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June 14

Mars spends the day in a hostile mood, Venus amps up the relationship stress and Mercury dukes it out with Ceres. Stress is in the cards no matter which way you turn today. Celestite, Chrysocolla, Danburite and Dioptase-relieves and releases stress to keep you in top form.


June 15

The Full Moon Total eclipse can open us to stirring revelation on the metaphysical front while the Gemini full Moon, which connects us to the Mind of God or the moon of the Festival of Humanity portends advances in higher learning. This is the time when all learning seems to flow more easily and swiftly. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn all you can today. Also of note is the Gemini Moon clash with the Sagittarius Sun. Gemini urges you to pay attention to details, while the Sagittarius Sun wants you to go big have big idea, big adventures., big dreams. Don’t worry, as long as you don’t let yourself get to caught up in the details, you can compromise and still have fun. As the Full Moon reaches its peak illumination today it coincides with a full lunar eclipse at the same time . The Moon triggers some colorful and lucid dreams later in the early hours of the 16th, record all the happenings.


June 16

As we try to assimilate this newest energy surge, thoughts of divinity and higher realms are front and center in our minds. Go with the flow and reach for the heavens. Quartz, the workhorse of the crystal families will stores, transmits, maximize flow, allowing us to access the energy when we are ready to assimilate.

Lunar happy wanderings are giving today an emotional high and Mercury moves into Cancer to prepare the way for the Sun to follow. Home front and family matters take center stage. Mercury add the extra punch to the mix as a trine with Neptune enhances creativity and creation in the artist minded. Botswana Agate is a great stone to assist you in exploring your creativity. Open the doors of your mind and be a creator.


June 17

Capricorn Moon urges us to push the limits of our potential and use our talents to the max. Today is a good day to ride those emotional highs provides by Mercury and Jupiter as they move into their traditional subordinate signs. A Venus Saturn connection later in the day ask for a little truth and honesty in all dealing while The Moon get ready to move into peace loving Aquarius. Aquamarine and, Charoite will insure that your inner truth and universal truth are in agreement while Celestiteinspires to seek truth in spirituality, speech and thought. It ask you to “Walk the Talk.”


A Moon Mars trine today can really boost health and bring with it strength and vitality to encourage us to “get physical.” If you need a little motivation to get up and move, carry a piece of will let you explore your spirituality in a gentle and peaceful manner.


June 19

A Mercury -Chiron trine in water sign is a profound time of healing, while a Moon-Venus trine can stir the mind into erotic avenues. Cosmic mayhem in the afternoon hours can leave us feeling as if we have lost control and no one is in the drives seat.  Blue/Green Jade helps when feeling overwhelmed and out of control. Jet which promotes control in your life, will be your guide in this situation. Mystical revelation lead to enlightenment and path work.


June 20

Monday Blues, Not today. Today may be the most opportune day to move forward on all fronts and put your best foot forward. Rearrange your space or buy that new piece of furniture you have been wanting. Psychic forces hold sway and the sensitive may feel more open to their sixth sense. Follow where it leads you and let your imagination take charge. Vesuvianite will keep you centered and feet firmly planted on the ground during this time span.

The Moon is on the move again and watery Pisces opens the door. Later in the evening The moon moves into Jupiter realm and it time to dance the night away.

Posted on June 14, 2011
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