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WEEK OF 05/21/14 - 05/27/14 

Daily Crystal Horoscope for Wednesday 05/21/14

Crystals for the day:  Mexican Fire Opal & Sodalite.  The Sun has just left the comfort of patient, practical Taurus for the unpredictable energy of Gemini and now it has to deal with a semi-square transit with the cosmic upstart, Uranus.  This could make for a volatile day where you feel the need to be out of control and to make unexpected moves.  Have you felt a little bored with the comfortable, safe atmosphere that a Taurus Sun will bring?  It is a nice change of pace after the wild Aries energy, but it does get old fast and you may be tempted to leap headlong into whatever strikes your fancy with the Sun and Uranus egging you on.  The issue is that a lack of focus could just have you running directionless and wasting a lot of time and energy.  Before taking any action, ask yourself what do you want to gain from whatever your next move will be.  If you're not sure, then sit tight until you have some clarity.  Use Mexican Fire Opal to find healthy outlets to burn the excess energy.  Sodalite will enable you to focus and make clear-headed choices

Number of the day: 6

6 will enable you to nurture your dreams and watch them grow into fact.  Everything - even the simplest of thoughts - needs care in order to thrive.  Rhodochrosite will support your love and attention. 

Daily Crystal Horoscope for Thursday 05/22/14

Crystals for the day:  Howlite & Blue Quartz.  It's a marvelous day when Venus and Neptune join up in a transit - even in a semi-square.  Everything is perfect and your dreams have all come true.  Or is it all a lovely illusion from the combined energy of  the planets of beauty and fantasy?  Even though it all seems wonderful on the surface, you just can't be sure that there isn't some ugly unpleasantness that is being hidden by their flash and dazzle.  Enjoy the happy moments created by this atmosphere but take them for what they are - a moment!  You don't want to make long-term decisions or investments until you are able to see things more realistically.  Howlite will keep things light and fun, allowing you to see the future impact of your choices.  Use Blue Quartz for self-control.

Number of the day: 7

Perseverance is a key element to progress.  7 and Fuchsite can give you a constant source of renewal and remind you to never give up! 

Daily Crystal Horoscope for Friday 05/23/14

Crystals for the day:  Mahogany ObsidianChrysocolla.  A nice little transit with Mercury and Saturn could help you to discover innovative ways to make your mark and stand out from the masses.  You want to keep your perceptions sharp and notice the details of how things work and how others are doing things.  Take what you learn, add your personal approach to it and you will develop your own unique style that will change everything.  This could get you noticed in the best possible way and become the expert that others long to emulate.  How cool is that!  Use Mahogany Obsidian for insight into how you can contribute your personal skills and energy.  Chrysocolla will remind you that the right mix of brains, heart and determination are unbeatable.

Number of the day: 8

Every powerful force needs stability and balance to expand.  You are that force and 8 and Lapis Lazuli will offer you balance and increase your power. 

Daily Crystal Horoscope for Saturday 05/24/14

Crystals for the day:  Black Agate & Pink Aventurine.  Take note today because we have a very valuable transit that you won’t see again until 2026 – you don’t want to let this energy go without giving it your full attention.  Jupiter and Saturn are in a trine and you will find the joy in your ability to perform tasks well.  On the surface this may seem trivial, but think about all the things that you do each and every day that you don’t even notice.  All those “little" things that are second nature or are something you “have to do” are really so important and they  add so much value to your life and to others'.  Wouldn’t it be great to realize how vital they are and how well you do them – and be able to take full advantage of that insight?  This transit brings out the best in Jupiter and Saturn, allowing you to expand your world through how well you do all those things that you do. And you’re going to have fun doing it!  This is a seriously wonderful transit where you are practical and realistic, while being optimistic and idealistic.  This is a perfect mix that could take you far.  Black Agate enhances the practical, “can do” kind of atmosphere, while Pink Aventurine encourages fun and creativity.

Number of the day: 9

9 wants you to take a moment to reflect on your accomplishments - not your mistakes!  Seeing what you have achieved will build a more positive perspective for your future.  White Agate will help you to reflect. 

Daily Crystal Horoscope for Sunday 05/25/14

Crystals for the day:  Black Obsidian & Rose Quartz.  Jupiter is still prominent but it has moved on to a semi-square with the Sun that could make for a challenging quality to the day if you are not careful.  This transit breeds an uneasiness and you don’t’ want to let that replace all those good feelings from yesterday.  Perhaps your expectations have not been met and so you begin to wonder if you have overestimated your ability to achieve your goals.  Those doubts and insecurities will not be productive and could undermine your efforts and the success that you have seen.  Focus on patience and awareness rather than beating yourself up.  It is likely that you're right on track and where you are meant to be in the process. Black Obsidian will help you to be patient and see past any self-doubt to the truth.  Use Rose Quartz to go easy on yourself and maintain a positive outlook.

Number of the day: 1

Sometimes the Universe really wants us to pay attention so it gives us a 1 day to encourage a single focus.  Listen to your instincts and do not hesitate to follow through - even if things seem so far away.  Dumortierite will provide patience. 

Daily Crystal Horoscope for Monday 05/26/14

Crystals for the day:  Picture JasperAmethyst.  Has everything started to get busier both mentally and physically?  Expect more of it since a few days ago, the Sun moved from Taurus to Gemini.  The Taurus Sun wants you to realize the gifts that you possess and revel in what you already have.  Gemini is going to encourage you to share those gifts and attain more of everything in your life.  It is going to bring you lots of opportunities, so you should expect a volatile month.  Internally you are more curious and that curiosity leads to a desire to learn and grow.  Externally you are more communicative, social and there is always so much to do.  Get in the mix, keep busy and don’t let any opportunities pass you by to make the most of this enterprising time.  Picture Jasper is the perfect crystal to put a positive spin on your new ventures.  Amethyst will keep you mentally acute and avoid the potential for feeling overwhelmed by so many great choices..

Number of the day: 2

2 is one of the most magical numbers.  Take your energy and add it to anyone and anything and just watch the magic happen!  Turquoise will open your mind and your heart to all of the possibilities. 

Daily Crystal Horoscope for Tuesday 05/27/14

Crystals for the day:  Blue Chalcedony & Coral Calcite. The New Moon in Gemini is in a productive trine with Mars tomorrow.  Mars also happens to be in one of those thoughtful Air signs (Libra) so you should expect lots of mental activity.  This is fabulous energy to learn something new because your mind is open and eager for new input.  This is also a great time to interact for business or pleasure – particularly if you’ve got something to “sell” whether it be a product or yourself!  Communications are light and breezy and you could get carried by the Air energy and end up with some new behaviors.  This is great energy to re-commit yourself to anything, establish a new mindset going forward and build relationships and make connections that will be to your benefit.  Blue Chalcedony adds to the positive, harmonious vibe of the day.  Coral Calcite encourages happy activities.

Number of the day: 3

Be inspired by everything that surrounds you and let the energy of 3 and Serpentine connect you to the abundance.



Posted on May 20, 2014
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