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WEEK OF 06/07/17 - 06/13/17


Wednesday 06/07/17

You won't feel comfortable in familiar patterns and procedures because you already know how they are going to end.  You want to be consumed and connected to a story that doesn't have a pre determined conclusion.  It could be your daily functions or you may be drawn to a new source of entertainment or creativity.  Mercury and Venus will make sure that you are ready to make whatever it is your own.  Something is going to touch your soul right now so work with Blue Lace Agate to slow down and take your time so that your results are as good as you expect. 


Thursday 06/08/17

Your thoughts will be uneasy with Mercury and Pluto making you aware of problems and obstacles.  You may feel easier if you accept that these are things you need to know in order to grow and prosper.  You may not be able to quiet your mind so make sure the messages are healthy and proactive.  Turquoise will help you attain a positive state.  Then you want to mindfully direct this energy towards resolutions and plans.  Your mind is so powerful and it can keep you tethered or allow you to fly free.  That choice is always completely up to you but you need to know what you need in order to feel accomplished and at peace.  Trust yourself to know if you need to stop and be still for the moment or if a move is necessary.  Once you decide then Iolite will help you follow through with the best course of action.


 Friday 06/09/17

Pluto helped get you in the right state of mind to make lucrative adjustments yesterday. Now it is working with the Sun so that you follow through on your personal commitment.  Your will is strong and determination is your ally within this influence.  Emotionally you may feel a little unsure but the Sagittarius Moon combined with Carnelian will help you feel comfortable creating change instead of reacting to it when it is thrust upon you.  Venus and Mars will also stir your emotions with passion and the desire for personal fulfillment.  Peridot confirms your sense that you have what it takes to create fortune and happiness for yourself and others.


Saturday 06/10/17

You have a Sagittarius Full Moon signifying that you are ready to end things with an optimistic and upbeat attitude.  Closure is never easy but no matter what the circumstances you are confident that you have accomplished what you set out to do.  You might not have even known what that was when things began but there is plenty of insight to be had right now so work with Petrified Wood to gain wisdom and clarity.  Now you are ready to move on but things may take longer than you would like.  Sagittarius energy isn’t known for offering patience but Saturn is also in Sagittarius and can offer the support you need.  Rhodonite will help you draw from that energy.


Sunday 06/11/17

Have you experienced problems with making your dreams come true?  That is about to change as Jupiter comes out of its retrograde state where it has been lingering since February.  Jupiter does not like to be idle and the planet of fortune and expansion has been delayed in producing its typical energy.  That does not mean this period has not been filled with benefits – most of which have likely been hidden! It didn’t feel good to be stuck or forced to take steps backwards but now you can see how this has helped you to open pathways to change.  Blue Aventurine lets you to recognize how your goals are more thoughtful and direct. Retrograde periods remind us of the importance of timing. Use Blue Topaz to approach things from the deeper strength and experience you have gained.  The time is now to expand in a most positive manner and you are prepared.


Monday 06/12/17

Sometimes we struggle to find answers and then you have those days where you just get it.  This is going to be one of those days!  Mercury and Chiron are expanding your powers of observation and perception with a focus towards healing.  You will be able to see how you can make things better through your present talents and recognize gifts that you have yet to put into practice.  Brecciated Jasper will help you attract opportunities to explore new interests and callings.  There is an emphasis on the connection of the mind, the spirit and the emotional self to the physical body during this influence.  If you or someone you know is experiencing physical illness then work with Black Onyx to reveal underlying causes.  You have the ability to make changes that can heal on multiple levels but the first step is determining everything that needs a healing touch.


Tuesday 06/13/17

Your mind may be disturbed by today’s Mercury/Uranus transit and it’s going to be really hard to keep all those icky feelings to yourself.  It may or may not be deliberate but be aware that your verbal and non-verbal communications will come off as harsh and sarcastic. CarryRose Quartz as a reminder to think first and work towards kindness in all of your interactions.  Remember that everyone is feeling this influence and its irritations so we are just looking for an excuse to release them.  Hostility and arguments are natural conduits to get this out of your system but you are only feeding into the disharmony.  Dendritic Agatecan help you find healthier outlets that will change your mood and the energy for the better.    



Posted on June 05, 2017

    (Submitted by: SerAl on June 14, 2017)

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