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WEEK OF 07/02/14 - 07/08/14 

Wednesday 07/02/14

Confusion infuses the air whenever Venus and the Moon are in a sesqui-quadrate transit.  Your thoughts and feelings are not complementing each other and it will be a challenge to find a median that truly represents your mind or your heart.  Your inner turmoil will make it difficult to express yourself to others and they will not be sure where you are coming from, so take care when dealing with others and consider their feelings.  Use this energy to focus on where your heart truly lies and you could uncover something wonderful and new.  Sometimes you need to be a little lost in order to find something extraordinary.  Now is the time to explore aspects of yourself that you might otherwise dismiss.  Aragonite will give you focus so that you recognize the important things that pop up right now.  Purple Fluorite will encourage you to indulge in creative enterprises.

Number of the day: 7

7 is a bridge between the mystical and the physical.  When its energy is present you know that you will have easier access to information from higher planes.  Use Seraphinite to take advantage of this opportunity for enlightenment.

Thursday 07/03/14

Now Venus has moved on to a semi-square with Jupiter, where you will do anything to be in the spotlight.  It is hard to ignore the urge to go to any lengths to be noticed, but it is so easy to go too far.  You may get your wish - but for all the wrong reasons.  Watch out for impulse purchases and decisions that prove costly in the long run.  You want to stay true to yourself, so use this energy to realize how special you are - just as you are - without any adornment or improvements.  Who needs attention when you already know that you’re amazing?  Pluto steps up and challenges you to take a hard look at the things that Venus rules, like your relationships with others, your work and how you manage finances.   This could help you to make some wise choices and valuable changes as long as you avoid beating yourself up or allowing yourself to feel as if you are unworthy.  Cavansite will remind you of just how worthy you are!  Carnelian enables you to make the best decisions.

Number of the day: 8

 While it is important to pursue your goals, you don't want it to become an obsession that leaves room for little else.  8 gives us the energy to work hard towards our physical goals, but it also reminds us that there is a time for everything and balance is the key to real success.  Watermelon Tourmaline can help you navigate the cycles.

Friday 07/04/14

It is Independence Day in the United States and freedom is at stake when the Sun and Pluto are in an aggressive opposition.  This influence emphasizes situations (real or imagined) where we feel powerless.  If you feel trapped or blocked from getting to where you want to be, it will seem as if the outer influences you encounter are mimicking your innermost fears.  But are they?  You may actually be trapped by circumstances, desires, etc., but in truth you have all of the power to set yourself free.  This energy will give you the strength to fight your way past what holds you back.  It will also enable you to uncover resources - both internal and external - that will help you to break free.  Use Epidote to feel the balance that freedom will bring you.  Labradorite will encourage you to release anything that may be restricting you.

Number of the day: 9

Let it go and move on.  9 is the number of completion so let its energy allow you to effectively leave the past where it belongs.  Mahogany Obsidian will help you to focus on the now.

Saturday 07/05/14

Your head and heart are aligned in perfect harmony thanks to a Mercury/Moon trine last night.  It all makes sense and it all feels right!  You are gregarious and want to share yourself and your gifts with others.  You welcome learning about the talents that others have to share, so this is a great time to attend a performance, visit a museum or just read a few chapters by your favorite author - or try a new one!  You memory is especially sharp right now and it is easy to impress others (and be impressed in like) with your insights and perceptions.  Be sure to record any flashes that you get because they could prove useful in the future.  Use Moonstone to add to the appreciation of what you encounter in your travels.  Blue Quartz will help you to connect your thoughts for maximum awareness.

Number of the day: 1

Your individual thoughts and actions will always dominate when the energy of 1 is present.  Take the lead.  Be proactive.  Be positive.  All of the rest will follow in time.  Green Tourmaline will set you on the best path.

Sunday 07/06/14

Risk equals reward right now as our fears of trying something new seem irrational under the influence of a Venus/Uranus sextile. You really see the value in putting yourself out there and exploring the unknown. What once felt dark and scary will be replaced with a sense of wonder and excitement. You do not want to let this opportunity pass you by and with Venus in the mix this is especially beneficial energy for relationships and finances. If you feel apprehensive, hold a Citrine up to light and see the patterns of your upcoming success. Serpentine adds a prosperous glow to your efforts.

Number of the day: 2

Opportunities for cooperation and conciliation are abundant when 2 rules the day.  It reminds us that everything is made up of parts and, by bringing those together, you build a greater whole.  Rainbow Aura will enhance your efforts towards unity.

Monday 07/07/14

After what was sure to be an exciting weekend, you may feel slightly anxious and sensitive right now as Saturn and Venus are in a tense transit. Maybe you are second guessing yourself or finding that old fears you thought had been banished are attempting a repeat performance. Concerns with being disappointed by personal and business relations are especially likely to be fighting for your attention. It’s OK not to commit to anything right now and you want to keep things light and friendly. Just don’t dismiss anything without giving it a real chance. Selenite will offer some peace when negative thoughts attempt a takeover. Use Star Sapphire when you need a reminder that you have defeated fears before…and will again!

Number of the day: 3

There is simply a natural joy to the energy of 3 - the trick is to know that it is there!  Rhodochrosite allows the most positive of your physical being, mental being and spiritual being to shine through and infuse the others with your own personal joy.

Tuesday 07/08/14

There is a lot going on today but if you work with the energy and stay the course, you are going to end up someplace wonderful!  A Venus/Chiron square is going to magnify any uncertainty that you feel about yourself or situations.  This is an opportunity for you to practice faith and trust that will bring you to a dynamic Sun/Uranus combination.  Yes, they are in a square and it will be tough to remain patient through the inevitable chaos, but if you think of it as an adventure it will be easier (and more fun!) to follow the flow rather than try to fight your way against it.  You won't be bored and it is all leading to a glorious Sun/Chiron trine.  Suddenly it is all clear!  You are confident and have a true sense of purpose.  You know what your mission is and you have what it takes to achieve it.  Overall this is a day where, by welcoming the challenges, you recognize the lessons and experience to be gained and know that it is all taking you exactly where you need to go.  Clear Quartz will expand your endurance as you traverse through the changing energy.  Use Emerald for wisdom and as a reminder thay when you follow your heart you can never be lost.

Number of the day: 4

Solid, steady and structured are traits shared by Earth and the energy of 4.  Take a moment to feel the awesome energy of the Earth and enjoy your state as a physical being.  Tree Agate can be a constant resource when you need this grounding energy. 


Posted on July 01, 2014
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