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WEEK OF 07/01/15 - 07/07/15 

Wednesday 07/01/2015

July is kicking things off with a couple of very happy transits.  Venus and Jupiter will encourage you to open yourself to new things, people and places.  You will be feeling especially friendly and in high spirits, and the only thing that could make things better is the opportunity to share your enthusiasm for life with others.  This is a very generous influence where you will be driven to contribute your gifts to the world and enjoy the benefits that they bring to everyone.  Once the Sun and Neptune step in and add their own brand of inspiration, your instincts will be enhanced and you will know without a doubt where to place your focus in order to do the most good.  One of the most advantageous elements of these transits is that you will see and feel everything with a fresh perspective.  You should expect to end the day feeling physically refreshed, mentally revived and spiritually renewed.  This is powerful energy that will bring many good feelings your way and carrying Heliodor will make it even better.  Sodalite will help you to share all those good vibes, while it attracts others who can share what they have to offer with you.

Number of the day: 7

7 will remind you to trust your intuition.  You have the answers within you so follow your internal guidance system and you will never be lost.  Use Hematite to stay on course. 

Thursday 07/02/15

Now that you've got an all-new viewpoint, along comes a Mercury/Uranus sextile transit to help you use it for the maximum benefit.  Mercury will assist as you communicate your expertise clearly, skillfully and in a uniquely engaging manner that is sure to get all kinds of positive attention.  You will be pleasantly surprised by the outcome of your efforts as Uranus will ensure that they far exceed your imagination. Speaking of your imagination, you want to be sure to engage it fully and use it to be as creative as possible.  You don't want to do things the same old way but you do want to revisit old situations to see the incredibly positive difference that will result from your new approach.  Indicolite will offer inspiration, while Sugilite enhances your enjoyment as you embrace a new attitude about everything.

Number of the day: 8

8 will show you the material value of your efforts.  8 days are the perfect time to look around and see what you have gained from your efforts.  Use Black Onyx to appreciate and build upon what you have achieved. 

Friday 07/03/15

Hopefully you used the effervescent energy of the last few days to make connections and speak your peace, because communications will not flow as easily today.  A Mercury/Chiron square will make it challenging to let others know your true feelings.  Everyone's perception is leaning towards the pessimistic right now, so everything that is demonstrated verbally or physically is taken as a slight rather than a friendly outreach.  You may also find doubts creeping into your own mind when it comes to your ability to effectively achieve your goals - particularly when it comes to overcoming obstacles.  You won't just give up and you will succeed, so don't let the adverse energy bring you down.  Chiron moves quickly and before you know it, your confidence will reappear stronger than ever. Use Mookaite Jasper to chase away doubts and Chrysocolla to find ways to heal with your communications.

Number of the day: 9

When reflecting on the past use the energy of 9 for a deeper level of truth and understanding.  Combine 9 with Star Sapphire to draw the positive wisdom gained from what has happened to make what is happening all the better.  

Saturday 07/04/15

If you are looking for reasons to believe in the positive power of change, just see how everything shifted once Mercury slipped away from Chiron and joined up with Jupiter in a lucrative sextile last night.  Now the atmosphere is filled with cooperation and congeniality.  Each of us is confident in our choices and prepared to join with others to help each other make our dreams come true.  Your eyes are wide open under this transit and that includes your inner Third Eye, so it is an excellent time for observance and study.  You will likely learn something valuable from another that will be very helpful in your journey.  And of course you will have the opportunity to enlighten others as well, so use Rutilated Quartz to teach others, while Mahogany Obsidian helps you to gain knowledge.

Number of the day: 1

No matter how badly you want it or how ready for it you are, it requires courage to do something new.  You have what it takes within you to accomplish anything - no matter how scary.  Use 1 and Mexican Fire Opal to fuel your courage when you need it. 

Sunday 07/05/15

Your energy and enthusiasm will get a big push from Mars and Jupiter today. You will be confident in your ability to take on anything and succeed.  Maybe a little too confident, since these two planets will inspire you to reach far beyond your current resources and capabilities.  There is nothing wrong with that as long as you can remain realistic and that is where the challenge arises. If you think that you already have everything that it takes and know it all, then there is no opportunity for growth.  You will need to curb your feelings of invincibility and entitled success in order to take this energy and use it to develop your talents.  Amber will give you the patience you need to take small steps towards expansion.  Humility may be hard to find under this influence, so carry Garnet as a reminder that there is always more to learn. 

Number of the day: 2

2 is a symbol of positive and gainful collaboration.  Use its energy to find your most beneficial alliances.  Dravite will help you to connect with others. 

Monday 07/06/15

The Sun begins the day in a transit with Saturn where you could easily become discouraged if you allow yourself to believe that you’re incapable of achieving your goals.  It may be easier said than done, but you need to put aside those doubts and just keep moving ahead with confidence.  That confidence could become aggressive once the Sun moves into an opposition with Pluto.  Now the need for absolute control could drive you to take drastic, forceful measures.  You want to calm those aggressive feelings in order to uncover the positive uses of this transit - like discovering what truly inspires you.  This is powerful energy to use for learning more about your skills, your drive and your motivations.  Understanding these will help you learn how to use them to develop your own personal approach to achieving success.  Amethyst will cool things down and offer insight, while Citrine enables you to maintain a positive attitude.

Number of the day: 3

When happiness seems elusive use the energy of 3 and Angelite to clear away blockages and let in the light. 

Tuesday 07/07/15

Is there anything more frustrating than when things don't go as planned?  Mercury and Saturn are bringing us one of those days where things are sure to go awry.  We all know that nothing is certain, but we still rely on our schedules, procedures and details to keep everything stable and secure.  The good news is that now you are forewarned and that can help you prepare for the surprises ahead.  No matter how well developed your plan for the day, be sure to leave a margin of error.  Carnelian will enable you to maintain your sense of humor since everything will feel better if you can get a laugh out of it.  Flexibility is vital and Green Aventurine will help you use it to avoid stress.

Number of the day: 4

You don't have to just go through the motions.  4 gives your efforts purpose and definition.  Use Striped Brown Jasper to see how every action has a positive impact.     


Posted on June 30, 2015
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