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WEEK OF 05/25/16 - 05/31/16

Wednesday 05/25/16

The combined energies of Venus and Pluto are producing a tense atmosphere as they center their focus on your concerns about losing something important. We are all aware that endings are a natural part of life, but during this transit this awareness can become all-consuming.  Any worries that you have been burying will rise to the surface and overwhelm your reason.  It will be so easy to give in to those fears and self-doubts.   All that you can believe is that it is going to end anyway, so you overreact by pushing things away or holding on too tight.  It is imperative to find a place of peace and calm before you plunge headlong into a self-destructive spiral.  Green Calcite will help you to find a healthier means to alleviate your fears by distracting yourself with other activities or asking for help through prayer and meditation.  This will be a particularly difficult transit if there is a situation that is coming to a conclusion.  It is important that you let it take its course without interference so that things work out in everyone's best interest.  If you are going through that kind of transition, then Aqua Aura will relieve the strain that you have been carrying from holding on instead of letting go. 

Number of the day: 3

What could be more fun that doing something unplanned and unexpected?  It isn't always about work, so go out and play and wear a Turquoise to feel the elements as you enjoy your day.


Thursday 05/26/16

A Jupiter/Saturn square will force you to follow the rules today if you want to make any kind of progress.  That won't be easy if you attempt to circumvent any process that is taking too long and feels as if it is strangling your attempts at growth and expansion.  Shortcuts and seeking preferential treatment will only cause delays and make you feel more restricted by society's rules.  A better plan is to study those rules and follow them to the letter so that you can understand their purpose, their benefits and their disadvantages.  Now you can take an informed approach and use your newly developed expertise to make the system work to your advantage.  Focus your energy on achievement through process - even if you need to create your own - rather than disorganized actions and you will end the day feeling as if you are on the way to attaining your goals.  Use Alexandrite to gain strength and knowledge, as well as  create a personal system that gets you where you want to be.  Green Aventurine will enhance your endurance as you follow through on finishing what you begin.

Number of the day: 4

No matter how crazy and erratic the situation there will be that moment when everything just comes together.  The sense and surety of that moment is the message that 4 has for us.  Stilbite lets you feel the steady calm of knowing that everything will be alright.


Friday 05/27/16

You are ready and eager to face every challenge today because you recognize the immense potential they offer for growth.  The Moon and Mars will help you to employ your creative skills, willingness to do what it takes and genuine enjoyment of the game.  If you have something that needs to get done and you've been putting it off out of fear and doubt then this is your chance to go for it.  Winning is a given, but what remains to be seen is if your reward will be the attainment of your goal or the confidence and experience that you will build from your perseverance.   Truthfully, you have an opportunity to gain both, plus so much more from this energy!  Use Watermelon Tourmaline to understand how this energy can benefit you and to follow its guidance.  Aquamarine will remind you not to limit yourself by just focusing on the outcome when there is so much to be gained from the process of attainment.

Number of the day: 5

The energy of 5 wants you to realize how easy it is to maintain our natural right to freedom.  Flexibility is the key to knowing that nothing can hold you in or hold you back.  Let Green Tourmaline guide you when you feel lost.


Saturday 05/28/16

The Sun and Uranus are in a dynamic transit that will compel you to make significant moves but the environment is a bit hazy, making it difficult to maintain your direction.  As always you want to stay flexible when Uranus is stressing its transformational energy but that could be a challenge with the Sun forcing you to flex your will and have a definitive destination. If you have a purpose or mission that you want to further, then this energy will be a perfect catalyst.  If not, you could feel some stress as uncertainty and a lack of control sets you off balance.  Either way it is sure to be an exciting day and all it takes to make it work for you is the proper mindset.  Don't worry if you aren't sure what you want or where you should be headed right now.  The fun and reward of Uranus often works best when you let it carry you away and see where you land.  It is sure to be somewhere that you needed to go all along.  Use Sunstone to have faith in the Universe and know that you are always headed in the best direction.  Mahogany Obsidian will ease any stress from a lack of control.

Number of the day: 6

Now you can see how it all works in your favor and you simply cannot lose.  Don't be mistaken that you will get something for nothing, but know that you can get much more than you ever expected.  Use Chalcopyrite to really feel all of the energy that supports you.


Sunday 05/29/16

Venus and Chiron are making it easy to understand the fundamentals of healing but you could find it challenging to apply them to yourself.  This transit is more about helping and caring for others than it is about deliberate self-help.  You may find that people are drawn to you throughout the day as they seek your counsel and support.  You will intuitively be able to give others what they need right now, but be sure to reserve your strength.  It is very easy under this influence to give so much away that you have nothing left for yourself.  Don't let that slow you down when it comes to performing selfless acts of kindness.  Use Tree Agate to attract and feel Chiron's energy.  It will provide the stamina you need to effectively tend to others without exhausting yourself.  Tourmalated Quartz will encourage you to feel the liberation and attain wisdom that comes from giving.

Number of the day: 7

We are constantly surrounded by magic.  We just don't always realize that it is there for us.  Let 7 and Vesuvianite point you in the best direction.


Monday 05/30/16

You may not be happy following your usual routine with a Venus/Uranus transit urging you to do something different.  Even if you attempt to conform to a schedule you won't be able to anticipate what will come your way as you’re operating within an unstable atmosphere.  The good news is that you will be excited to navigate your way through unfamiliar territory.  This kind of transit makes it evident that becoming too comfortable can be stagnating and you need a little bedlam to stay sharp.  If you feel driven to create some drama on your own just be cautious, because Venus influences important elements in your life like finances, relationships and appearance.   Picture Jasper will help you to enjoy this energy and use it favorably without causing lasting complications.  If you feel some stress from the changing atmosphere, carry Petrified Wood for calming stability.

Number of the day: 8

Knowledge alone will never make a difference without putting in your own efforts.  Take what you learn and make it work for you.  Amber boosts your will and gives your actions purpose.


Tuesday 05/31/16

All of a sudden you just get it.  You see beyond the obvious and achieve a deeper level of awareness.  That is the effect of a Mercury/Pluto trine and you will be feeling it all day as you go about your business.  So, what are you going to do with your newfound knowledge?  The answer may seem complex right now because that’s how everything will feel but really it is very simple.  Just make things better for yourself and others.  Knowledge is power and now that you have more of it, you want to use it wisely.  Fortunately the insights that you will receive will provide personal guidance.  Not only do you get it, but you also know what to do with it!  Rose Quartz will increase your sensory perception to help you process the information that you receive during this transit.  Use Serpentine to trust your instincts as they will be particularly strong right now.

Number of the day: 9

9 energy can help you stop thinking and start moving.  It may be time for you to get out into the world and do your thing!  That is what life is all about, so enjoy and take Fire Agate to keep the momentum going.


Posted on May 23, 2016
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