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WEEK OF 05/27/15 - 06/02/15 

Wednesday 05/27/15

Your objective for today is to find the best outlet for the intensity of personal energy you will receive from an exciting Mercury/Mars transit.  You are going to be driven to take action, so you want to make sure that you direct your efforts towards activities that will benefit and further your current goals.  This transit has all of the usual elements produced from these planets like mental clarity, impatience, aggression and determination.  It’s going to be too much energy to hold back and, if you don’t find constructive uses, then destructive ones will be readily available.  There is a lot of potential for advancement under this influence so don’t waste it on anything that does not benefit you!  Green Tourmaline will also point you towards the perfect outlet when you have extra energy available to use.  Apophyllite will be your guide as you envision productive outcomes from your efforts.

Number of the day: 4

When 4 is present, you want to direct your energies towards something or you could feel unfulfilled and stagnant.  Carry Black Onyx for purposeful exercises.

Thursday 05/28/15

It will be very easy to focus solely on the acquisition of more things following a Sun/Venus semi-square late yesterday.  This transit can make you feel as if you are lacking or missing out on something and the simplest solution is to fill that empty space with something shiny and new.  Try to avoid tangible, momentary solutions because it won’t make you feel any better and it is likely you will be left with nothing but more clutter and regret.  Instead, you can use this transit to understand and heal your worries that something is wrong and trust that you are exactly where you need to be right now. Venus is also working with Chiron and that will open you to finding and committing to ideas that can make an actual difference in your life.  If you need to “buy” something, make it your faith in your unlimited potential, because once you have that, what else do you need?  Blue Kyanite will bring clarity and keep you from seeking temporary solutions.  Smokey Quartz will provide soothing energy that will ground you in reality so that you are not led by delusions.

Number of the day: 5

Use the energy of 5 to see how to work with what you have to get what you want.  Use it with Bronzite to put your resources to work.

Friday 05/29/15

Neptune will be messing with your mind today as it faces off with Mercury in a square.  Your perceptions will be off and your mind will wander far from where you want it to be.  You want to avoid being in the position where a decision is an absolute necessity, since your concentration and focus will not be at their peak.  If you do have to make a choice, make sure you leave yourself plenty of options to make future changes.  If you have already made a commitment, then following through should be easy as long as it doesn’t require adherence to complicated instructions.  Basically, you want to use this transit as an excuse to give your brain a rest but still go about your business and feel comfortable operating on auto-pilot.   It is a lovely day to daydream and spark your imagination, so spend some time with a Seraphinite for guidance.  Shungite will offer essential grounding, while it also protects you while your physical guard is down.

Number of the day: 6

When it feels as if everything is a struggle, work with Pink Calcite and the nurturing vibe of 6 to help you find a more peaceful path.

Saturday 05/30/15

You will want to carry yesterday’s advice into the early hours today as we begin with a Mercury/Venus semi-square.  Allow your mind to remain at ease, but make an effort to pay attention to your communication skills.  A Venus/Mercury semi-square will make it easy to say the wrong thing and/or produce overly sensitive reactions from innocent comments.  A few hours into the day will change everything once Mercury moves into a conjunct transit with the Sun.  Now you are well-rested, your mental skills are sharp and your communications will be clear and constructive.  It will be very evident that you know what you want and why you want it.  You will easily be able to see how you can turn everything and anything towards working in your favor, so now is when you want to decide on your next move.  Amazonite will give you the strength to flow with the energy and not push through it to accomplish things that you easily want.  Once you are ready to go. Unakite will let you make purposeful moves.

Number of the day: 7

7 will remind you to trust your intuition.  You have the answers within you, so follow your internal GPS system and you will never be lost.  Use Hematite to stay on course.

Sunday 05/31/15

Neptune will be a driving force today, so you want to allow yourself plenty of time to enjoy its positive influences.  A Neptune/Venus transit starts your day on a happy note where everything appears to be wonderful.  Remember that this energy will not allow you to see the full picture since it replaces reality with fantasy.  You aren’t going to be aware of pesky details or challenging flaws because they might damage your idealistic view. Enjoy yourself but don’t make any hard and fast decisions until the energy moves on and you can clearly see exactly what you are getting into.  A Sun/Neptune square later in the day may not make you feel as giddy, but it will still allow you to enjoy more artistic ventures.  You won’t have the focus or desire to deal with any detail-oriented situations, so it is best to avoid those if possible.  Instead, use the spiritual atmosphere to pursue creative and peaceful activities.  Chalcopyrite will clear away anything that is keeping you from enjoying the benefits of this energy, while Sodalite stimulates your spirit.

Number of the day: 8

8 days are the perfect time to look around and see what you have gained from your efforts.  Use Mahogany Obsidian to appreciate and build upon what you have achieved.

Monday 06/01/15

The Moon and Mercury are producing a very sociable atmosphere that will make us all more candid.  You can expect spontaneous and entertaining interactions where conversations have a pleasantly natural flow. Of course, since the Moon is involved, there is an emotional element and this is an especially good time to reach out to people from your past.  Mercury is retrograde which can add to the carefree environment as long as you don’t allow minor mishaps to break your harmony.  Everyone is feeling quite generous and supportive, so if you need to ask for something, now is the time because you are likely to get it!  Clear Quartz will amplify and brighten the happy energies of the day, while Rhodochrosite encourages rewarding interactions.

Number of the day: 6

Use 6 to build productive and harmonious relationships.  Use Prasiolite to forge lasting connections that are mutually satisfying and beneficial.

Tuesday 06/02/15

Mars and Pluto are going to bring out your antagonistic side today and you will be looking for a fight. Even the easiest going among us has an inner combatant that will be driven to the surface with very little provocation.  Basically you will feel as if you have something to prove and only extreme measures will get you and your cause the attention that it deserves. If you typically operate on the passive side, then this can be a very valuable transit, since sometimes you need to make a powerful and undeniable stand.  If you are the type who leans towards taking the aggressive approach to everything, then you will want to use extreme caution.  Turquoise will encourage boldness and confidence in the most constructive manner. Blue Apatite can help you avoid purposeless confrontations.

Number of the day: 7

Giving yourself time for introspection will result in an inner peace that will carry your through those busy days.  Focus on the energy of 7 and Lithium Quartz.



Posted on May 26, 2015
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