury in Leo link to Chiron in Pisces leading to good news for those eager to learn holistic healing and alternative therapies.

July 6

Change is coming in waves today. Carnelian and Celestite will help us adapt and accept the changes that confront us. Stress and worry leave you feeling on edge as Uranus nears station.  Revolution, fanatic change, the higher mind, intuition, advances in science and metaphysics, upheavals, surprises, eccentricity and radical impulses, – are more powerful now and in the coming week.

July 7

Cosmic warning on this 7th day of the seventh month of 2011, as alignments overwhelm today.

Take a look at the following list of alignments -Mars forms a tie to Cere; Jupiter makes a trine to Pluto in earth signs; Mars trines Pallas in air signs; Venus squares Uranus; the Moon makes its monthly union with Saturn; the Sun forms a tie to Neptune and confusion builds up in the psychic atmosphere; Mercury makes an discordant tie Juno; the First Quarter Sun-Moon Phase arrives activating Cancer and Libra. That means you need to pass through a gauntlet of 8 crucial aspects . It is best to error on the side of wisdom to drop overnight judgments and decisions for a better time. Use Amethyst, Carnelian, Chrysocolla to seek out and embrace emotional serenity and peace of mind.

July 8

If you thougt the cosmos threw its worst yesterday, get ready for today.

A Venus-Chiron flowing trine in water signs can have soul-mates and lovers experiencing wonderful communications. Renewing love of arts, crafts and hobbies is enhance courtesy of a Moon-Ceres parallel. The dream-weaver captivates you with visions from celestial realms as the Moon parallels Neptune .

The universe takes on the role of mischief-maker as Mercury forms a contra-parallel to Pluto while Venus makes yearly opposition to Pluto. Later Venus connect with Jupiter to smooth and sooth frayed feelings and emotions. Apache Tears will insure your feet are well grounded and ready for anything.

July 9

When the universe pushes you up against a stone wall, what do you do, you get tough and stand your ground with your back to that same wall. You have to contend with a potent and volatile Sun-Mars parallel, a mentally-intense Mercury-Pallas opposition , and – most considerably – Uranus at Aries becoming motionless, leaving the psychic atmosphere stirring on the edges of advancement in all Uranus themes.. Breakthroughs in consciousness can easily occur, leads us to transition , if not in comfort, at least with grace.

Mercury and Saturn , a nurturing and healing Grand Triangle in water signs as the Moon in Scorpio trines Chiron in Pisces. the Moon also trines Venus in Cancer plus a late-night trine in air signs linking Pallas and Saturn. The Cosmos leave you wondering if its safer to duck and cover or ride out the madness, grab a hold of the sometimes miraculous energy that leave you with a sense of wonder and awe. This day could go down as one for the record books, a very special day indeed.

July 10

Yesterday’s cosmic connections are still rippling through the ethers and affecting everyone on a psychic level. Certainly, the Uranus station from Saturday is still packing a punch – wherein shocks and consciousness breakthroughs are much more common place and it is supremely wise to expect the unexpected no matter where you are going today. During an early morning uplifting Sun-Moon trine in water signs, the Moon goes void in Scorpio which last until tomorrow morning when the Moon enters fiery, upbeat Sagittarius. Quiet finally eases in and all is peaceful once again. The day’s best celestial connection happens when the Sun in Cancer and Jupiter in Taurus form an inspirational tie. The Sun and Jupiter are the largest bodies in our solar system, and their favorable linkage spurs you onward in exploring favorite hobbies as well as pursuing spiritual studies. with its affinity to all thing Cancer lead us on our quest for vision and understanding.

July 11

Not only does the Moon reach fiery Sagittarius, but there is a rare and flowing trine between the Moon and its fellow nurturing celestial influence Ceres which almost simultaneously enters the fire sign Aries. Thus, these two cosmic Goddess energies are nearly in total, heavenly harmony as they leave water signs for fire signs. Working with Vesuvianite will integrate the Goddess energies that we may be one with the Goddess.

With the Moon now in Aries domain, having fun, enjoying great, adventurous outdoor journeys leave your refreshed and revitalized. This is reinforced this evening when Mercury in Leo forms a supportive, link to Mars in Gemini.

Posted on July 05, 2011
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