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Tuesday 31st May

May ends in a blaze of cosmic activity. Tensions build as Venus forms a frictional link with radical-change Uranus, while Mercury accosts Saturn via an abrasive tie. Both of these sky patterns are bound to ratchet up the universal worries. Exacerbating today’s dilemmas and enigmas is the monthly Moon-Mercury union in Taurus. The big event of the day concerns Pallas at Aquarius ceasing its direct motion, making a station, and beginning a retrograde cycle. All Pallas themes are accentuated now and over the next couple of days.

Wednesday 1st June

As I’m sure you know, every six months we have a solar eclipse.  Today’s partial solar eclipse is just a lead in for the full Lunar eclipse on the 15th. Today’s solar eclipse heralds in a time to choose change as an option.  Change prevents stagnation and leads to advancement, should it be a new job or starting new projects or personal transformations, Ametrine can assist in these new endeavors and ease the transformations.  Cosmic energy is leading us to examine our spiritual side and tap into our will power. Dreams lead to clues for solving problems. Remember to Journal and record any night time wanderings.

Thursday 2nd June

Confusion, mood swings and downright chaos hold sway as Neptune gets ready to go into retrograde.   Yes, while Neptune does not go retrograde for another few days it is heating up the confusion and uncertainty.  Blue Lace Agate to sooth those frayed emotions and bring a measure of peace.

Friday 3rd June

As Neptune goes retrograde today, daydreams and fantasy can invade reality and leave you lost, confused and wondering what the heck happened.  Diving under the covers seems like a good idea but with a little clarity and focus you can find yourself securely grounded in reality. Carnelian will dispel those delusions and anchor you solidly in the here and now. Spend time out in nature or work out in the garden, get in touch with family and friends. Chiron holds court to Neptune and Mars, igniting the need to immerse you in learning all things spiritual and the healing arts.  Give in to the urge, you know you want to. 

Saturday 4th June

The weekend starts with a boost in morale as Jupiter settles in for a long sojourn with Taurus.  Yes, until June of 2012, Jupiter will cozy up to Taurus and today it offers us a chance to coax some success out of long term projects.  Venus courts Ceres and creativity flows freely. Let Chrysolite inspire you, Citrine guide and harness all your creative juices and energy into your projects and artistic endeavors.

Sunday 5th June

Today may leave you feel like a rubber band stretched too tight. An active cosmos is stirring things up and you may feel a little like a ball bouncing from one bunker to another.  With 8, yes I said 8, alignments on the docket for today and The Moon playing the cue ball and bouncing into everyone, emotional stress can leave you feeling exhausted.  Pink Opal will guide you into a more balanced state of mind with its gentle and loving energy. The ups and downs finally settle as the Moon trines Uranus and Mercury later today. 

Monday 6th June

The Sun in Gemini clashes early in the day with Jupiter in Taurus.  The cosmos likes to teach us a little humility every once in a while and today is one of those days.  Leave the ego at the door when dealing with associates today.  Magnesite will teach you the importance of listening to others, allowing you to take a backseat and let someone else do the driving, so to speak.  It is possible to make major headway in solving problems and strategy sessions.  The Moon parallels Jupiter, Ceres parallels Neptune, and a Sun tie to Uranus lightens things up this evening.  Time to play with that new gadget or delve into some long postponed metaphysical research.

Posted on May 31, 2011
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