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WEEK OF 05/24/17 - 05/30/17


Wednesday 05/24/17

Pluto is beaming it's energy from the deep recesses of the cosmos to join with the Sun and help you gain direction in your life.  You should always feel confident in your ability to create your own well-being and happiness.  If it feels as if there is an area of your life where this is not the case then now if your chance to do something about it.  This life is yours and it is up to you how you want to live it.  Leopardskin Jasper can help you recognize where and how your ability to do this is being diminished.  The first, and often hardest, part is recognizing where and how you have lost control.  It may be a momentary influence or a long standing situation but now that you have acknowledged it you have no choice but to do something about it.    Sunstone channels this energy so that you can use it to take back your power.   You will realize just how strong you really are as you regain what is your.


Thursday 05/25/17

Pluto continues to direct the cosmic energy as it moves into a Square with Venus.  This combination may not feel as beneficial as yesterday but it does have hidden advantages.  Emotions will be front and center in all of your interactions and activities.  They will be quite intense with an ominous mood that could result in disruptive and self destructive outbursts.  This is an opportunity for anything that has been hidden to come out and be dealt with but you want to be cautious because everyone is on the defensive - including you!  You don't want create extreme ultimatums within this kind of atmosphere unless you really want to end something.  Even if you do want to move on you will not want to close things in a harmful manner.  Since compromise and fruitful resolutions of differences will be challenging right now try to aim for a peaceful extension.  Kunzite will help you get started by treating others with kindness and empathy.  Use Bloodstone to release what you need to and then open a door to peace for yourself and everyone involved.  There will be a better time to find that solution that can leave everyone feeling good.


Friday 05/26/17

Pluto isn't quite done with us yet as it moves it's attention from your heart to your head.  It is in a transit with Mercury making it easy to verbalize fears, doubts and general worries.  If you have a negative idea or feeling it will keep out one way or another no matter how hard you try to keep it hidden. You may try to convince yourself and others that you are being realistic and pragmatic but in truth your are allowing your deepest fears and doubts to get the best of you.  Even if you don't communicate them they will be running through your thoughts making it hard to see the good in anything. Use Chrysocolla to acknowledge those pessimistic views and move past them.  Trying to ignore them will only make them stronger.   It may be easy to envision failure right now but you can use that as a motivational tool.  Ruby will help you figure out how you will overcome your greatest obstacle.  You may not be ready to try any kind of positive strategy but you can hold on to it until your mood is more optimistic. 


Saturday 05/27/17

Pluto has moved back into the shadows but Mercury continues to create a severe mood.  It begins the day in a Semi-Square with Chiron which means you could do more harm than good.  It is sure to be completely unintentional as you are truly trying to be helpful.  We are simply operating within an atmosphere where we are perceiving everything with a negative view.  It's going to take a lot of effort to see the benefits in anything that seems forced upon you like rules, agendas and opinions.  Orange Calcite will remind you that it is well worth your energy to find the value before you give in to being offended and aggravated.  When Mercury moves into a transit with Jupiter you will be feeling uncharacteristically bold and extravagant.  There is a tendency to romanticize everything in an effort to justify risky behaviors. Self-imposed limits and healthy boundaries will seem unnecessary and unwelcome.  These aren't restrictions preventing you from reaching your potential and you want to keep them intact.  Serpentine will remind you that there are no limits to how far you can go but it is better to expand at a comfortable rate. 


Sunday 05/28/17

Mercury is in a happier state today during its’ Sextile with Neptune.  Your mind is refreshed and renewed as your imagination is in full swing.  You will be gathering inspiration from a multitude of places.  You have a different outlook that will allow you to see a little deeper and gain more understanding and appreciation for things that may have been eluding you.  You are going to be very open to all kinds of energies so carry Tourmalated Quartz to make sure only the best ones get in and take hold.  Zircon will add to your enjoyment of this promising atmosphere.


Monday 05/29/17

Mars and Saturn in an Opposition will have you believing you are being proactive and practical when in fact you may be forceful and unkind.  That is not the kind of energy that you want to create for yourself or others so you need to be mindful.  You desperately want and need to take positive steps but it will be so challenging to move with direction and purpose.  Aquamarine can help to take a calmer and healthier approach to every situation.  You want to be especially careful with your interactions.   Think before you communicate - especially non- verbally as your discouragement and frustrations will come out as judgments whether you want them to or not.  Use Sodalite to be gentle with yourself and others.


Tuesday 05/30/17

You are prepared to execute a plan to get what you want but Mars and Uranus are making it clear that you don’t want to follow the same old patterns.  You sense that the results you have been gaining are not enough but have been holding back from going after more.  Maybe it is fear that you could lose it all or an uncertainty about what and how to change things. Those doubts fall away within this influence and Amethyst is going to help fill that space with innovative ideas.  You want to try something different and see what comes of your fresh, bolder approach.  Red Jasper encourages you to enjoy the thrill of the ride without worrying about the destination.  



Posted on May 22, 2017
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