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 Venus offers a wonderful day for all kinds of social interactions as it is positioned in a sextile with both Mercury and Uranus.  Venus with Mercury will make you charming and engaging and encourage you to seek out and enjoy all kinds of events and relationships.  In keeping with a day when many of us celebrate freedom, Uranus will let you embrace the new and unusual and give you the freedom to experiment without fear of any risks.  Let loose and do something unexpected - the results are sure to make you want to celebrate.  Ruby in Kyanite will open you to new possibilities.  Sodalite will remove any self imposed boundaries.


Number of the day:  7


The number of chance may surprise you with some unexpected twists and turns throughout your day.  When the opportunity comes just go with it.  It will help you to see your past in a new light and prepare for your future with significant insight.  Black Onyx will justify your wise choices.





 It is easy to doubt yourself today as Mercury quincunx Chiron.  Mercury in Leo is going to want to dominate your internal and external communications but this position with Chiron makes you question everything , especially your own feelings.  With your intuition and perception both feeling "off" you may find yourself reading too much into things and seeing issues that aren't really there.  Take it easy on yourself and others and wait before making any important decisions or taking any actions.  Chrysocolla will ease the stress of not feeling 100 percent.  Botswana Agate will promote some balance to the energy while allowing you to release those negative emotions.


Number of the day:  8


If you must forge ahead then the energy of 8 will help you accomplish your goals.  8 is about seizing opportunities, taking risks and acquiring experiences and possessions.  Despite the conflicting atmosphere of the planets - 8 can help you achieve tangible results if you are willing to put in the effort.  Pyrite will promote focus and attract success towards your intentions and actions.





Uranus in Aries will be turning retrograde very soon so be sure to use the forward moving energy while you can.  Uranus in Aries is all spontaneity and excitement and sudden breakthroughs that can change everything in a heartbeat.  It can be a lot of energy to handle but if you've got something that really needs to change then here is the push you may need to get moving.  Once Uranus goes retrograde all of that energy will be turned inward. That's when you will want to work on personal changes like attitudes, thoughts and feelings.  For now, use Green Aventurine to attract abundance to your outer life and Bloodstone to ground this erratic energy.


Number of the day:  9


If you don't need it - if you don't want it - if it is holding you back - then just let it go!  9 is about releasing all of the dead weight to make room for a fresh start.  White Aventurine offers clarity and lets you see what needs to be done for your greater good.





Venus and Chiron can be your ally today if you want to learn more about someone in your life....or you want them to learn more about you.  It is difficult to hide your true self under the influence of Venus square Chiron and so it is easier to see who we really are.  Of course, you may not like what you see but have faith because Venus is in Gemini and that will help you to be more accepting and open minded, especially when it comes to relationships.  Don't let any personal insecurities get in the way of being the total "you" around others - they'll find out eventually anyway!  Green Apophyllite will open your heart chakra and let you deepen your connections with others while Opal eliminates your fears.


Number of the day:  1


While you're becoming more familiar and more accepting of others why not go ahead and do the same for yourself!  You are a unique and amazing person and if you cannot see that about yourself, how can you expect others too?  It's ok! Go ahead and make today all about you.  Cavanasite lets you celebrate you as an individual while maintaining a connection to the whole.





Action oriented Mars is blocked by Neptune today making it difficult to realize any plans.  Mars is already struggling under the influence of Libra and dreamy Neptune won't help move things ahead.  If you feel like taking a break this is the perfect time for it since no matter how you fight it - you probably won't make much progress anyway.  Relax and enjoy the time off so you will be plenty rested once Mars is feeling livelier.  Coral Calcite will relieve any frustration while helping you to use this time to release old patterns and make way for new realities.


Number of the day:  2

Relax and enjoy the companionship of others.  Spend time with loved ones. Go out and smile at strangers.  Say Hi to your neighbors.  We're all in this together and this is a good time to discover the universal peace and harmony that we can achieve by even the simplest interaction.  The gentle energy of Stilbite will enhance your experiences and interactions today.





Remember yesterday when I suggested that you give yourself a break? Well, you won't want to try to get back into the groove today because the Sun and Neptune will have other ideas!  They are in a tense transit that causes a lack of willpower, low concentration and the inability to develop or manage any kind of plans.  Don't let this influence be a challenge - just relax because it will all be there tomorrow and then you'll have the internal strength to deal with it.  Try not to schedule anything important for today.  Mookaite will offer a positive perspective while Sugilite will let you understand that sometimes restraint is the best course of action.


Number of the day:  3


Does the Universe have to knock you over the head?  Yes, there is work to be done but this is not the time to do it - you won't accomplish a thing!  So enjoy the adventure and creative of a 3 day and go play!  Prehnite will encourage you to trust in the Universe. 





Now it's time to forge ahead with projects and activities as the Moon and Mars give your spirits a much needed boost of energy.  You'll feel refreshed, renewed, and ready to go for it under the influence of these planets in a very pleasant sextile transit.  Go with your gut today and don't hold back - there is a lot of positive energy to help you feel a lust for life and get so much accomplished.  It is a perfect time to follow your heart and see where it leads!  Malachite will increase this positive, proactive energy while Turquoise will let you realize your intuitive thoughts.



Number of the day:  22 (4)


This is a powerful day to achieve your goals and desires.  22 is a master builder number and it offers enormous potential to go far and do great things.  It gives you the ability to ground your dreams into reality - as long as you are willing to work for it.  And anyone who has ever had a dream come true knows just how valuable this energy is - do not waste it!  Bronzite will help you to focus your thoughts and actions towards the achievement of your goals.





Take a moment today to celebrate your individuality and uniqueness in the Universe.  Mercury and Saturn will be very supportive as you experiment and uncover your own one of a kind style. This is a perfect time to discover and follow your personal path.  The influence of Leo will let you stand out among others and be proud while Libra will encourage you to not go overboard.   Sunstone will enhance the vitality of the day while Scheelite keeps it all in balance so you don't get overwhelmed.


Number of the day:  5


Look for new opportunities as the energy of 5 encourages exploration and adventure and most of all-surprise.  When the unexpected appears on your path you'll want to follow it because it is sure to lead you somewhere amazing.  Pink Sapphire will attract opportunities that will bring you much joy and prosperity.

Posted on July 03, 2012
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