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Crystal Astrology Report

WEEK OF 06/26/13 - 07/02/13 

WEDNESDAY 06/26/13

Everything old feels new again when the Sun and Neptune are in a happy trine with each other.  Your perception and vision are very clear and you can see nuances in just about everything and everyone that you come across.  You will instinctually recognize the many new opportunities that are hidden amidst your daily travels.  If it is time for a fresh start you are ready for the challenge.  Selenite will heighten your awareness. Carnelian will encourage you to take the first step.

Number of the day: 2

There is something missing that may cause you to feel less than whole and harmonious.  The energy of 2 can bring you what you lack - your job is to recognize it when it arrives.  Azurite will help you to be open and ready.

THURSDAY 06/27/13

Venus and Jupiter will produce a wonderful atmosphere where optimism and cooperation rule the day.  We feel connected and at peace with everyone and everything. You can see just how good things are and you want to be a part of them.  If you have been sitting on the sidelines waiting for your moment then it just might be here.  Affections and money will flow easily (maybe too easily!) so take a leap of faith and see where you land.  Success is almost guaranteed so wear Jade to attract only the best situations.  Brecciated Jasper lets you enjoy it all with some added protection just in case you go too far.

Number of the day: 3

There is so much to be happy about and 3 encourages you to revel in those things.  Everything else can wait for another day.  Pink Aventurine will compliment the positive energy. 

FRIDAY 06/28/13

You could realize some inner conflict brought on by a disconnect between your beliefs and your feelings.  It seems that they should be the same but their differences will be illuminated by Jupiter and the Moon.  While you can choose what you do and do not believe you cannot help how you feel about those choices.  And, as hard as we may try, it can be a challenge to choose your beliefs based on your feelings.  It is all so deep…no wonder you feel confused and out of control!  Our beliefs and feelings are constantly evolving and they are not always going to make sense. The purpose of this transit is to let us know that it is ok if they differ.  It is important to just let them naturally flow and by doing so we discover strengths that bring us closer to our true potential.  Use Celestite to strengthen your faith and Malachite to trust your feelings.  Together they will serve you well.

    Number of the day: 4 (22)

Self-confidence and reliance are consistently within you and are key elements of 4 energy.  The added energy of 22 will encourage you to tap into these strengths and build upon your master plan.  Black Jasper will allow you to go far while remaining steady. 

SATURDAY 06/29/13

Sometimes you just want to play for the sake of the game.  That is the overall mood when Mars and the Moon encourage us to be in it…well, just to be in it!   You will be excited about facing any challenges and discovering what it takes to excel.  This transit is not about winning and losing but it is about doing your best and enjoying the sense of overall accomplishment that comes from healthy competition – even if you are only competing against yourself.  Imperial Topaz will drive you towards excellence while Watermelon Tourmaline encourages you to have fun.

Number of the day: 5

So many ideas and all of that abundant energy.  These can be put to excellent use on a 5 day when you are looking to take a chance that will pay off well.  Green Kyanite will help you turn those ideas into actions. 

SUNDAY 06/30/13

When Mercury and Mars join up you know it is time to make things happen.  Your decisions come easily and you are able to react and perform quickly.  You are at the top of your game and could have a very productive day.  Don’t waste this energy by allowing your focus to wander or by spending too much time congratulating yourself on your many accomplishments.  Actions are for now…rewards will come later.   Blue Sapphire will keep your mind on target and Garnet will get the rest of you in motion.

Number of the day: 6

Find what (or who) it is that brings you peace and show them the love. The energy of 6 wants us to feel harmonious and happy so take the time to really feel it. Serpentine will attract a comfortable vibe. 

MONDAY 07/01/13

Venus and Saturn are in a square transit that could color your mood in gray.  It isn’t that you just feel lethargic…you actually feel dismal and a poor attitude affects everything including your relationships, work and relaxation.  It will be hard to shake the negativity surrounding everything and even harder to get anything done while it hangs around.  Do your best to keep things light and in perspective.  Brighter days are ahead (much, much brighter days!) and remember that a little rain makes the flowers grow.  Pink Calcite also makes everything more joyful and Black Agate will absorb the negative vibes if they become overwhelming.

Number of the day: 5

Our thoughts can overcome anything.  5 reminds you to use the power of your mind to stay strong when you feel low and know that everything will be better than alright.  Amethyst will illuminate your positive thoughts and be the first step towards manifestation. 

TUESDAY 07/02/13

You are probably still feeling on edge from an opposition between the Sun and Pluto late yesterday.  This transit can make you feel threatened by authority or those people and situations that you perceive as having some kind of power over you.  The result is that you may feel powerless and filled with self doubt.  It can be hard to see how much power and control that you truly have but that is the purpose of this transit.  Muster your courage and face obstacles head on to make the best use of this energy.  You can triumph over your fears and any outer deterrents.  Amber will help you find your inner tiger and Green Tourmaline will turn up your roar!

Number of the day: 6

Know that you are always in control of your situation.  Know that you are always making the best choice for the moment.  Know that you will make your life even better than you can imagine.  Feel better?  That is the power of 6.  Apatite will be a constant reminder of its (and your) power. 


Posted on June 24, 2013
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