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WEEK OF 06/21/17 - 06/27/17


Wednesday 06/21/17

Happy first day of Summer – or Winter depending upon where you are in our wonderful world!  The Sun moves into Cancer turning our focus to matters of emotion.  There is a strong emphasis on family and home but not necessarily the traditional and physical definitions.  This energy centers on your feelings about these matters and it is a good time to explore both the good ones and those challenges that are ready to be overcome.  Bloodstone can help you consider how your history and present situations have created your feelings about home/family and what they mean to you. Mercury won’t be far behind the Sun   so if you have something to say do it quickly before Mercury moves into Cancer.  Finding the right words is easier within Gemini's influence.  Mercury in Cancer makes it a challenge to verbalize directly as it is too easy to be overcome by emotion.  Celestite will help you combine Gemini and Cancer to express yourself with clarity and caring.  This will make for productive and enlightening interactions.


Thursday 06/22/17

Relationships are a bit harder to manage with a Mercury/Venus transit that makes you overly sensitive and awkward when interacting with others.  Your thoughts will be wandering and they may head into some places where you would rather not go.  It is important to take things lightly right now because it will be easy to accept the worst.  Use Coral Calcite to avoid being burdened by lies you try to make yourself believe.  Your energy will be much better spent trying to make yourself and others feel good.  Fluorite will keep your mood and communications friendly and upbeat.    


Friday 06/23/17

Venus and Saturn don’t want you thinking about your plans and goals right now.  They want you to focus on the excitement you feel while you are going after those things.  It isn’t about the achievement but the passion and dedication it takes to get there.   It will be clear that if you aren’t enjoying the ride then you are going in the wrong direction.   Citrine will give you the courage to do something about anything meaningless that is draining your energy.  This is progressive energy that creates plenty of opportunities for change.  You don’t want to allow fears of losing your foundation to keep you from considering other options.  Green Tourmaline  will help you get past those insecurities.  Flexibility and a willingness to try something new will strengthen your security – not diminish it!


Saturday 06/24/17

Love is an emotion that can often feel complicated but today’s Venus/Pluto Trine makes things very simple.  It is evident that you should be focusing solely on matters of deep and lasting love.  It could be a person, a thing, an activity, a calling, a faith…it is not the “what” that matters as much as your passion and devotion to it.  This energy could bring a major wake-up call as to what is important to you so work with Chrysocolla to gain the regenerative benefits of this transit.  There is a beautiful vibe right now and you want to enjoy it.  Rose Quartz will enhance your experiences as you express, engage and give your complete attention to those things that you love.


Sunday 06/25/17

You didn’t want to hold anything back yesterday but now you may need to put the brakes on before you lose sight of reality.  Mars and Jupiter are in a Square that is pushing you to say “Yes” to everything without regard for cost or consequence.  It is almost as if you are being bullied into going way too far out of your comfort zone to achieve something that you aren’t even sure that you really want.  There is a ton of valuable energy here but you will need to make a strong effort to control it.  Sunstone will help you find the confidence to stand your ground and trust your instinct.  Do that and you won’t make a wrong move.  Carry Howlite for patience and to retain a sense of peace and composure.  That will enable you to slow things down to a manageable pace.


Monday 06/26/17

The energy has kept you busy over the last few days and you deserve a break.  This is the attitude you want to adopt while Mars and Neptune are in a Trine. Your mind isn’t necessarily relaxed but it definitely does not want to focus on work and tasks.  Instead your thoughts are engaged with imaginative possibilities, intuitive insights and creative meanderings.  This is going to improve your physical well-being as you realize that it is time to stop doing and start being!  Use Dumortierite for support as you relax into the nature of the day.  Lapis Lazuli enhances your ability to listen and trust your intuition.


Tuesday 06/27/17

A Mercury/Jupiter Square will make it feel natural to take on too much but you will quickly sense it may not be the best plan.  This energy misleads you into believing that you have enough of whatever you need to make things work.  When you discover the truth and it is not what you expect you could be overcome by discouragement.  You may find you completely lose your will and drive because that is the nature of grandiose Jupiter – all or nothing!  Ruby will help you avoid giving in to those urges to take extreme measures.  If you do go for it then work with Scapolite to help you recognize there are no failures only new opportunities to do thing differently.  



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