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WEEK OF 06/01/16 - 06/07/16


Wednesday 06/01/16

An internal battle between what you think you should be doing or doing what you want to do will unfold throughout the day.  The Sun and Neptune are in a square transit and you won't know which call to answer.  Do you remain focused on your tasks and schedules or ignore it all in favor of more creative and enjoyable pursuits?   Your attention to detail and general performance will be affected by this energy, so it may be in your interest to set aside anything that requires that dedication for another day.   If it is important and cannot wait then carry Howlite to keep your focus directed on the task at hand.  You will be plagued by indecision and that will create a stressful atmosphere.  Charoite will help you to work through it and remind you that it is okay to leave things for another day.

Number of the day: 7

You never really know what will happen until it is done.  7 reminds us that’s where faith comes into play.  Believe in the outcome you are working towards and let Pyrite amplify your intentions.


Thursday 06/02/16

The sky is quiet today, but Venus is closely following the path of the Sun.  As soon as tomorrow begins Venus will be the planet challenging Neptune in a square transit.  Once again you have an inner battle to manage, but now it’s your thoughts and perceptions that are in conflict.  Venus wants you to recognize and accept the reality of your situation as it relates to matters of finance and personal associations.  Neptune wants you to approach these areas from an idealistic view that overlooks and dismisses anything that does not meet your hopes and dreams.  It will come down to giving in to illusion or accepting the truth.  Those truths can feel harsh and exhausting, but it doesn’t have to if you employ one of the many benefits of Venus.   Venus encourages us to see the beauty in everything and that includes those facts that can appear to be in direct conflict with what we want to believe.  This can be a very empowering transit if you use it to eliminate those fanciful illusions and allow yourself to create your own truth.  Fire Agate can help you to do that by keeping you open and accepting when you face the facts, flaws and issues that you are avoiding.  You cannot change those, but you can change your perception of them and Picture Jasper can show you how to create a new dream that incorporates a realistic picture.

Number of the day: 8

Good things don't just suddenly happen, even if it may seem that way.  They are always a culmination of positive feats that we consistently perform each and every moment.  8 and Red Jasper encourage you to keep up the good work.


Friday 06/03/16

The Sun and Venus are chasing each other across the sky again today.  We begin with a Sun/Saturn opposition and you’ll feel a harsh sting of reality.  Your desires, will and determination could all be overcome by your present circumstances.  You will have tons of doubts and worries about the likelihood of achieving your goals if you allow this influence to bring you down.  It is actually easy to turn this around and have it work in your favor by using reality as a tool to get what you want.  Remember when we talked about perception yesterday?  What appear to be obstacles can be used as a catalyst when you figure out how to get past them and/or find a proactive use for them.  Citrine will help you to see the potential and that will increase your self-confidence.  When Venus replaces the Sun in a similar opposition with Saturn later in the day, those early self-doubts will transform into feelings of being persecuted, criticized and generally unappreciated.  You have to remember that these are feelings that may not represent actual events in your life.  Don't allow this transit to turn you into a victim who acts out of fear.  Instead use this as an opportunity to recognize how amazing and talented you are.  Learn to love yourself and others will follow your lead. Use Green Chlorite to free yourself from being stopped by what others may or may not think of you.  There is a very serious tone to this entire day, so bring a Clear Quartz along with you to lighten things up. 

Number of the day: 9

Reflection before action can make all the difference.  Visualize the results of your plans and interactions before you execute to make sure that you are producing the desired effect.  Amethyst will allow you to see clearly.


Saturday 06/04/16

Here we go again with a Sun/Jupiter square followed by a Venus/Jupiter square.  Jupiter recently came out of a lengthy retrograde, so you may have begun to notice growth and expansion occurring in your life.  If you haven't, or if it seems that it is still not happening quickly enough, then this Sun/Jupiter transit will feel very upsetting.  You want more and you just aren't getting it and you are tired of waiting - and worrying that things will never change.  This can very easily be an empowering influence if you use it as an opportunity to become aggressive and make things happen for yourself.  Use Malachite to see the benefits of this energy and use them to take one action that gets you closer to getting what you want.  Once Venus joins Jupiter it will actually help you make those moves.  This is very creative and enthusiastic energy where you are driven to obtain more good things in your life.  You will need a good grounding crystal like Black Obsidian to help you maintain focus, sense and balance.  These are essential to a successful approach because it will be very easy to go to extremes in your pursuit and shoot right past your goal.   

Number of the day: 1

Thinking only of yourself seems wrong, but self-absorbed behaviors are a necessary facet of our journey.  Sometimes you just have to hold something back for yourself or there will be nothing left to share with the world.  Moldavite can give you the peace of mind to know it is okay to be your own priority.


Sunday 06/05/16

The Sun and a New Moon are both in Gemini so you can expect your thoughts and feelings to be broad and expansive.  Gemini has an adventurous energy that needs to explore every fact, flaw and potential outcome before a decision is made.  Once the choice is made it is the very best and only one that will work....for that moment.  The next moment might bring new information, ideas or feelings that will need deep evaluation that is likely to result in changed minds and courses.  The dualistic nature of Gemini can feel frustrating and stimulating all at once, making it a perfect catalyst for positive changes.  This is powerful energy and you want to use it to create solutions to anything in your life that isn’t working or could use some improvements.  Gemini is especially powerful when directed towards anything that has been stagnant and could use a revival.  Neon Apatite will enable you to work with this energy in a proactive manner that helps to avoid the danger of being indecisive when faced with so any options.  It is always valuable to see the whole picture and Gemini is particularly effective at taking a broad and objective look that incorporates all sides of a situation.  Use Dendritic Agate to use that quality to your advantage.

Number of the day: 2

An abundance of high velocity energy can produce stressful situations and cause us to feel disconnected from everything.  Take a moment to stop, breathe and find your footing.  Let Petrified Wood help you connect and realign with it all. 


Monday 06/06/16

The Sun and Venus have finally caught up with each other and they are getting along splendidly in a harmonious conjunct transit.  Relationships will especially feel the benefits of this transit as we mirror the planets and bring out the best in each other.  Obviously engaging in social functions and group activities is an excellent use of this energy and you also want to watch out for hidden opportunities that may surface within this atmosphere.  You may come across the perfect partner, vendor or customer for a financial endeavor that you have been working towards.  It is a good time to make improvements/upgrades to your home and appearance and seek the advice of others on these matters.  You will have a good eye for creating something that is not only visually appealing, but also feels really good.  There is an abundance of joy to take part in today and Carnelian can guide you towards those situations that will make you the happiest - not just for now, but moving forward.  The harmonious nature of this transit makes it a good time for pitches and solicitations for understanding and support from others.  Use Blue Kyanite to make the most of this to improve current relationships and build new ones.

Number of the day: 3

Sometimes we forget just how much we can accomplish, how far we can go and how great we can be when we stand together as a whole.  Let Tiger Iron remind you of the values in working together.


Tuesday 06/07/16

We start the day off feeling some imbalance as both the Sun and Venus are in square transits with the Moon.  You will feel internal conflict that will cause you to question if what you are doing and where you are headed is what you really want.  You are looking at the surface elements of your life and wondering if they are enough to fulfill your inner desires and potential.  Is your material accomplishment enough to achieve your soul’s purpose...or are you missing something?  These are heavy questions and thoughts and you won't find easy answers.  It is good to check in with yourself and make sure you are on the right track, but you run the risk of creating unnecessary dissatisfaction and unhappiness during these transits.   Fortunately, they are brief and Mercury and Uranus are going to lighten things up considerably when they overpower the moody atmosphere with their own brand of mischievous fun.  This is a big wake up call to stop thinking so much and start doing things that will give you that feeling of wholeness and peace.  Inspiration and insights will be flowing as your mind opens to the ideas of what you can do rather than being limited by what you haven't done.  It is up to you to go forth and run with these positive ideas.  Don't be surprised if something you let go of comes back for a second chance!  Use Moonstone as a reminder that it is never too late to make good things happen for yourself.  Tiger Eye will help you manage any internal tension by showing you all the possibilities that you have available as you continue to create your best life.

Number of the day: 4

4 will remind you to take the time to focus on the details.  That is where you can find access to the big picture painted by your dreams.  Aragonite offers stability that will illuminate the journey.



Posted on May 30, 2016
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