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Tuesday 24th May

The cosmos becomes a much more complicated place during the next six days. This is partly due to an increase in the total number of alignments as well as a rise in the challenging nature of those alignments. This week looks to stir the pot of emotions to an all-time high pitch, so keep your cool everyone!  A lot of clarity, and a clear headed approach, will be needed to make it through the week. Some crystals which can give not just clarity but calm in the middle of the storm of energy coming at us, include Amazonite, Ametrine, Apache Tear, Blue Apatite, Apophyllite, Blue Calcite, Celestite and Chalcedony.  A supportive Moon-Jupiter link from Aquarius to Aries is a boon across the board and a mind-enriching aspect.  Once the Moon crosses over into Pisces, be more empathic and compassionate to the truly needy. Five resourceful and creative aspects happen within a few short hours this morning as Mercury forms an inspirational alliance with Neptune , Jupiter makes a similar tie to problem-solver Pallas, the Sun makes yet another  tie to productivity-expert Ceres, the Moon makes its monthly union with dream-weaver Neptune, and Mercury parallels Venus, for good measure. Inspirations and good fortune coalesce during this time-period.  Healing forces are back on the march later on when the Moon unites with Chiron. Breakthroughs in consciousness should be anticipated when the Sun makes a constructive link-up with Uranus. Keep your mind open to ingenious ideas that can assist you with high-tech ventures and multi-media activities.

Wednesday 25th May

Storm warnings are posted as Mars in Taurus makes an off-kilter tie to Saturn in Libra. When the two traditional malefic planets interact via a sky pattern, then tensions and frustrations can permeate the psychic atmosphere.  Mercury is a powerhouse tonight as the Messenger of the Gods forms a flowing trine to Juno in earth signs while also making a frictional square to Pallas. Strive for harmony and keep the lines of communications open with your loved one. The serenity of Amethyst will keep thing smooth and Chrysocolla, Diamond, Garnet, Moss Agate, Onyx and Shiva Lingham will keep relationships on an even keel.

Thursday 26th May

The Moon uniting with Ceres in Pisces will increase your productivity and creativity across the board — especially regarding arts, crafts, hobbies, gardening, cooking, and nurturing mother-daughter relationships.  You may still be able to tap into enhanced romantic and heartfelt energies when Venus forms an inspirational link to its higher-octave, guardian planet Neptune. Passions are ignited shortly thereafter when Mercury parallels Mars.  Just before the Moon enters Aries, the Sun in Gemini squares Chiron in Pisces while a little over an hour later Mercury in Taurus squares Vesta in Aquarius. Both of these sky patterns can stir up worries and discordant vibes regarding health matters and business concerns. Amethyst, Apophyllite, Aquamarine, Aventurine, Calcite, Fluorite and Golden Healer all promote general health.  Fortunately, the Moon in Aries, plus Mercury forming an inspiring link to Chiron, offer evening revelations

Friday 27th May

Opportunities compete with challenges as the weekend approaches. Revelations and innovative thinking coincide with the monthly Moon-Uranus union in Aries. Shocks and surprises can also pop up around this time. Just two hours later, Pallas in Aquarius and Juno in Virgo form an off-kilter union. The Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Aries form a supportive, buoyant and encouraging aspect that can give you a physical, emotional and mental boost throughout the day. Expect the unexpected when Mercury forms an abrasive contact with Uranus. Nervous tensions are on the rise, but you may be able to harness the Mercury-Uranus energy to move forward. A Moon-Jupiter parallel sparks an evening wave of home and family activities.

Saturday 28th May

This weekend begins under tense cosmic circumstances as the Sun in Gemini makes an off-kilter tie to Pluto in Capricorn. The Sun and Pluto act as morning mischief-makers — stirring up emotions that are hard to extinguish. However, Mars forms an inspirational tie to another far-out planet, Neptune. Aries Moon continues to emphasize your independent drive and desire to be a leader who knows the score. Good fortune may favor you tonight as Venus trines Juno in earth signs. This happy configuration of two feminine celestial bodies helps to neutralize the earlier challenging square between Venus and Pallas. Romance looks promising this evening.

Sunday 29th May

The universe starts off this Sunday with a confidence-builder as the Moon joins forces with Jupiter in Aries. This alignment can generate some great mind expanding energy.  The hopes for a calm day are tossed out the window due to a somewhat discordant Mercury-Pluto tie.  Confidence building Red Chalcedony will counter any self-doubts that invade your thoughts.  The weekend concludes on a very upbeat note as Venus makes an inspirational rapport with Chiron. Soul-mates and lovers can deepen relationships with a little assistance from the unconditional love energy of Rose Quartz.

Roslyn Bohanan

Healing Crystals Expert

Posted on May 24, 2011
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