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WEEK OF 06/28/17 - 07/04/17


Wednesday 06/28/17

You want to keep communications short, sweet and to the point while Mercury and Mars are in a Conjunction.  Otherwise you can get caught up in second-guessing yourself and being indecisive.  This  is a tense atmosphere that can breed arguments and impatience.  Apatite will help you avoid allowing your mind to wander away from your goals.  You want to be clear and direct in your thoughts and actions.   Venus and Saturn will bring out even more questions about your goals and direction when they move into a Quincunx later in the day.  You could feel uneasy about your choices and the life path you are currently working towards.  This can be an enlightening and instructive period as long as you keep a positive outlook.  Doubts are part of your growth so work with Clear Quartz to use them as motivation and encouragement.


Thursday 06/29/17

You will be either sharing too much or completely closed off when it comes to interaction while you are caught in the extremes of a Mercury/Pluto Opposition.  If you do let loose and express your thoughts you will be doing so at your own peril.  Everyone is on the defensive and expecting hostility.  While you think you are being honest others will see you as instigating trouble.  Green Kyanite can help you slow down and think carefully about what you are about to start.  If you attempt to hold it all inside then you run the risk of physical and mental stress.  It will be difficult to control obsessive thoughts and behaviors until the energy shifts. Amethyst will offer some peace and allow you to control yourself and avoid escalating the negativity.


Friday 06/30/17

After all that stress from yesterday you will be coveting a strong dose of positive energy.  The good news is that Venus and the Moon want to help you find that joy and comfort.  They are bringing you a day that is perfect for indulging in things you love to do and being with people who make you the happiest.  They are in a Square so emotions will be running high and low all day.  Your closest ally could feel like your worst enemy in a matter of moments.  Balance is the key to attaining and maintaining a friendly vibe so keep White Jade handy.  You may also have the urge to spend more money, time and/or energy then you should as well as feel too confident when it comes to risks.  Use Black Tourmaline for protection and clarity for a preventive measure.



Saturday 07/01/17

Venus and Neptune will encourage you to look deeply at your priorities so that you can understand their importance to you.  You may find that you are most interested in anything that has confused or eluded you in the past.  If you wonder why you are attracted to certain people, activities or callings then this is your chance to unravel the mystery. You will come away learning more about yourself and Stilbite will help you use that knowledge for your betterment.  Ideas and answers will come quickly as you mind reacts to the powerful innovation of a Sun/Uranus transit. You will perceive things swiftly and be able to react decisively with wisdom you might not have known you possessed.  Your skills and experience will get noticed and you may see advancement in several areas.  You deserve this success and Green Aventurine will help you make the most of it.


Sunday 07/02/17

Mars and Pluto are in an Opposition that is creating an atmosphere where dangerous elements and elusive situations will seem very attractive.  You don’t want to be seduced by this energy into thinking giving in to your urges is a good idea.  You may think you have what it takes to change the difficult nature of whatever you pursue.  You won’t and you will be left hurt and disappointed.  If that feels like part of the attraction then use Inclusion Quartz to maintain a healthy, confident attitude.  You know that you deserve better.  Perhaps you are sensing the excitement that can come from engaging in a battle.  There is a passionate thrill in the air that will arouse your emotions quite intensely.  Aquamarine will help you to be vigilant about not allowing yourself to lose control.  Things most likely won’t work out in your favor if you do not approach everything with a calm demeanor.



Monday 07/03/17

You can’t be tied down by convention or held back by regulations with Venus and Uranus in a Semi-Sextile.  You need to let your unique voice be heard and anything that is preventing that from happening is going to be a problem that needs your immediate attention.  Fortunately you will naturally attract support from like-minded individuals so use Banded Agate to work with them to uncover the best possible resolution.  If you brashly go it alone then you may find that you will come on too strong and not achieve positive results.  Jupiter is also working with Venus today and you may find that your efforts manifest far differently than you expect.  It is so easy to approach everything with an overly assertive attitude that may feel easygoing to you but appears antagonistic to others.  This transit throws your instinct off which makes it a good idea to either hold off on decisions and commitments or rely on others to be your voice of reason.  Use Strawberry Quartz to balance your impulses and think before you act.



Tuesday 07/04/17

Mercury and Uranus in a Square will bring unexpected and unwelcome messages.  They might come from outer sources but they are just as likely to be personal insights where you suddenly see the truth of a situation.  You don’t want your new awareness to throw you off balance so work with Moldavite to take things in stride.  Whether you like it or not you need this information for future success.  You just don’t want to act on it until you have had time to think it through and decide how it can benefit you the most.  Jupiter and Neptune might have you trying to ignore or avoid these insights as they are in a transit that favors fantasy over reality.  It can be healthy to give yourself a break from the boundaries of routine but don’t go so far off that you can’t find your way back.  Hematite will give you just enough grounding to feel free to relax while you remain confident that you will pick up your pace and be stronger than before.



Posted on June 26, 2017
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