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WEEK OF 05/20/15 - 05/26/15 

Wednesday 05/20/15

Pluto will be bringing us a beneficial reality check tomorrow when it joins up with Jupiter and the Sun in two different transits.  Early in the day Pluto and Jupiter will help you to recognize and face any delusions in your life.  They may be creations of our own or pretenses from others that you have been buying into.  Whichever it is, if it does not have a valid basis in reality then it will be clear that it is time to move on and find something more solid.  This will likely require a pretty drastic attitude adjustment and the Sun is going to step in to help.  A Sun/Pluto sesqui-quadrate occurs mid-day, making control over your own life a driving force that will enable you to effectively overcome any obstacles that you encounter.  This will be an especially helpful transit if you discover that you are getting in your own way as you traverse the path towards your ultimate happiness.  Take a Rhodonite along with you for positive revelations.  Pietersite will help you to know what is true and right for you.

Number of the day: 6

The comforting energy of 6 is always a benefit and it will encourage you to do something nice for yourself or someone else.  Rhodochrosite will enhance the warm feelings. 

Thursday 05/21/15

Venus and Pluto are in an opposition, bringing your deepest, most intense feelings to the surface and out into the world.  You won’t be able to hold back anything right now.  If you feel an emotion, an opinion or a belief, you’re going to need to express it and that need could manifest into sudden and compulsive outbursts.  This energy is so intense and powerful that it will easily overcome your common sense and typical demeanor.  The good news is that everyone will be feeling the same as you, so you won’t be alone when it comes to erratic and disruptive behaviors.  However, it is well worth the effort to find some balance when it comes to the time, place and delivery of your communications because it will set you apart and make the overall experience much more rewarding.  There is no doubt that this transit is not the easiest to manage, but the potential for healing and strengthening your relationships is immense. You don’t want to shy away from this, so carry Larimar to enable you to let it all out in the most positive and healthy manner.  Herkimer Diamond will create an atmosphere where understanding and acceptance can replace defensive backlashes. 

Number of the day: 7

While it can be a challenge to stop your momentum and enjoy a moment of peace, it can make a huge difference.  Use Angelite and 7 to give yourself a moment of time and perspective and see how much stronger you can be. 

Friday 05/22/15

Venus and Jupiter will have you feeling sunny and cheerful as the day begins, but you should be prepared for a pretty dramatic turn once a Sun/Jupiter opposition moves in.  Let’s talk about all that optimistic energy that you’ll have to work with from the Venus/Jupiter transit.  They are producing a spiritually uplifting atmosphere where you feel free to enjoy yourself and all the good things in your life.  You will be particularly open when it comes to expressing your feelings and devoting your time, energy and even money towards things that matter to you.  Try to hold on to this happy energy because it will help you to balance out the doubts and pessimism that will move in with the Sun/Saturn opposition.  If you can defeat the feeling that your talents are not enough to achieve you goals, then you will find this can be empowering energy and your confidence will soar.  These two very different transits can both be used to bring you a fabulous day as long as you keep the best attitude.  Citrine can help you with maintaining your optimism, while Hematite shows you how to beat back anything that might undermine your self-confidence.

Number of the day: 8

Your imagination will be regenerated by using the successful vibration of 8.  Pyrite will capture its energy and show you how to use it to manifest only the most positive and abundant outcome. 

Saturday 05/23/15

You won’t want to pursue any confidence-driven activities right now with Venus and Saturn making it a challenge to trust yourself or others.  This influence has a tendency to create distance between your willpower and your feelings, so you lack incentive to make any effort when you are faced with concerns.  It will seem far too difficult to muster the faith and passion that it takes to create anything meaningful, so it may seem easier to simply walk away from current conditions rather than striving to make them better.  Just remember this is a momentary transit and things will seem very different tomorrow.  Use today as an affirmative opportunity to rest and reflect so you are better prepared when your journey resumes. Pink Tourmaline can help you to avoid feeling anxious about your feelings (or lack of them!), while Snowflake Obsidian encourages proactive reflection.

Number of the day: 9

The energy of 9 helps us to deal with endings in our lives.  Too often we can only see the darkness when there is always a light that is brighter.  Blue Goldstone will help you find your way to that light. 

Sunday 05/24/15

Mars and the Moon are in a trine, bringing you the perfect opportunity to match your will with your feelings to create some extraordinary results.  You want to pay attention to your instincts and insights because they will be empowered by Mars - enabling you to react positively to situations that arise and follow through with intent on your goals.  The Moon will encourage you to feel comfortable being and expressing yourself within any environment.  You will be working within a very cooperative influence, making this a good time to bring things together – particularly if you want to connect opposing forces. All Moon transits are fleeting, so it is important to act quickly and decisively to gain the full benefits of this transit.  Serpentine will encourage you to flex your leadership skills and take the initiative. Use Garnet to follow your passions.

Number of the day: 1

We have many layers and the energy of 1 will uncover your hidden talents and make them work for you.   Chalcopyrite will aide in your investigation. 

Monday 05/25/15

Confusion and boredom could easily lead you astray as the day begins with the Sun and Uranus in a semi-square.  You will have the urge to do things differently (and perhaps even drastically), but your best course of action will be to stick to what you know for the time being.  You will probably have enough chaotic situations pop up as a result of this transit that will resolve any desire to conquer the unexpected.  Then Venus moves into a square with Uranus and that will seriously undermine your impulse control.  You want to be very careful with your choices because Venus’ influence could move you far beyond your comfort level when it comes to finances and esthetics.  It can be exciting and liberating to break free of your usual patterns, but there is too much instability in the air to expect anything but the most outlandish of results.   Moonstone can assist as you strive to maintain your balance throughout the day.  Carry Chrysocolla as a reminder that a little restraint now will be easier to deal with than costly regrets later.

Number of the day: 2

The energy of 2 reminds us that when we help each other everyone benefits. Agate will add to the ongoing flow of love and generosity. 

Tuesday 05/26/15

You may be feeling drained from all of the energy that we’ve been dealing with over the last few days.  Today is the perfect time to take it easy since you will be feeling the effects of the Mars/Neptune square late yesterday. It will take a lot of work to stay focused and dedicated to tasks, so if you can, let things go and try to relax.  Your intuition will be strong and you may get sudden bursts of energy that will prove more valuable for future endeavors rather than trying to accomplish something right now.  Aquamarine will help you enjoy your break from the action, while Danburite invigorates your intuitive side.

Number of the day: 3

Use the expressive energy of 3 to creatively make your presence known.  Others will see how much that you have to offer and doors will open.  Carnelian will hold them open for you to stride on through. 


Posted on May 19, 2015
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