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WEEK OF 06/22/16 - 06/28/16


Wednesday 06/22/16

You may feel out of sorts as the day begins with a Mercury/Moon square that makes it challenging to make sense of how you and others are feeling.  Emotions and interactions could be touchy until Mercury moves on, so try to avoid creating unnecessary drama through reactive outbursts or a dismissive attitude.   You are sure to get in your own way when you attempt to accomplish anything when Mercury does move into a square with Jupiter.  Your mental picture will not project into reality as planned and that is going to throw you off course very easily.  Now you are frustrated and disappointed, making it difficult to present a positive outlook to others and to navigate successfully through changing circumstances.  It could be that you expected too much to begin with, but it is more likely that things just need a little more time to come together.  If you can remain calm and recognize that momentary setbacks are an opportunity for things to be even more perfect than you imagine, then you will be fine.  Copper will help you accept what comes your way with grace, while Smokey Quartz reminds you not to give up just yet because tomorrow is another day.

Number of the day: 1

Thinking only of yourself seems wrong, but self-absorbed behaviors are a necessary facet of our journey.  Sometimes you just have to hold something back for yourself or there will be nothing left to share with the world.  Moldavite can give you the peace of mind to know it is okay to be your own priority.

Thursday 06/23/16

Mercury is still playing with our emotions and minds as it slips into a transit with Pluto.  You are going to be questioning everything.  Trust is a concern during this transit because that’s the stance we use for so many important elements in our lives - including the choices that we make and relationships that we build.  If you doubt someone else's commitment to you and your well-being, it will be very evident in your communications with them.  It is also likely that you’ll be examining your commitments to yourself and others.  Mix an inability to hide your misgivings with the negative slant of this atmosphere and you have a breeding ground for open resentment.  It might be an opportunity to clear the air and re-build on more solid ground.  There will be a hint of apprehension that will stain everything that you think, feel, or do right now, so if you do take a proactive effort, be prepared to go back and try again if you want to find a permanent fix.   Use Chalcopyrite to find faith in yourself and your ability to know what is best when trust seems to fail you.  Clear Quartz will provide clarity and positivity as you seek answers.

Number of the day: 2

An abundance of high velocity energy can produce stressful situations and cause us to feel disconnected from everything.  Take a moment to stop, breathe and find your footing.  Let Petrified Wood help you connect and realign with it all.

Friday 06/24/16

The pressure you've been feeling over the last few days isn't letting up, but it will feel very different today.   There is an exhilarating aspect to this Venus/Mars transit that will provoke you to go out and get more out of life.  Your desire to grow and drive for more excitement will be awakened and you will need to do something about it.  There is a very delicate balance between taking reckless, impulsive action and thoughtfully creating a new environment that will satisfy your needs and desires.  You will need to combine both of these extremes in order to effect real and lasting advancements.  It will be important that you feel the freedom to adapt to your environment while maintaining your personal code and decorum, so carry Jade for prosperous grounding.  Tanzanite can help you successfully guide this energy where you need it the most through the strength of your will and the desire of your heart.      

Number of the day: 3

Sometimes we forget just how much we can accomplish, how far we can go and how great we can be when we stand together as a whole.  Let Tiger Iron remind you of the values in working together.

Saturday 06/25/16

You'll enjoy being in a business frame of mind today with a Sun/Jupiter transit that highlights your professional talents.  Does it sound like all work and no play?  You may be focused on work related activities, but your experience will be more pleasurable than laborious.   You’ll to want to be creative and functional as you tackle assignments and tasks.  Best of all, you’ll feel very accomplished throughout the day.  It will be easy to recognize the many rewards that come from acting in an orderly and progressive manner.  Tangerine Quartz will enhance your participation in the busy atmosphere, while Rutilated Quartz gives you insight into what you can expect from your efforts.  Don't be too surprised when those expectations are exceeded!

Number of the day: 4

When faced with walls so high and wide that you feel as if you can never get around them - don't give up!  Keep chipping away...little by little...and eventually your obstacles will tumble before you.  Clear Quartz will be our ally when you need a reminder.

Sunday 06/26/16

You’ll be at your most productive as the day begins with Jupiter and Pluto in a transit designed to help you attain your goals.  If you don't have any specific ones right now, then you are sure to have at least one before the day is finished.  This energy encourages you to be your best self and it will inspire you to go after more - both personally and professionally.  You will feel inspired and ambitious and that will lead you to take control of your life.   You want to proceed with mental clarity and have the ability to attain the support of others, so do as much as possible early in the day when you will be direct and convincing.  The later hours bring a Mercury and Mars transit that won't make it easy to produce a clear thought or effectively communicate your true intentions.  Eventually Mercury moves into a sextile with Uranus that will bless you with a refreshed outlook that keeps you headed in a happy and healthy direction.  Consider how to best use this energy since it has many hidden benefits.  If there is something from the past that is keeping you from moving forward or needs a second chance, then work with Petrified WoodHeliodor will offer insight and inspiration to enable you to achieve your highest ideals.

Number of the day: 5

Really, what is the point if you don’t take a risk now and then?  That is what 5 causes us to consider as it encourages us to explore new patterns and behaviors.  Just remember that timing is everything, so use Tree Agate to choose your best moment.

Monday 06/27/16

Venus is taking us through some highs and lows with transits involving Saturn and Neptune.  The general demands of life could feel quite overwhelming when Venus and Saturn are playing with your emotions as the day begins.  Things like work and relationships could easily trigger anxieties that may seem unreasonable - both to ourselves and others.  It's going to be hard to understand what is bothering you and even harder to express it.  Tears will turn to smiles as the reality of Saturn is overtaken by the strengths of Neptune.  Now you see the best in everything and everyone.  You feel nothing but the joy and fortune of everything that surrounds you.  All the pressure from earlier in the day will be lifted and you are satisfied with just letting things be and enjoying your life.  There is magic in feeling satisfied and whole in your present, so use Chrysoprase to enhance that feeling and keep it glowing within you for as long as you can.  Carry Red Jasper earlier in the day to stabilize your mood and to remind you that you will feel better very soon.

Number of the day: 6

Find what (or who) it is that brings you peace and show them the love. The energy of 6 wants us to feel harmonious and happy, so take the time to really feel it. Serpentine will attract a comfortable vibe.

Tuesday 06/28/16

Mars goes into retrograde every two years, so it is a significant opportunity.  This year’s retrograde cycle began in April and will be ending tomorrow.  During this time you probably noticed that quick, decisive actions were not producing corresponding results.  Things just were progressing, making you feel stuck and possibly a little helpless.  The point of this period is to enable you to gain control and focus.  Mars' strength is its aggressive and impulsive nature - but it can also be a weakness.  A Mars retrograde offers a point of balance in time that makes it impossible to go fast, so that you can reevaluate your goals and directions.  Once it comes out of the phase tomorrow, it will take time to get back to its full strength. So, if you haven't worked with the retrograde energy you still have a chance.  Where are you headed and is that where you want to go?  If you are on point that is great - if not, now is when you want to make a course correction.  Either way this is the time to develop your plan of attack to get there because things will start moving forward soon and you want to be prepared.  Blue Sapphire will help you strategize.  When any planet goes retrograde, we become more introspective.  You may have noticed that certain situations in your life have become intolerable.  Now that you are aware of what is wrong, you don't want to remain complacent.  You are ready to move forward and deal with these issues, so use Ruby for patience and compassion that will produce the most positive outcome.

Number of the day: 7

7 is a bridge between the mystical and the physical.  When its energy is present, you know that you will have easier access to information from higher planes.  Use Celestite to take advantage of this opportunity for enlightenment.


Posted on June 20, 2016
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