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Crystal Astrology Report *06/04/14 - 06/10/14*

Wednesday *06/04/14*

Crystals for the day:  Aqua Aura & Blue Topaz.  Often the world has some wonderful things to show us that we fail to notice as we make our way through our busy lives. That won't be the case today as Venus and Neptune join up in a sextile position that makes it impossible to ignore the wonder and beauty of your surroundings.  Kindness abounds and you enjoy being in step with this radiant and delightful energy.  There is magic here, so use your imagination to manifest something spectacular and then watch it take flight.  You will become a part of the best that the world has to offer just by letting yourself be who you want to be...not who you think you should be!  Aqua Aura encourages imaginative advances, while Blue Topaz lets you be expressive in ways that will delight you and others.

Number of the day: 8

Knowledge alone will never make a difference without putting in your own efforts.  Take what you learn and make it work for you.  Amber boosts your will and gives your actions purpose.

Thursday *06/05/14*

Crystals for the day: Blue Aventurine & Snowflake Obsidian.  Imagine you are in a place where you are comfortable and happy and at your most productive.  And then suddenly you are somewhere that just doesn't feel right and you aren't quite sure how to act or what to do.  Now you have a good idea of how Mercury is feeling following its move out of Gemini into Cancer last week.  Mercury is intellectual and forthright and feels quite awkward in emotional, closed-off Cancer.  Expect your communications to feel the effects of Mercury's discomfort. Try to avoid reacting with defensive measures and taking everything too personally.  It is very easy to hurt and be hurt right now, so it is essential to take your time and take care.  Mercury is going to help you by slowing everything down in a few days when it goes retrograde.  Follow its lead and let the retrograde energy guide instead of allowing it to challenge you.  Blue Aventurine is a wonderfully grounding crystal that will allow you to see the true meanings behind communications.   Snowflake Obsidian will protect you from perceived "attacks" no matter which side of the message you are on. 

Number of the day: 9

Reflection before action can make all the difference.  Visualize the results of your plans and interactions before you execute them to make sure that you are producing the desired effect.  Amethyst will allow you to see clearly.

Friday *06/06/14*

Crystals for the day:  Rhyolite & Dumortierite. The Sun and Uranus in a sextile want to get you ready for upcoming changes in a proactive way.  Anything can happen when Uranus is in the picture, so expect to be pleasantly surprised by something.  You will be especially adaptable to changing influences, so you don’t want to just sit back and wait for things to happen.  Get out there and find ways to invite new energies into your life.  Later in the day you should expect to have to do things more than once when Mercury and Saturn get together.  Consider this is an opportunity to pause for reflection in preparation for the slow-down that begins with tomorrow’s retrograde. Overall this is not a day for haste – especially if you want to take full advantage of all the opportunities.  Rhyolite will help you to pause rather than procrastinate, while Dumortierite allows you to relax and be open to what may come your way. 

Number of the day: 1

Thinking only of yourself seems wrong, but self-absorbed behaviors are a necessary facet of our journey.  Sometimes you just have to hold something back for you or there will be nothing left to share with the world.  Moldavite can give you the peace of mind to know it is ok to be your own priority.

Saturday *06/07/14*

Crystals for the day: Clear Quartz  & Green Kyanite. Venus and Mars could complicate your interactions with others today.  Your attempts at a friendly conversation may be perceived in a very different way.  There is the possibility of appearing a little too aggressive and even needy.  You instincts will be off when it comes to understanding how to deal with others, how to project yourself in the best way and how to get what you want.  Whatever you think is the right way to approach something, you are likely to be wrong.  Think again and consider not just what you want - but what others want and need for the best use of this energy.  Clear Quartz will lighten everything and provide valuable clarity.  Green Kyanite will enable you to be more discerning and caring when it comes to your communications.

Number of the day: 2

An abundance of high velocity energy can produce stressful situations and cause us to feel disconnected from everything.  Take a moment to stop, breathe and find your footing.  Let Dalmatian Jasper help you connect and realign with it all. 

Sunday *06/08/14*

Crystals for the day:  Garnet & Epidote. Have you been waiting for the perfect moment to start something amazing?  Well that day is here!  There comes a time when you need to stop waiting and show the world what you have to offer and a Venus/Pluto trine makes this day that time.  Your passion and commitment will be clear to others and you can expect them to respond positively.  Relationships and business endeavors are especially favorable right now.  Garnet will help you to use your passion to make progress.  Once you've taken those first steps, use Epidote to capitalize upon what you have begun.

Number of the day: 3

Sometimes we forget just how much we can accomplish, how far that we can go and how great we can be when we stand together as a whole.  Let Ametrine remind you of the value in working with others.

Monday *06/09/14*

Crystals for the day:  Chrome Diopside & Chrysoprase.  Too much is most definitely enough when Mercury & Saturn get together.  You should expect a lot of “overs” today including an overabundance of information, an overflow of emotion and that feeling of being completely overwhelmed.  You can easily get carried away by stress and this is where the energy will take you – if you allow it.  The good news (yes, it is good news) is that Mercury is retrograde so use this as an opportunity (and excuse if you need it) to take it easy.  Chrysoprase will help you to find that place of calm and reason that can help you maneuver through the day.  Use Chrome Diopside to manage the flow of input and maintain a steady flow of activity that will keep things balanced.

Number of the day: 4

When faced with walls so high and wide that you feel as if you can never get around them - don't give up!  Keep chipping away...little by little....and eventually your obstacles will tumble before you.  Black Jasper can boost your strength and diligence.

Tuesday *06/10/14*

Crystals for the day:  Mookaite & Serpentine.  It won’t be your typical day tomorrow when Venus and Uranus join up in a semi-sextile.  Be a different you and take a walk on the wild side to see what else is out there.  Comfort zones evaporate under this influence and you feel ready to embrace what you may have previously feared.  In your pursuit of the unusual and the novel you will discover an unexpected side of yourself.  Life is an adventure and it’s time to let your inner traveler out to play. Mookaite will open you to the natural energies of the day, while Serpentine encourages adventure and allows you to travel in comfort.

Number of the day: 5

Life is a constant adventure and everything changes from one moment to the next.  The ride can be scary, but know it is taking you where you need to go.  Carry Celestite for faith.






Posted on June 04, 2014
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