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WEEK OF 06/18/14 - 06/24/14 

Wednesday 06/18/14

You can expect a jubilant day when Venus and Jupiter are getting along.  They are in a sextile transit today that will spread harmony and optimism that attracts the most positive of situations to everyone.  Everything just feels good and right and your overall disposition will benefit from this happy transit. Relationships and interactions – both personal and business – are especially rewarding right now, so go be sociable and share your good mood.  Citrine captures the sunny atmosphere and Dalmatian Jasper gets you out and about.

Number of the day: 4 (22)

Self-confidence and reliance are consistently within you and are key elements of 4 energy.  The added energy of 22 will encourage you to tap into these strengths and build upon your master plan.  Black Jasper will allow you to go far while remaining steady. 

Thursday 06/19/14

If there is something that has been nagging at you because you cannot find a good resolution, then today may be your day for closure.  The Sun and Mercury can open your mind and allow you to discover new answers to old questions.  Remember that Mercury is still retrograde so the answers may come slowly – but they will come if you are willing to accept them.  Sometimes we already have the answers that we seek, but we just aren’t ready to realize them.  The Sun is in thoughtful Gemini, so that will enhance your thought process.  Shattuckite will allow you to relax and let the ideas and answers flow.  Sodalite will allow you to deal with and use what you learn.

Number of the day: 5

Really, what is the point if you do not take a risk now and then?  That is what 5 causes us to consider as it encourages us to explore new patterns and behaviors.  Just remember that timing is everything, so use Tree Agate to choose your best moment. 

Friday 06/20/14

If you do nothing else, you have got to find an outlet for all of that creative energy that is flaring up within you!  Mercury and Uranus need you to leap out of your usual activities and use your incredible talents to chart new territories.  Speaking of those talents, you may discover that you possess an expertise that has been lying dormant.  Or is there something that you used to do that you loved and enjoyed but have let fall by the wayside?  You may find that your passions and opportunity to utilize those skills will be revived.   If nothing else you really need to try at least one new thing while you have all this enterprising energy at your disposal.  Hiddenite encourages you to listen to your heart, while Champagne Aura will help you connect with what you find there.

Number of the day: 6

What you send out will come back to you.  Include consideration for others in your thoughts and actions and you can create a circle of love and kindness that benefits all.  Morganite will support your efforts. 

Saturday 06/21/14

Does it feel as if what you are giving doesn’t correlate to what you are getting – particularly when it comes to work or relationships?  This could be a legitimate wake up call that you deserve more in reciprocation for your output or it could just be Venus and Pluto casting undue suspicions.  We can all feel unappreciated from time to time and there may be some merit to your feelings.  That feeling of deserving more is a highlight of this transit, so you want to be very cautious before you try to take any actions. Wait a day to make sure that you really do have a case before you ask for more.  You don’t want to seem manipulative or passive/aggressive and it is always important to come from a place of strength before you take a stand.  Manganese w/ Sugilite will offer insight and allow you to see how much you really are valued.  Kyanite will bring some mental peace.

Number of the day: 7

You really never know what will happen until it is done.  7 reminds us that is where faith comes into play.  Believe in the outcome you are working towards and let Pyrite amplify your intentions.

Sunday 06/22/14

Mercury and Venus in a semi-sextile will encourage you to find a new love.  Is there anything better?  Maybe it will be a person,  a thing, or a new job or hobby…something is sure to grab your attention and make you take notice under this influence.  Whatever it is, don’t dismiss it or leave it for another day.  Mercury is retrograde and you are supposed to be taking things slow so “I’m too busy for something new” is not an excuse!    Greet what catches your eye with an open mind, an open heart, and the willingness to give it your best shot.  See if that doesn’t go a long way to enriching your life.  Chalcopyrite is a wonderful tool for the adventurous.  Use Labradorite as a guide for your journey.

Number of the day: 8

Good things don't just suddenly happen.  Even if it may seem that way.  They are always a culmination of positive feats that we consistently perform each and every moment.  8 and Red Jasper encourages you to keep up the good work. 

Monday 06/23/14

It is so easy to become discouraged by setbacks and disappointed by a lack of progress with the Sun and Saturn pointing towards everything that is going wrong.  But really, aren't you stronger than that?  Of course you are, so use this energy to strengthen your determination and willpower.  You know when those are employed that nothing will stop you. Use whatever pops up today as an exercise to see how well you adapt and remain on course no matter what comes your way.    Coral Calcite will help you to maintain a positive outlook.  If you do feel overcome by challenges Blue Topaz will re-set your mind and get you back on track.

Number of the day: 9

Take the best and leave the rest.  We are always left with something valuable whether it is a lesson, a memory or something more.  9 wants you to uncover those things that will help you to move forward....and forget about the rest of it!  It isn't easy, so use Hematite to release any limitations. 

Tuesday 06/24/14

Venus could produce some tense moments due to a transit with Mars and Uranus that has everyone being a little too aggressive.   Venus is about passion and romance and those tend to be the very things that can make us act out of character.  A transit with Mars will have impulsive behaviors trying to override your common sense and good will.  Then you have Uranus who just loves to make you do things that you would never normally consider.  This influence can be very exciting and edgy, but you want to be careful because it is an overall unstable atmosphere where anything can happen.  The potential to hurt and be hurt is high and you could make some regretful decisions.  Chrome Diopside will bring some reason to the day and enable you to trust yourself and others.  Carry Iolite with you as a reminder to think before you will be very glad that you did!

Number of the day: 1

"Where shall I go this time?"  That is the question that 1 encourages you to constantly ask yourself  Just by asking the question you will be self-empowered and begin every journey with positive energy.  Clear Quartz will show you the way.



Posted on June 17, 2014
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