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WEEK OF 06/29/16 - 07/05/16


Wednesday 06/29/16

The Sun and Mars (who turns direct today) are creating an atmosphere that is crackling with excitement and opportunity.  You’re eager to respond, since it feels as if you’ve been at the starting line for some time just waiting for your moment.  It is finally here and now you see the purpose of the obstructions and impediments that have been slowing everything down for months.  You have had the chance to perfect your strategy and finesse your goals so now you’re very prepared to move forward swiftly and decisively.  There are new beginnings on the horizon and you have been so patient that it may be a challenge to either get moving or proceed at a healthy pace.  You don't want to waste time and energy on feeling overwhelmed or acting overly aggressive, so use Rhodonite to build and maintain your momentum.  Your adrenaline will be pumping with so much energy around and Mars will make it very easy to partake in senseless conflict.  This is another huge waste of your energy, so carry Larimar to focus things towards peaceful solutions.

Number of the day: 8

Every powerful force needs stability and balance to expand.  You are that force and Lapis Lazuli will offer you balance and increase your power.


Thursday 06/30/16

A Venus/Pluto Opposition will emphasize areas of your life involving intimacy and value.  What have you been holding in check and keeping tightly closed?  If it is your heart, your mind, or even your wallet, you’re going to have a powerful urge to break it open and let things fall as they will once everything comes out.  Even if you don't feel that urge to share, you may find yourself being more open and unguarded than usual, simply as a result of this compulsive energy.  It is going to be difficult to hold back those emotions and secrets if you have the slightest opportunity to release them.  So much intense and uncontrolled emotion will result in an equal measure of defensive behaviors that will be counterproductive to the purpose of the energy.  You want to free yourself of issues by finding resolutions and conclusions - not create more problems - so use Apophyllite for a healthy release.  It is imperative that you maintain your own self-control despite the climatic environment and the irrational activities of others.  Bloodstone will be essential to maintaining balance and control. 

Number of the day: 9

One of your most crucial tools is creativity.  Relax and let your mind flow. All of the answers are there and Blue Sapphire will help you to find them.


Friday 07/01/16

It is a new month and we are kicking off the second half of 2016 with a jubilant transit between Venus and Jupiter.  You see the beauty and wonder of all the things that surround you. Best of all, you understand your place within them.  This transit isn't just about appreciating the things in your life that make you happy and whole, but recognizing their deeper value to you.  If you have been feeling unsure and off-track in your life, this will be a powerfully illuminating energy.  You will understand how the symbiotic relationship between you and everything - from your relationships, to your work, to your hobbies - is offering unlimited potential for growth and expansion.  In other words...what you contribute is what you will gain!  Use Green Tourmaline to recognize the importance of cooperation and collaboration for your personal evolution and our collective world.  It may sound like a heavy subject, but this is a light and joyous energy that unites us in creating a happy experience for all.  Citrine will enhance your feeling of contentment and help you use it as a positive influence on your journey.

Number of the day: 8.

8 embodies and understands the power of balance.  Just look at its shape and you can feel the marriage of the spiritual and material.  Use Lepidolite to help you combine these energies in your life.


Saturday 07/02/16

Sometimes the best way to strengthen your conviction and determination is by questioning it.  The Sun and Saturn are in a transit that may seem challenging, but it is really an opportunity to prove that you’re in charge of managing your life.  Are you going to allow the energy of a momentary transit to stop you in your tracks?  The self-doubt and lack of confidence that you may feel right now could be a setback.  Or, you could use it advantageously to take action and barrel right through those obstacles that you’re creating for yourself.  Use the influence of Saturn to focus on details that will overcome your fears and, instead of worrying about what you cannot do, you will actually be doing something proactive!  You have a chance to boost your confidence instead of becoming discouraged as long as you stay focused, so use Carnelian to keep your eye on the prize.  You will encounter issues as you work towards anything no matter how perfect your plan or strong your abilities.  This transit will have you imagining all kinds of difficulties, so use Mahogany Obsidian to turn things around and create a solution for every problem.  

Number of the day: 9

9 creates awareness of the consequences of your actions.  Zebra Jasper helps you to feel the connection and reminds you to make the best possible choices.


Sunday 07/03/16

There is nothing that beats that feeling of knowing you’re exactly where you’re meant to be and everything is flowing in a positive and beneficial direction.  That’s how you will feel as the day begins with the Sun and Neptune in an inspirational Trine.  This sense of completeness and well-being will motivate you to do more with your life.  The energy is going to feel so good that you want to keep it moving.  Your instincts will be very attuned to taking advantage of the atmosphere, making you aware of what you want to come next.  This is the time for constructive moves, but make sure that you are prepared and focused.  A Mercury/Mars transit later in the day could have you running fast and getting nowhere.  Keep your will, mind and heart steady and devoted so that you don't waste your efforts.  Use Green Fluorite to trust and follow your instincts.  Lapis Lazuli will help you focus on your direction and destination but still leave room for sightseeing!

Number of the day: 1

1 is the number of limitless expansion.  You are at the beginning and can go as far as you can imagine.  Believe and carry Smokey Quartz to help you uncover new paths.


Monday 07/04/16

Don't become distraught if you or others seem forgetful and/or neglectful today.  It won't be deliberate as much as it is the side-effects of the atmosphere created by Mercury and Saturn.  Mentally we will all be a little fuzzy and things won't operate logically. so getting anything done will be a challenge.  Direct approaches will be consistently sidetracked until it seems easier to just give up and try another day.  That will be your best option if possible and if not, you will want to be vigilant about details and procedure.  This energy could especially impact communications and travel.  You want to remain alert and use caution while you are out and about, so carry Fire OpalPeridot will help you to concentrate when you need to and also feel comfortable leaving it for another day if that is what it takes to feel good.

Number of the day: 2

2 reminds us of the strength in patience.  It can be your ally and help you to make the best choices if you are willing to be open to it.  Garnet will help you to draw strength from your resources.


Tuesday 07/05/16

Remember that exuberant feeling from Sunday when you thought nothing could be better than this?  Well here comes Mercury to take things a step further!  A Mercury/Neptune Trine matches the contentment you felt from the similar transit with the Sun, while showing you how to use it to everyone's advantage.  This is a time to put yourself out into the world in a very positive way.  You want to use your imagination to create something unique that benefits you and the world as a whole.  It doesn't have to be complicated or even artistic.  Your gifts are likely to become evident while performing ordinary and familiar tasks.  You will know something is different by how it makes you feel.  Your expressions will add to the good vibes that prevail through the day and others will sense your value.  You aren't just feeling good - you are “sharing good”.  This is an especially good time to dust off those dreams and passions that you put aside in favor of more practical pursuits.  Botswana Agate will give you the courage to give them a second chance and run with them!  Elestial Quartz reminds you that there is always plenty of room to have it all.

Number of the day: 3

The energy of 3 will give you an extra boost to focus on the sunny side of things. Rutilated Quartz will brighten your thoughts and let you act from a happy place.



Posted on June 27, 2016
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